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There is a big difference between a perfect massage and just any massage; a perfect massage will give completely different and superior results compared to the regular massage you may know about. In this article, I will focus on a list of  best massage products or massage therapy tools that you will need for that perfect massage whether you are doing the massage yourself (self massage tools) or having it done by someone else who might be a licensed professional or not. If you have had a massage before and did not get any relief then it is possible you did not have the right tools to have a totally relieving massage. They are very many tools that you need depending on what type of massage you want and which body part you want massaged, so look my list of the best massage tools in 2017 to see which ones will be essential for you to achieve your heart’s desires.



There are times when you do not have to wait to fix an appointment for a professional massage to get one that will take care of that disturbing neck pain, back pain or any other form of pain. Such occasions call for the best self massage tools or self massage products to help rescue you from what could be really agonizing pain. There are different massage tools that are designed depending on the body part that is to be massaged. That is why it’s important to know which particular massage tool or massage product that you must use for your particular need. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve the desired results if you do not use the right tool.


Massage Cane or Stick

Let us say you had you are in the middle of a stressful day at work or you just finished it and also after a vigorous activities elsewhere such as full body workouts at the gym, then you can easily use the massage cane tool to give yourself a simple yet therapeutic massage. This massage product will enable you to easily have a massage at work seated or standing by your work station or on the couch in the comfort of your own home.

Thera Cane Massager

As a self massage tool, the Thera Cane Massager is designed to ease any pain that surrounds the areas that it can reach. It is shaped just like the ordinary walking cane and it works is applying pressure through well placed treatment balls to the targeted areas such as the upper back and lower back( for some people) for the sole purpose of easing pain. This cane is ideal for a back massage to help get relief from back pain.


Thera Cane Massager in massage products

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Compared to the body back buddy, the Thera cane massager fairs pretty well and can be used in several ways to reach different parts of the body and an instruction manual is included with the purchase to help users with all the information they might need to use it.

This can also be an effective massage tool for women during pregnancy or can be useful as a massage tools for labor because it will be able to reach those hard to reach area say if one decides to have a massage in the shower.

 Electric Massagers

Electric massagers have overly become the commonest used devices for massage as you do not have to go to a therapist to get things done. They are more convenient, less costly since you only spend once on the device unlike paying for just one massage session each time you need it and most importantly they can be used for immediate relief on any part of the body. Electric massagers offer more than just one massage type so it is up to you to select which one you want and are extremely portable both for home use and travel. These simple devices are used to offer immediate pain relief as they work on that specific body part that is causing you discomfort without any side effects.

Benefits of electric massagers:

Maximum relaxation: Electric massagers will provide relaxation that lasts even after the session is over reason being they improve blood circulation in the body, work on underlying muscles hence giving the whole body a really relaxed feeling that you may not easily get from a massage therapist.

Immediate pain relief: Instead of swallowing drugs that have bad side effects it is much better to electric massagers because they work by stimulating nerves and muscles in the affected area hence taking the pain away instantly yet they have no side effects.

Considerations when choosing an electric massager:

Strength: always look out for electric massager with a variety of features that make the device strong enough to work even on more serious body pain and aches. An electric massager that is not that strong will only be good enough for relieving minor body pains.

Size: portable electric massagers that you can carry with you anywhere and easily store are the best to look out for because they are extremely convenient. Before buying an electric massager think about how much space you have to store then you can go ahead and purchase one that will not instead become a problem for you.

Functionality: it is not worth spending lots of money on an electric massager that will only be used on just a single body part, always check how many parts can the massager work on before you buy it. A massager that can be used on all parts of the body and one that offers different massage types is definitely the best electric massager to go in for.

Tens Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit

This is absolutely one of the best electronic tens pulse massagers in 2017 you will ever come across, it is from Santa medical. It is engineered with all the best features to offer you immediate chronic pain relief on all parts of the body. It has microcomputer controls that help the user easily adjust to any of the six automatic programs and three types of massages. With advanced technology, the electronic massager is designed with a dual channel system which works on two areas at a time.

Tens Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit - Massage product

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The unit is designed with high quality so there is surely no reason for to be skeptical about its durability.


  • Designed to work on all part of the body: with this electronic massager, it is all up to you to choose which part you want massaged because it can offer relief on absolutely all parts of the body.
  • Large LCD screen: it has a really wide screen where you can view everything that is happening with your body for example the type of massage you are getting, function status and your battery level.
  • Light and portable: the device is extremely light since it weighs only 5.3 ounces hence you can carry it wherever you want with great ease. Small as it is, the device is super powerful.
  • Shoulder massage feature: because all body movements are connected to the shoulder, the device is made with this shoulder feature to specifically attend to the shoulder and neck area by relaxing all the tension in this area.
  • Waist massage feature: this electric massager uses knead massage to heal all the knots that make your lower back pain hurt.
  • 5 automatic programmed massage settings: you can easily change to any part of the body you worked on in just a second with just the click of a button due to this electronic massager’s automated system.
  • It is designed with over ten intensity levels: it is all up to you to choose whichever intensity you feel offers more satisfying results.


Massage Rollers

This is another method of self-massage or self-myofascial release that will work for anyone that is not in the mood to look for services from a masseuse or massage therapist. With massage rollers constant and gentle pressure is applied on that specific where you feel tension and the roller will help you make that particular area function normally again. This is a very affordable way to have a massage so it is good enough even for people with low budgets. As you roll on the form roller or trigger point roller knots in the trigger point are released hence taking away the discomfort, as you use this method the results you get are similar to those gained from stretching. Traditionally massage rollers were only used by sports persons such as athletes or people who work out really often but now the trend has changed any one can use massage rollers.

Types of rollers:

They are majorly three types of foam rollers however they all offer the same way of relieving pain the only difference is that some rollers are denser than others hence offering more intense massage. Some have deeper ridges so these are some of the things that determine how intense the massage you from your roller will be. The types include:

  • Foam rollers
  • Trigger point therapy rollers
  • Rumble roller

Trigger Point Performance the Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller – Best Massage tool for Runners

Trigger Point Performance the Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller is high quality massage roller designed to specifically provide improves range of motion, better balance, improve blood circulation and also eliminate all those muscle and joint pains. This is one of the best massage tools for legs as its  designed in a way that it helps to reduce injuries in the muscles by improving circulation hence leaving the body well prepared for duty. also any one looking for one of the best massage tool for runners, look no further than this trigger point performance roller.

Trigger Point Performance The Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller - massage product

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The grid rolls along tight and swollen muscles to develop mobility and reduce soreness.


Functional and durable construction: the roller features durable grid plus dense EVA foam covering that has the ability to withstand repeated use without losing its shape. Therefore you are free to use the roller as often as you wish without worrying about it getting distorted.

Distinctive 3D grid rollers: this makes the roller super exceptional from all those that you are used to seeing on the market. Because the grid’s 3D rollers act exactly like a person’s finger with a wide and flat surface that feels like the palm of the hand, small and firm just the way finger tips feel on a person’s body then long and tubular the way fingers are.

Raised surface and grooves: the grooves allow oxygen and blood flow to continue perfectly in the body as the raised surface soothes muscles.

Textured grid: this kind of texture allows tissues to breathe hence improving the floor of oxygen, blood and nutrients that work on tissues to make the take away pain immediately.


Massage Balls

If you are the kind of person that is not a fun of being touched by massage therapists then the best way to give yourself a massage with massage balls. Massage balls come in different sizes and types where by the most common types is the one designed with small pines that press the affected area to bring relief while others are plain with really strong rubber and a smooth surface. The biggest benefit of using massage balls is that they are super cost effective as you do not have to pay someone else to the massage for you, it is all up to and you can have the massage for as long as you want.

Common massage balls:

  • Massage exercise ball: these are the largest type of massage balls because you have to lie on it with your back to get relief. Back pains being one of the commonest problems suffered by people all over the world, massage exercise balls offer a very simple way of relieving that back pain. Lying on the ball with the back allows the back to bend backwards hence improving the flow of oxygen and blood in the body.
  • Foot massage ball: these look more like a dumb bells or smaller where you by you step on the balls with your feet and push it forward and backward while sitting on a chair. This type of massage is very good for people whose jobs involve a lot of standing as it increases circulation of blood in the legs so its a great massage tool for legs or feet. It is extremely relaxing because you can perform the massage while reading a novel or watching television to make the session much more enjoyable.


Mandala The Yoga Massage Ball – Best Massage tool for Labor

Massage products - Mandala The Yoga Massage Ball


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Mandala massage balls are one of the  massage products of 2017 that you need will help you have a perfect massage as they get rid of muscle of all muscle knots and tension by using you own body weight to massage you. All you have to do is place the balls on the area where you feel pain and gravity perform the massage. Try out these massage balls and if you don’t like there performance you can always have you money back because they come with very easy money back guarantee.


  • Immediate pain relief: as you roll on the balls they act as a self-healing tool that relieves sore and tight muscles. Using cross friction massage, the massage balls release tight tissues and stimulate all parts of the body that are causing discomfort.
  • Yoga massage recovery: mandala massage balls are very effective in self-soothing, prenatal massage and a good massage tool for labor and can help to increase the results of your yoga session. A lot of pregnant women have found this massage tool to be very helpful.
  • Strong and smooth: the balls are made with very strong rubber materials that offer long lasting use compared to all other massage balls. This smooth rubber helps to release tension from the neck, the spine and even down to the toes.
  • Effective self-massage: unlike other methods that offer have side effects, these massage balls get rid of muscle tension and knots using your body weight.


Foot Log Massage Roller with Card and Booklet- Best Massage tool for legs

Foot Log Massage Roller With Card And Booklet

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Comfort Products 60-2907p08 10 – Motor Massage Plush Mat with Heat

Comfort Products 60-2907P0MMassage product - 8 10-Motor Massage Plush Mat with Heat, Beige

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HoMedics MCL-110H-2 Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat

Massage product - HoMedics MCL-110H-2 Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat

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HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action Massager

Massage product - HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action Massager

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Best Massage Chair Built In Heat and True Zero Gravity Positioning


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These massage tools will be required if you are getting a massage from some one else whether its out at a registered location or at your place of residence.


Massage Oil

At times, the right skills and hand movement are not just enough to make your massage session effective.  That could be the time you need massage oil to make things betters, a perfect massage not only heals the part where you feel pain but also deals with other conditions such as stress, depression and anxiety by relaxing the entire body. However, you must be extremely careful with the oil you choose to use on your skin because some are made with ingredients that may not be that friendly to you. Make sure you test the oil on a small part of your skin to find out what its reaction will be then you can go ahead and use it.

Benefits of massage oil:

  • Instant pain relief: certain massage oils are designed with menthol as an ingredient. Menthol is one of the most effective ingredients when it comes to relieving pain. Therefore, using such oil during massage helps to improve the efficiency of the massage as it stimulates muscles and nerves in the affected area.
  • Offers relaxation during the massage session: by now you must know that massage is all about comfort, you have to be extremely relaxed and comfortable during the session to achieve the best out of it and this is why massage oil will be a necessary product for a perfect massage. Besides making someone’s hands feel extremely smooth on the skin, some oils are made with sensual and adorable smells that make the massage session much more enjoyable.
  • Make the experience very smooth: applying oil during massage makes the person giving the message or the therapists hands glide more smoothly along your skin and also moisturize it. Massaging an already dry skin is totally difficult therefore using massage oil will help to create a much smoother experience to both the person being massaged as well as the therapist.

NOW solutions Sweet Almond Oil, Moisturizing Oil

This amazing massage oil not only makes the massage session smoother but also contains ingredients that condition the skin. This massage oil contains 100% natural almond oil that is perfect for revitalizing all types of skin. As one of the best massage oils, this one makes your skin healthy without clogging the pores. Applying it is very simple due to its non-greasy feel that easily absorbs into the skin.

Massage product-NOW solutions Sweet Almond Oil, Moisturizing Oil

The oil is also infused with traditional fragrant ointments that smell good and offer immediate pain relief during massage.


  • Nourishes the skin: this is no just a massage oil since it is also designed with ingredients that work on dry and damaged skin, nourishing it into a whole new look. As you get relief from all those tight muscles and tension, you also walk out of your massage session with repaired skin that looks fresh.
  • 100% natural oil: it contains 100% natural almond oil that is very good even for people with sensitive skin. This oil does not contain any artificial ingredients or chemicals that you should be worried about.
  • Keeps the skin healthy: the oil does not clog your pores because it easily absorbs into the skin leaving your skin well moisturized and healthy unlike those other artificially made greasy oils.


Majestic Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Best Essential Massage Oil

Massage product - Majestic Pure Lavender Essential Oil, Therapeutic Grade, 4 fl. Oz


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Massage Lotion

Massage lotion works more like massage oil, it helps to increase smoothness and make hands glide more gently on the skin. In those moments when just massage skills do not seem to work well, you can opt for massage lotion because it contains ingredients that will help to make increase the effectiveness of the massage. Massage lotion can be used when working on different parts of the body such as the face, legs, back, arms and so on and so forth. But you must ensure to always test the lotion first before you use it on larger parts of your body to avoid any surprises of it reacting badly with your skin.

Importance of using massage lotion:

  • Lotions are very helpful in making deep tissue massage more effective
  • They perfectly condition the skin during massage; this is majorly because most lotions combine cream and oils that greatly work on the condition of your skin as they can easily get absorbed into the skin. They much recommended for people with dry skin.
  • They make the session smooth as the therapists hands can easily glide along your skin without getting sticky.


Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Creme – Massage Lotion

Even with your sensitive skin, Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Crème is designed to make you massage session not just more effective but also very interesting as it feels really smooth on the skin, leaves it well moisturized without any sticky feel that would rather make the session uncomfortable for you.  A high contender among the best massage lotions, this one combines features of both oil and lotion which explains why it can be used for massage on the feet, hands and even the face.

Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Creme - Massage product

If you are looking for to having extra gentle but professional massage then you must try this lotion out.

It may not occur to you that the linen you use during the massage greatly affect the effectiveness of the whole therapy. Having a massage on linen that is rough and itchy on your body will not give the calmness and relaxation you need to get the best out of your massage therapy. High quality linen on the other hand provides you with the necessary warmth and comfort that you need to make your session successful.

The Best Linen Types for a Perfect Massage:

  • Pure cotton: cotton linen has been duplicated a lot so ensure to make a lot of research on where to get the best quality linen because high quality cotton line is the best for massage. When you touch pure cotton linen, it feels really cool and will feel extremely soft and smooth on your skin. Such linen is not just perfect for the massage but is also long lasting and easy to maintain.
  • Polyester/cotton: this type of linen is also recommended for massage because it feels good and soft on the skin, although not as soft as real cotton. If you are lucky enough to find good quality of this type, you will also enjoy using it. It’s known for easy washing and durability.
  • Bamboo: now this type is also very effective during massage reason being it is very breathable, adjusts to a person’s body temperature for maximum comfort. More to that, it’s also silky, soft and exceptionally friendly to the environment.

If you are looking for high quality cotton linen, try out the Body Linen 3 Piece Flannel Massage Sheet Set.


Body Linen 3 Piece Flannel Massage Sheet Set

Now, this linen from Body Linen is not just quality but high quality linen that is designed to make your massage therapy very enjoyable and comfortable. This set comprises 3 pieces, a fitted sheet that is long and wide enough to fit any massage table of your choice, flat sheet which is also extra-large to fit all sizes during change of position whether you are big, small or medium and a fitted face cradle cover. This is a flannel sheet set is double brushed to make them extremely soft and durable.

Body Linen 3 Piece Flannel Massage Sheet Set - Massage tool

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  • Extra firm non latex elastic: this will offer very tight fit on all table sizes and face cradles.
  • 5oz flannel: the makes the linen last for a really long period of time no matter how often they are washed. These are very warm during winter yet at the same time remain very comfortable during summer when temperatures are high.
  • 100% double brushed flannel: this makes the linen extremely soft.
  • Variety of colors: you have a variety of colors to choose from, they come in blue, chocolate, sage, lilac, natural and white


If you are planning on having a full body massage there is absolutely no way to have it done perfectly without the right massage table. Its one of the most important massage tools that you should own. For people who occasionally visit massage parlors you must have noticed that all the modern ones have massage tables where you lie down flat to have the massage therapist do what they have to do. I know that some people may not see this as that important because they feel like a massage can be given anywhere be it on the couch or bed but I am talking about a perfect massage. For you to have a perfect full body massage you will definitely need a well-constructed massage table because it is a better way for you whole body to relax and achieve maximum comfort.  Whether you are feeling depressed, have back pain or whatever else may be causing your body some kind of discomfort, a massage table will be one really important asset in helping you get instant relief.

Types of Massage Tables

There are different types of massage tables that you can choose from depending on what your needs are and how much you are willing to spend.

  • Portable tables: such massage tables are just like their name, they are called portable because you can easily carry them to wherever you wish to have a massage done. Portable massage tables are very good for people who are always on the move, those who spend a lot of time in office and those with small spaces or apartments. These are majorly for home use.
  • Stationary tables: these are the commonest type of massage tables, they are used in massage parlors for people who want to have a full body massage. With these tables you have to lie down flat during the entire massage period.
  • Electric lift tables: these are the more advanced type that are usually used when someone massage session involves movement.


How to choose the best massage table:

When you go to buy a massage table, you might get confused because there are very many different types. However I will give some of the most important things to look out for when buying a massage table.

  • Quality: quality table are very durable and well-constructed, if you are planning to lie down with your whole body on that table then it be must well made an strong enough to ensure that you are secure during the session otherwise you will fall off any cheaply made table.
  • Foam density: you need a lot of comfort during the massage so look for a table with high density foam.
  • Affordability: it is not a must that all high quality massage tables come at a very high price, if you make good research you will find one that is really affordable.
  • Accessories: the best massage table to go in for, is one that has its own accessories so that you don’t have to spend more money buying the necessary accessories for example face hole, adjustable face rest, armrest bars, and many others.

Best Massage Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table – Best Massage Table

At such a low price one of the best massage tables from Best Massage is designed with amazing quality and all the necessary features to provide with the best massage session ever.  It is an extremely strong table with a weight limit of 450lb because its frame is designed from birch. It also features a two inch thick high density foam padding for maximum comfort and PU leather that is water proof with great durability unlike other cheaply made tables. To make things even more interesting, this massage tables comes with all the necessary equipment you need yet they are all free like the adjustable head rest, face pillow, hanging armrest.

Best Massage product - Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table

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For anyone out there looking for a massage table for home use at a low budget then you cannot look further than this one.


  • 2 inch thick foam padding: with this kind of thickness for the foam padding you will have all the comfort you need throughout the massage session.
  • Birch hardwood construction: this gives the ability to carry at least 450lb because it is very strong and wide.
  • Adjustable height: you can change the height depending on what you feel suits you best.
  • Variety of accessories: despite the fact that the table comes at a low price, it comes with all the accessories you need for a perfect massage yet no extra cost is charged for them. These include, a removable and adjustable face cradle, head rest, arm rest and a carry case where you can keep you table for easy carrying and storage.


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Massage Stones

Massage stones are used during hot stone massage therapy whereby the hot stones are placed on to the area with pain or discomfort so they can help to melt the tension and stiffness in the muscles and improve blood circulation. An effective hot stone massage therapy last for about one hour and a half and during this time water heated stones are placed on the affected area to promote relaxation deep down into the muscles. When hot stones are used during a full body massage, they deliver a more efficient experience as the heat from the stones melts all those tight muscles for maximum relaxation and proper blood flow in the whole body. Many studied found that massage stones provide a very calming effect that immediately relieves chronic pain and takes away stress. If you have not tried out massage stones before, now is the time to give them a try because they are very important products when you need a perfect massage.

Benefits of using massage stones:

  • They are very helpful in reducing pain in different parts of the body as well as muscle contractions.
  • They are effective in overcoming all sorts of pain connected to arthritis, fibromyalgia and many other long lasting conditions.
  • They also deal with tension and chronic stress without causing the user any worrying side effects.
  • These stones are also perfect at releasing pain and discomfort brought about by muscles contractions and strains.
  • Massage stones improve movement of the joints by improving their flexibility.

Performing a hot stone massage:

  • Warm the stones in water heated with any electrical device that you have until they have the required temperature for the session.
  • Lie down flat and place the stones on that specific affected part. The heat produced by these stones with penetrate through you skin to improve blood flow and release muscles immediately. Stones offer better results than just a normal massage.
  • Move the stone around so that tissues on surrounding areas are well dealt with for maximum relaxation throughout the body.
  • Use other massage methods for more relaxation.


Intro Massage Stone Set Basalt Hot Rocks Stones – Massage Stones

 Massage tool - Intro Massage Stone Set Basalt Hot Rocks Stones

These basalt stones are designed with different sizes therefore do not be shocked when you find the stones bot being equal. They are the best features you will ever find on the market reason being they are designed with a very exceptional ability to sustain heat for a long period of time. Basalt stone are composed of high quantities of iron and magnesium which means that when the stones are exposed they tend to rust but this is not something for you to worry about. The stones also come with abrasive wash that you can use to wash off all that rust instantly to leave the stones with a very smooth surface for maximum comfort during the massage session.


Massage Chair

At first massage chairs were not too much used by people because the initial way for getting a massage was by going to a masseuse or massage therapist. But with all this advancement in technology the number of massage chairs being used has greatly increased since the makers have also increased. Only the best massage chairs are very helpful in relieving back pain, stress and tension by imitating the movements and skills used by massage therapists. Massage chairs are designed with already set patterns and programs that that work together with a control pad to massage the back.

Massage techniques offered by massage chairs:

  • Swedish massage: this is a technique of massage where long gliding strokes and kneading movements are used to relieve pain. The main aim of this type of massage is to improve the rate of blood circulation in the body.
  • Shiatsu massage: this massage technique offers relief by stimulating nerves and muscles in specific parts of the body. It does this by pressing that specific part of the body that is paining.

How to choose one the best massage chairs:

There are basically two main things to consider when looking out for a chair that will offer a perfect massage.

  • Comfort: look out for a massage chair that will be extremely comfortable during the massage session. A chair with that has thick and a well-padded head rest, hand rest and seat will the best as it will offer you all the comfort you need during the session. Therefore it is very advisable that before you take the chair, sit in and find out if you will be comfortable while using it.
  • Massage strength: the chair should provide really strong and energetic movements for it to be effective. In this, also look out for a chair that has much different intensity so that you can personally choose what works well for your needs. A chair with small nodes and rollers will offer softer movements and will be less intense compared to that with larger rollers and nodes.

Major components of massage chairs:

These components work together to make the massage chair be as effective as it should be.

  • Rollers and nodes: these are engineered to act like a person’s fingers and hands, some massage chairs have large nodes and rollers while others have small ones. They are usually adjustable to ensure that you can you adjust them according to what fits your best. Large nodes and rollers offer massage to the whole back without aiming for a specific area while small nodes and rollers provide a much more detailed and area-specific massage.
  • Adjust-ability: this is very important for any massage chair since people of different sizes use it so it must be able to adjust automatically to locate specific areas of the back for the person using the chair. This feature enables the chair to shift itself according to the person’s width, height and weight.
  • Chair motor: everything about the massage chair is all about the motor, if the motor is not strong enough there is no way the adjustments, nodes and rollers will perform perfectly.


Premium Best Massage Black 4 Portable Massage Chair – Massage Chair

The Premium Best Massage Black 4 Portable Massage Chair is an extremely portable massage chair with a fold-able design that makes it simple to store and move or don’t have enough space for a massage table, you can go for a massage table as an all around tool for those that cannot afford the alternative. As one of the best massage chairs, this one is designed to offer you maximum comfort during your massage session.

Massage tool - Premium BestMassage Black 4 Portable Massage Chair


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  • Ultra soft PU surface: the chair’s entire surface is designed with a very soft surface that feels really nice on the skin hence making the session comfortable.
  • Hand and head rest: for added comfort and more relaxation during the session, it is designed with a hand rest and head rest where you can place your hand and head.
  • Free carry case: the massage chair comes with a free carry case where you can place the chair whenever you are on the move.

Having a perfect massage will surely depend on the technique used or type of massage, skill and experience of the person performing the massage and whether the best massage tools are put to appropriate use.  Thus make sure you pick up the right massage tool or product for the desired massage session.


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