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In case you want to keep your heart healthy, then you will need an essential tool that is called a heart rate monitor to achieve this. This electronic device will help in monitoring your fitness progress and it also increases the capacity for diagnosing heart disease and others that are related to the heart. It machine works on principles that are similar to those of an ECG-machine.  The monitor works during different body exercises such as chest exercises, back exercises, arm exercises as well as walking. The heart rate monitor is made-up of many different components include a receiver and a transmitter and all these parts work hand in hand in order to calculate the electrical impulses of someone’s heart.

On top of my list is the Fitbit Surge Superwatch/Heart-Rate Monitor watch which I believe is the best heart rate monitor watch for 2017 at the moment. It has the best heart rate monitor reviews on Amazon and I can assure you that you will not go wrong with this choice.


Fitbit Surge Fitness Super watch – Best Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Gone are the days when watches where just watches; to tell time and that would be it. In this era, we introduce to you the Fitbit heart rate monitor watch that you will never regret ever purchasing. It is sleek, gorgeously black with some silver original metal that brings a whole new classy touch to it. It is different from your regular watch because this one was made specifically for the hardworking people that put their health and fitness first before anything else. This Fitbit heart rate monitor watch is more fun as it can allow you control your music using it which means working out just got more and more entertaining with your favorite playlist on track. It comes with some holes on it that you can adjust so when you place it around your wrists it remains there perfectly all day long. With this device you will not need to have very many things on your arms because it summarizes all the accessories in case you need anything like to check the time. Choose this Fitbit Heart rate monitor and you will be happy with it.

Best Heart rate monitor

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Product quality;

Fitbit surge super watch is made with a modern GPS technology to track down the pace being taken, distance covered during workout, the hikes moved and down and later on it will summarize for you all the work you been doing. That is why this product has a very good quality that cannot be compared to any. This product will also show you how your heart beats at all times while burning out all the unnecessary calories that can cause unhealthy circumstances. It’s one of the best heart rate monitors on the market today. What makes this product even more unique is that fact that will also automatically monitor you as you rest/ sleep and later on wake you up using the silent inbuilt system.



  • Silent alarm; this device contains a monitoring device that will help monitor your body as you sleep and then later on it will turn into a silent alarm to tract how long you have slept and heart rate.
  • Durable battery life; once you have fully charged this device then that means you will be able to have it for many days like a full week without you having to charge. It also contains a very long duration of the GPS inbuilt in it of up to 10hours long without it breaking down.
  • Device syncing; this syncing is made in a way that is wireless so once to match the device with your other mobile phone apps then be assured of automatic updates on your progress. One more important thing is you won’t keep on turning on the sync but rather it just automatically does that on its own.
  • Multi-sport allowance; more of a flexibility allowance that does not have any limits to what type of fitness schedule you want to be involved in. So whether you are running; taking it very fast or slower, this device won’t back down missing any steps but rather will store all of them accurately.


  • The screen on this heart rate monitor watch may easily get damaged. This means that you will really to be very careful avoiding any harsh contact to it. However, you can purchase some screen guards that is produced by the same company for your device and it will live long without any cracking. Protect the screen also by keeping it away from the little children who might damage it.

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Features overview;

  • GPS in built system; this quality makes this device a complete must have especially when you are living a healthy life. When you move out there over a long distance then you don’t have to be bothered about getting back to where you started from in the beginning. You will also be able to track the distance that you have covered, hikes climbed and every single step that is taken.
  • Entertainment and notification alerts; the display of this device will be able to show you the different alerts that you get on your phone like calls when you have connected them together. In the same way you can also be able to play and control music from your phones playlist. This way fitness will be much fun with Fitbit super watch because it matches with very many of the smart phones on the market.
  • Touch screen; this is one application that makes this watch one of the best in the market today. By just one touch you will have whatever you watch to check displayed on the screen for you immediately.


Who does it benefit?

  • Technologically driven people; especially the ones that really love working out. In this case you will have the best of both worlds with the modern device that is only one touch away and it will show you all you need to know about working out through your fitness.

What else will you need?

  • IQ shield liquid IQ 19000 clear screen protector; this screen protector is very essential with this device because it will guard it safely from harm and also make it much clear to see the display objects on it. It fits just perfectly on the screen redefining it with a more beautiful an overall screen lock.
  • Square trade protection plan; every product comes with a limited warranty, however, you might need extra coverage.


 Polar-FT60 Heart-Rate Monitor with Calorie Counter





This Polar FT60 Heart-Rate Monitor is also one of the best heart rate monitors which looks very stylish in  a nice white color but other colors are available as well. It is very easy to start using this Polar heart-rate monitor whereby you just have to first thoroughly wet the electrodes at back of your strap with water and then snap the transmitter into place. After you will have to place this strap on the chest prior to starting this watch.

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  • This watch will display the calories, fat-burn percentage, stores 100 training-files and even has a back light. It also has a unisex-design coupled with a silicone wrist-band that wipes and cleans easily.
  • It will help you to exercise smarter with its unique Smart-Coaching features which include a Fitness Test, a quick 5-min test and all these help you in tracking your fitness-improvements.
  • The watch also includes a comfortable fabric transmitter-strap and a coded heart-rate transmission in order to avoid cross-talk. This watch will also be able to sync with most gym equipment.
  • It even compatible with optional speed and distance sensors which can help the user to track his speed and distance when having workouts.


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  • Changing Batteries:- You can either take it Polar retailer or change it by your self. Their is no magic involved in changing its battery.
  • It Keeps you Motivated:- If you have to partner to workout with, then use this watch because it will keep on reporting calories burned and heart rate levels, this data will keep you motivated, you will get more energy to burn more calories and how your results will turn out. It is also compatible with most fitness apps & smartphones, so your data will be synced by your phone and it gets uploaded on a fitness app of your choice, this will also motivate your friends.
  • Comfortable:- Both the chest strap and the watch are comfortable to wear. Actually you might even forget that you’re wearing a chest strap, it’s too light and fits very well.
  • Efficient:- If you have never used a fitness tracker / heart rate monitor before, you should buy this Polar-FT60 Heart-Rate Monitor. It comes with a manual guide yo show you how to use it, if you read the manual guide, you will grasp each and every concept within minutes. Once you get into motion, the watch will start displaying data which you can read during and after the exercise. At the same time, this data can be synced with your smartphone and fitness App.


Garmin FR70 Fitness Watch and Heart-Rate Monitor Watch for Running




The Garmin-FR70 Fitness/ heart rate monitor watch will help you to stay motivated and even accomplish your fitness-goals. This is a sleek fitness-watch with a workout tool that tracks the users time, heart-rate and calories burned. This watch has a new fresh-look with nice colors coupled with a comfortable wristband. This watch enables you to train Indoors or Outdoors


  • It will help you to monitor your health whereby you will be able to track your weight, body-fat, body-water and even other 6-measurements when using this watch and all this is done with the help of a Tanita BC-1000 body-composition scale.
  • This Garmin-FR70 watch is equipped with wireless ANT-technology and this allows it to connect to other ANT+ compatible-devices.
  • The watch also connects wirelessly to a heart-rate monitor hence providing instant feedback on how you are working. It can also connect to an optional wireless foot-pod which helps to track the distance and speed effortlessly whether indoors or outside.
  • If paired with an optional speed or cadence sensor, this watch will be able to track the speed and distance of your cycling workouts.


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  • Type of Exercises:- This Garmin FR70 fitness watch is compatible with any type of exercise / workout of your choice. It’s main purpose is to tell you how many calories you have burned during that particular exercise and at the same time it will show you stats for your heart rate. With that in mind, if the type of exercise you’re doing is not aggressive, this fitness watch will report low calorie burn & heart rate, if you increase in resistance and pressure, the number of calories burnt will increase and the watch will show you that.
  • Comfort:- This is a very crucial factor which you should not ignore when buying a fitness watch. It has to be as comfortable as a normal luxury watch, you should not feel any burden wearing a fitness watch. Garmin FR70 has a soft elastic strap which makes it pretty comfortable to wear.
  • Waterproof:- If you always want to measure your calories and heart rate while swimming, I guess this is the best fitness watch for you. It’s well sealed to make sure water doesn’t find its way on the inside. At least this version is better than Garmin FR60.
  • USB Wireless Stick :- You might not plug this fitness watch directly into your computer, but data will be collected by a wireless USB stick which feeds fitness data to a real computer, at least this will help you get clear results.

MIO Alpha I Strapless and Continuous Heart Rate Monitor Watch

MIO Alpha I Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor



The MIO Alpha is a strapless and continuous heart-rate sport watch which is as accurate as a chest-strap when it comes to performance-speeds even when running for about 14mph and it will deliver maximum-performance with ultimate-comfort. Before the Alpha watch was designed, the most commonly used method to collect accurate heart-rate results continuously while exercising was to only wear a strap around the chest but this watch has really changed the heart-rate monitoring process.


  • It has a continuous heart-rate monitor whereby this watch will be able to monitor your heart-rate continuously and accurately without putting on any uncomfortable chest-strap.
  • The watch enables you to set custom heart-rate zones: this watch will enable you to set the heart rate zones in order to optimize your workouts. The visual and audible alerts will ensure that you stay in your zone.
  • This choice from the best heart rate monitor watches is equipped with Bluetooth-Smart (4.0) wireless-connectivity: it will enable you to connect to any compatible wireless device in order to get added data about the pace distance, speed and GPS.
  • It also has a simple count-up timer that helps to track the length of your workout. This watch also has a regular clock that helps in managing time when having workouts.


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  • Calculates Calories burned:- It does not matter which type of exercise you’re doing, this MIO Alpha fitness watch will give you accurate data on how many calories you have burnt at a particular moment.
  • Works with Android 4.4 :- If your phone has Android 4.4 or any other better upgrade, it will connect with this watch via Bluetooth and you will be in position to do all fitness readings via your phone. It also works very well with Android apps like Map my ride & Endomondo
  • Water Resistant:- This MIO Alpha is a water resistant fitness watch, so you can wear it to the swimming pool and get accurate results about your workout. However, the manual says that you should not press buttons while under water and also the accuracy of results might be affected when water is too cold.
  • Use your smartphone GPS:- Unfortunately, this device does not have a built in GPS feature, so it will sync with your smart phone to give you real time results.
  • No Chest strap:- Unlike most fitness watches which require you to have a chest strap, this new MIO Alpha does not require you to have a chest strap, I guess that is an added advantage to its users.
  • Strong battery life:- At least this fitness watch stands out from the rest, you don’t have to worry about the status of its battery because it can last up-to 20 hours and more depending on usage.


Polar-FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch:




This is a Men’s heart-rate monitor watch with a stylish red and silver housing. The Polar-FT7 Heart Rate-Monitor also uses a  transmitter strap which is placed on the chest prior to starting the heart-rate search on this it. Remember to always wet the electrodes at the back of this strap with water because these electrodes have a rubber-coating on them. When using this heart rate watch, always make sure that your away from others who may be Polar users and are in close-proximity for best results.


  • The watch measures the heart-rate in bpm and even includes an audio and visual target-zone alarm which enables you to stay working out in the zone that you have selected.
  • It has an energy-pointer and this will help to indicate whether your workout is improving on the fitness or even burning-fat.
  • This watch has a Polar-own cal function which helps to track the energy expenditure during a single session.
  • It is waterproof and water-resistant to up to 50-Meter hence this means that yo can use it under wet conditions like when swimming and it even comes with a 2-year warranty.



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  • Chest strap Included:- When you buy this Polar FT7 fitness watch, you will get a free chest strap heart monitor, its light and comfortable to wear. However, you can decide not to wear it if it does not seem okay to you. The watch will still show you the right results.
  • What you get in the box:- Many buyers are wondering what else they will get for free when they buy this Polar fitness watch. If you make your order today, Amazon will ship this product in the next few hours, but when you open the box, you will find the following items included:- a free chest strap which is worth $28, a sensor, user manual and a training computer. I guess that is enough to get you on the road.
  • Calories Burned:- This Polar watch will report both calories burned during a specific workout and at the same time show you heart rate stats. The more you workout, the more calories you burn, so you better monitor your performance with this Polar fitness watch.
  • Tells Time:- This is a multipurpose fitness watch, it tells heart rate / calories burned and time. So you don’t have to worry about timing your self when working out, Polar thought of all essential features and integrated them into one watch.



Polar-RS300x Heart-Rate Monitor Watch with GPS:




The Polar RS300x will provide you with all the essential heart-rate features and has a good-looking body. This is a simple to use training heart-rate monitor which is also very compatible with the S1 foot-pod and G1 GPS-sensor hence this means that you can combine the heart-rate with speed and distance. This is very good heart monitor that you must acquire in order to solve all your heart problems. This is one of the best heart-rate monitors with GPS  that will guide and teach you to train at the right-intensity.

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  • This heart rate monitor comes with an H1 heart-rate sensor chest-strap that ensures a continuous, accurate heart-rate. It also uses a coded transmission in order to avoid cross-talk with other heart-rate monitors in range.
  • It has a built-in fitness test which helps you to track and even monitor your fitness-improvement.
  • The watch will also display accurate calories-burned and even records the last 16 training-sessions of your last 16-weeks of training routine.
  • This watch is also compatible with the S1 foot-pod and G1 GPS-Sensor and these help in tracking speed and distance. These 2 products are not included and are sold separately.



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Other Heart Rate Monitors available to choose from…..


Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Heart rate can be measured in many different ways but with all this technology that has come up there is absolutely no need to go through all those complicated methods since devices that you can use to measure your heart rate have been made just like the Polar FT1 . This polar FT1 watch included on the list of the best heart rate monitor watches is designed to specifically measure your heart rate so that as you work out; you know what work out intensity is good or bad for your health.

Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor

Everyone that is serious about exercising must own a heart rate monitor and with the accuracy and efficiency of the polar FT1 heart rate monitor you will have exactly what you have been looking for. The device is very easy to use especially because of its really wide screen display where you can read your heart rate. On this screen the polar FT1 will show your heart rate in beats per minute so as if you go out of your heart rate zone while exercising it will give both a visual and sound alarm. This way you will know if you are working out less, in the right range or beyond what your heart can handle. You know how important it is to own a heart rate monitor.



It has just one single button that you use to do everything which makes the device super easy to use and understand unlike other devices that are filled up with buttons making it difficult for you to know which one we need to use at a particular time. This makes it very simple to change the settings of the monitor whenever you want to or when you need to make use of any other functions. This also gives the watch a more attractive appearance since it is not designed with a whole bunch of buttons to confuse you on which one to use at a particular time.


The fact that it has one button gives added advantage according to some people. However, this is also a disadvantage for others. Some of the users suggested that the monitor should have been made with about two or three buttons and this way you will not have to go through a long process to get the function you actually want to use. When there are more buttons just one press is enough to get directly to that particular function that you want to access.


  • T31 coded heart rate transmitter; to eliminate all that cross talk with other heart rate monitors around, the polar FT1 has that chest strap which picks up your heart rate monitor hence producing extremely accurate results. Coded heart rate transmission will automatically lock in a code and sync it to the training computer.
  • FT1 training computer; this simply picks up your heart rate data from the transmitter, so you can later check out your results and know how well you are doing.
  • Only has one button; the watch only has a single button that you use to access all the functions that you want. It is placed just below the screen next to the FT1 logo; this makes the monitor very easy to use.
  • Visual and audible alerts; when your heart rate is in range the monitor will not make any alarm but as soon as you go beyond your normal intensity or do not reach it; the device immediately makes visual and audible alerts to let you know so you can know what to do. Low intensity work out is very healthy for your heart and burns fat as high intensity work out gives better fitness but may not be that good for your heart. Therefore, you will need this heart rate monitor watch to know how intense your work out is.
  • LCD back light; it has a back light that lets you read your results even when you are exercising in the dark, you should not limit your work outs to only day time when you have this heart rate monitor that can be used even in the dark.
  • Two year warranty; two year warranty for any product is more than enough time to prove the product’s good quality; so you have absolutely no reason to doubt the polar FT1.


  • Very accurate; the polar FT1 is infused with all the great technology that does not let it confuse or mix up your results with any other heart rate monitors nearby. And judging from what many customers said in the reviews on Amazon, there is surely no reason to doubt how well the polar FT1 measures your heart rate. It perfectly monitors heart rate all through your work out. The monitor works exactly like it is advertised to work not like those fake products that are over advertised yet they do not work well.
  • It is not bulky; working out is already enough so wearing a bulky device would just be adding trouble to your session that is why this heart rate monitor is made with such a light weight. It does not feel heavy at all which keeps you very comfortable as you workout.
  • It is extremely easy to set up and use; starting up the heart rate monitor is very easy since it resets itself for every other work out so you will not have your information mixed up. With only one button and a really easy to read screen display it is super easy to understand and use the polar FT1 without any difficulties.
  • It is a good quality unit; it does not matter how often you use the heart rate monitor or how long you have been using it; the polar FT1 is made with such gorgeous quality that it will work just like the very first time even after you have been using it for a number of times.
  • Display is wide enough; if you have any visual problems this is the perfect heart rate monitor to choose because it has a really wide screen where you can easily read your heart rate results during the work out. Even in the dark you will be able to see your information because it has a back light.


Polar Ft4 Heart Rate Monitor Watch for the money

For beginners to heart rate monitoring, the FT4 is infused with all the technology that you would want to have a really healthy work out. More than the FT1, the FT4 has been fitted with more features but will definitely not be that difficult for you to use therefore if you are one of those really serious sports persons that want to keep track of how intense their workouts are and how much they gain from training in terms of how many calories burned, then you will definitely love how the FT4 works.

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor


Just like other heart rate monitor watches that you may have come across in the past, this heart rate monitor watch displays your real time heart rate whenever you are training so that you can know whether the range in which you are working is within your target zone or beyond it. As soon as you are through with your work out, the FT4 will provide a summary display of all your work out information and also keeps track of your last ten work outs so you can compare the results and know how well or bad you are doing. This totally amazing device tells you when to slow down or speed up. In this post, you can find out more on how to use the different features it is made with.


The FT4 heart rate monitor offers a 10 session history of data so you can have a chance to compare all the results from the different work outs and know if you are improving or declining. And if you are declining you can try knowing the areas in which you have gone wrong and work on them in order to have a better work out. The watch is also very slim and super comfortable which is what everyone usually looks out for a great work out. It also has a very sensitive strap that will keep track of your work out data no matter which fabric you are wearing.


With all this technology you would expect such a great heart rate monitor to have data transfer facility and GPS sensor. However, this watch does not accommodate those facilities. You always have to check out your data from the watch instead of your computer or mobile phone because the watch does not have a data transfer facility. It also has no vibration alerts so when the watch is indicating something during the work out you may notice, only the sound alert is not enough. Polar should definitely work on that when producing the next version of heart rate monitors.


  • Provides accurate heart rate results; the FT4 helps you to continuously keep your work out simple and helps you achieve the best results as it always tracks your heart rate and indicates when you are too slow or too speedy. This way you can be able to stay within the right work out zone.
  • Comes with a chest strap; this chest strap is made with soft fabric which adapts to your body shape so you can even forget that you are wearing the device. This also helps the heart rate monitor to continuously provide accurate results.
  • Water resistant; when you are going to swim you do not have to take off the watch because it has been water proofed to 30m so it can detect you heart rate while you are swimming. Water will not cause any kind of damage to the watch.
  • Connects with gym equipment; using Gym link, the watch has the ability to connect with different gym equipment such as treadmills ,elliptical trainers,  and home gyms long as they are compatible so you can know what each equipment you have trained on contributes to your health and fitness.
  • Uses replaceable batteries; instead of charging, with the FT4 you just have to replace the battery.
  • Smart calorie feature; this super amazing feature uses your personal data to accurately measure and provide you with perfect results on the amount of calories you have burned.
  • 10 training session history;if you cannot compare results from different work outs then you will never find out how well you are performing on different days or work outs that is why the watch provides you with data history of 10 sessions. Now you can stay motivated as you evaluate and compare you performance in the different work outs.


  • It is very accurate; it is the perfect work out partner you need since it automatically detects your heart rate using your age based maximum heart rate; this therefore helps you to achieve a really healthy and simple work out. Its sensors are very accurate and good at keeping track of your heart on all machines that you will work out on; so you cannot doubt the results.
  • Shows you when to slow down or speed up; the heart rate monitor watch has both sound and visual alerts that indicate when you below your target heart rate zone or when you have gone beyond it so that you work out smarter and in the perfect range.
  • Flawlessly does what it is advised to do; if you are looking for a heart rate monitor watch that will show you your heart rate and amount of calories burned then the FT4 is absolutely what you want. It is not only advertised to do these things but from the reviews of people that have used them before; you will definitely confirm that this heart rate monitor works perfectly.
  • It is incredibly easy to use; as soon you get from the box you are asked to feed your personal data. For example, weight and gender into the watch and when you are done with that, you are more than ready to begin your work out; it is that simple. Besides that, it comes with very clear and simple instructions that you should follow to replace batteries which would otherwise be trouble for some people.
  • Both the watch and chest strap are comfortable; the watch has that really slim design that remains very comfortable on your hand and the chest strap is made with very soft material that does not get irritating at all.









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