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For many of the people who love participating in the running sport; running shoes are basically what they consider most important but GPS running watches could be the next basic thing that you need for a particular activity, sport or fitness program. Those that have always found that it is needful to have a running watch for their running or jogging exercise; here you are going to find some of the most advanced GPS running watches in 2017 to try out .These are way too advanced in a way that they do not only measure the distance you ran but also the time you took to reach that particular distance, the amount of calories and so many other amazing features that you will love. On my list of the best GPS running watch reviews, the Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom beats others by far and  I am sure it should be able to work for you.

     Nike GPS Running Watch Powered by TomTom: Best GPS Heart rate Monitor Watch with Heart rate Monitor

Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom



I have not heard of a better way to track the time, distance, heart rate and calories burned other than this water proof Nike GPS Running watch with a heart rate monitor. It will be very hard for you to find a running watch that can detect a GPS signal faster than this one. The watch is also very stylish and with a great white color. It is powered by the great Tom Tom so you can be rest assured you have the best of the best. It will amazingly keep you updated on a number of stuff so you can check them out from the specifications provided below.

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  • Now for those that love to view their activities’ results some days after they were done; from you will able to view your mapped route with pace changes in elevation.
  • The watch is made in such a special way that it has an optional sensor that has the ability to track the time you spent to finish a certain distance, your pace and the heart rate together with the amount of calories burned.
  • As the best GPS Running watch it features a rechargeable lithium polymer battery which charges with USB and offers you 8 whole hours of run time as you have both the GPS and sensor active.  Furthermore, it works up to 50 days of standby power.
  • Now besides it doing what it is supposed to do perfectly, you will also get to enjoy the challenges as you connect with friends and share or view routes, popular running area as a member of and also get to share your activities via face book and twitter.


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  • Good for Interval Runners:- If you always do half marathons, you will notice that your running pattern will change, you might run for 30 minutes and then walk for 5 – 10 minutes, by doing this, you gather up more energy and this will help you run for longer hours and at the same time cover a big distance. However, not all sports watches can track those changes, but this Nike+ SportWatch is the best sports watch for interval runners, it never stops counting.
  • God battery life:- When I compare this Nike GPS running watch with  the Garmin forerunner, their is a very big difference in battery life. Garmin forerunner keeps power for up to 8 hours yet this Nike sports watch keeps power for over 9 hours. I basically run for 2 – 3 hours, that means the battery can take me for 3 – 4 days. Once the battery us out, recharge it using a USB charger which comes with it.
  • Bike Riding Tracking:- We all have different hobbies, some of us prefer running to ridding a bike, but you will also find majority of men & women ridding bikes, this type of exercise is very important to your heart and full body, so it’s relative to running. However, as you ride the bike, you need to wear this Nike sports watch and track the distance covered, heart rate and calories burned. At the same time you can view your mapped route in real time. Join and get features enabled.


Garmin Forerunner 220 GPS Running Watch

When you are still looking for one the best GPS running watches ever on the market, I am more than certain that your selection will include Garmin because the company has been in the industry of running watches for quite some time now. In this particular post, we are looking specifically at the Garmin forerunner 220 which comes in basically two colors the purple and white then the black red which is featured in the image below.

Garmin Forerunner 220

They all work the same it’s just the purple works more for the ladies and the black for the guys. This running watch is infused with some of the most sophisticated features that you will ever come across such as the ability to be used both outdoors or indoors when running on treadmills, it can pair with phone via Bluetooth and can as well track distance, pace and heart rate since it comes with a heart rate monitor. This watch is absolutely worth each penny you will spend on it especially if you are the kind of person that is serious about your running sessions.


It is so user friendly; this good looking and super comfortable running watch first of all has a really wide screen that is very easy to read even during your work out. This way you do not have to over strain your eyes when trying read from it. It also has a perfect back lighting that makes it much easier to read even when you are in the dark. All the features on this watch are self-explanatory in the sense that you can easily understand how to use each of the different functions without going through too much trouble unlike many other devices on this kind.


The GPS is quite slow when establishing connection which is quite frustrating at times but good thing is that after connecting it starts to becomes much faster than before so this should be something you can try to bear with. The other disadvantage is that the Garmin connect App has not been made available for android which most people are more familiar with and with iPhones it is still a bit problematic. However, the company has promised to make some upgrades on that and it will not be any more of a problem.



  • Built in accelerometer; Besides the GPS that tracks distance and pace when you are running outdoors, the FR220 has a built in accelerometer that helps you to know your distance and pace figures when you are running indoors on a treadmill.
  • Keeps track of personal records; the watch is made with both audible and vibration alerts so you can use both or choose just one that best works for you. These help you to remain in your desired range during the work out and once you reach any personal record the watch will immediately identify it. This way you can always keep track of how you performed in previous workouts and get motivated to work out more.
  • Comes with a heart rate monitor; This is not a must have, if you want you can get the running watch without a heart rate monitor and pay less or you can pay just a few more dollars to get the one which has a heart rate monitor. This simply helps you to monitor your heart rate during your work out sessions.
  • Water proof; whether you swim with your watch on or just deep it in water to test how water proof it is; you will still find the watch with no damage at all. You can even run in the rain with the watch and be rest assured it will not get any kind of damage. Unlike many of the other running watches the FR220 has been water proofed to a depth of 50 meters.
  • Live tracking and mobile phone functionality; The Garmin FR220 is engineered with the ability to connect to your smart phone via Bluetooth and upload all your information automatically the minute you are done with your work out. With this function you can also be able to link to all your friends and family and show out your results on Facebook, tweeter and any other social media networks. If you wish you can also connect the watch to your computer using a USB and it will still upload all your information to the computer automatically.


  • Very comfortable and light weight; the watch is thin enough and greatly designed with a very light weight that does not feel heavy on your hand at all. In fact you might not even remember you are wearing the watch because the amazing way it remains comfortable on your hand the whole time you have it on.
  • Great color display; it has very many color displays that you can choose from depending on what is more friendly to your eyes but whichever you choose will definitely help you read your results really perfectly both during day time and at night. This also goes with the fact that the screen is wide enough to offer you great display when accessing your data.
  • Reliable and accurate GPS; the GPS is super accurate so you do not have to doubt your results at any one moment because all it shows is always very reliable. Its accuracy does not only stop at the GPS but the accelerometer for indoor work outs too, all you have to do it turn off the GPS and will be able to get accurate information of your treadmill workouts.
  • Strongly built; the watch is made with such great quality that is why you will be able to use for a really long period of time. This can also be linked to the fact that the watch is water proof so even when you sweat and run with in the rain; it stills works perfectly.
  • Really amazing software;you will never find better software to help you follow your results simply because the FR220 is made with best software you will ever come across. It uploads all your work out information in a few seconds both to your mobile phone or computer depending on what you prefer to use. This will always keep you motivated as you can share you results with many of your friends and family on different social media platforms.


Polar M400 GPS Running Watch & Activity Tracker

Polar M400 is one of the most amazing sports watches there is. There are no chances of it getting lost because you will have it wrapped around your wrists just like any other watch as you go about your exercise schedule. It has a GPS to help you with the location, a heart rate to show you how your heart is beating as you exercise, and definitely an upgraded training option that can help you through. Working out with this watch and tracker not only got more fun but stylish and motivating too. What makes this product the finest is while excising you can discover the surrounding areas without worrying about getting lost because the GPS is there to help you find your way around. The colors vary depending on your preference with the pink ones also available especially for the lady pink lovers.


 Best GPS Running watch to buyProduct quality;

It contains a polar mobile app that will be helpful when you need to automatically sync your data and then the data will be shown immediately on your phone device. The battery of this device is very powerful lasting over days before it will require recharging through the USB that it comes with. It contains very amazing useful devices like the tracking device that is inbuilt  to help you sketch around wider areas as you do your healthy routines. It also doesn’t only record your working hours but the dormant ones too, actually it gives you like a wake-up call when you start to get lazy on exercising.

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  • Activity tracking; polar has this very amazing activity tracker that is always on like all day long for the full 24hours showing both the active moments and inactive moments too.
  • Heart rate sensor; while you are busy doing your thing make sure you stay healthy by checking your heart rate during the day. This way it will help you when it is too high especially when you are doing too much and then you will have to rest a bit before you can go on. Checking your heart rate won’t require visiting hospitals anymore.
  • Training feedback; this device will show you how much you have worked out especially in relation to miles moved. This is especially shown through the running index that shows the speed data that is measured as you run and also the amount of heart beats obtained.
  • Ease of use; anyone that can be able to use a mobile phone can also use this portable watch device. It contains very simple manual rules that you will learn immediately and enjoy having the products. The screen will show you the necessary things you need to know like the heart beat rates, the duration moved in time and so on.
  • Active 24hours; it works for 24hours screening all the active and inactive moments too.
  • Heart rate sensor; while you are busy doing your thing make sure you stay healthy by checking your heart rate during the day. This way it will help you when it is too high especially when you are doing too much and then you will have to rest a bit before you can go on. Checking your heart rate won’t require visiting hospitals anymore.
  • Training feedback; this device will show you how much you have worked out especially in relation to miles moved. This is especially shown through the running index that shows the speed data that is measured as you run and also the amount of heart beats obtained.
  • Ease of use; anyone that can be able to use a mobile phone can also use this portable watch device. It contains very simple manual rules that you will learn immediately and enjoy having the products. The screen will show you the necessary things you need to know like the heart beat rates, the duration moved in time and so on.


  • Doesn’t have an alert vibration; although you are working out you will not know about the alerts unless you stop and check because it does not have a vibration. However you can just turn up the sound volume so you can hear it and then check on the message alert as you go on.


Features overview;

  • Built in GPS; even when you purchase this for your child you don’t have to stress about them getting lost because you can always track them using the GPS inbuilt system. Exercise just got more fun because you have no limitations on how far to go as the GPS will always show you where you are and what direction to take back.
  • Standard USB charge; this watch contains a USB port that is very standard and you can use foe charging once the battery is running low or completely off. The charge system is very powerful and quick to save you the time you need to working out.
  • Smart calories counter; when you are trying to remain healthy or cut off some calories then this watch will show you just how much you have cut. It does this in relation to a person’s weight, height and age so you will be familiar with how much you need to loose in relation to your particular group.
  • Polar flow web service and app; in this modern era, if the device you are using does not have this app then you won’t easily catch up with the rest of the world. It can be connected to any android device and will help you remain on the right track as you go about excising.

Who does it benefit?

  • People who are not very familiar with the neighborhood; like for instance when you have just moved into a new place and yet you do want to continue with your regular exercise schedule then you can just purchase this product that will help you get familiar with your new neighborhood.
  • Adventurous people; some people are naturally very adventurous and love to travel to newer places including as far as the woods hiking in and through. In such a case you can use this polar M400 and while you enjoy the sight be assured you will not lose your way back home.

What else do you need?

  • Spectra 360 electrode gel; this gel can be applied to the skin before you place on it any electronic device so it coordinates well with the skin without causing any dangerous harm to both the device and skin. It does not contain any salt on chlorine that might harm the device and is suggested for all electro medical processes.
  • Polar Bluetooth stride sensor; you can pair this device with your Bluetooth application phone or any device that contains the Bluetooth app and just be able to share information about the way you are doing with your health fitness routine. It is also water resistant so just know even on the rainy days it will still produce great results.


Garmin  GPS Running Watch(Forerunner 10):

Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Watch


I really think just 1.3 ounces is not anything anyone would find problematic to carry along anytime, anywhere. The watch is small enough and can be worn even on a normal day for the ladies this will be really perfect on your wrist. The watch is very easy to use and is really perfect for the price. It is stylish simple and will definitely capture each and every mile.

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  • With the button operated system, this is by far the easiest Garmin GPS running watch you will ever have, it is very very easy to use.
  • Unlike other running watches, this one in addition to recording your speed/pace it also records your time, distance, calories and also your position: that is how interesting this one is.
  • It has a really high and sensitive GPS receiver and together with it, the watch also identifies your personal records.
  • I really loved the virtual pacer which compares your current pace with your target, this is just too motivating.


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New Balance GPS Running Watch:

New Balance GPS Runner



If you are a runner that needs that needs a running watch that will keep you going further because of the results it gives you then you will definitely love the New Balance GPS Runner, I love the run memory that keeps track of results and helps you to keep up with your vital stats. You do not have to worry about the results because you are rest assured they are accurate.

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  • You do not have to worry about your data or information because this new balance GPS running watch logs up to 100 runs and 300 laps.
  • Another choice from the best GPS running watches,  its also made with five daily alarms that help to remind you of your routine in case you have forgotten and keeps track of your time for over 100 hours.
  • It also comes with a back light and at the same time monitors your speed, time, distance to make sure you stay on track during your running time.


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  • Nice Design:- New balance is well known when it comes to fitness equipment. I own a new balance running shoe which is very light and durable. To leave that aside, I’m in love with New balance sports watch, It has a sleek smooth design, it’s very light so you feel no weight on your hands when wearing this watch, and at the same time the green back-light makes it easy to read results, at least you don’t have to strain your eyes.
  • Erasing Memory When It’s Full:- By default, this New Balance Gps Running watch can log up to 100 Runs and 300 Laps, so if you complete all the 100 Runs, the memory will get full which means you have erase most the data and continue using this watch. The best way of getting rid of some data from this watch is to go to data and then scroll to the bottom, you will see an option for delete ”All” or just some specific data.


 TomTom Runner GPS  running Watch:

TomTom Runner GPS Watch



Oh, first of all, I love the girly color pink though not the entire watch is pink but the small supplements of pink made fall in love with it. It has an extra large display screen that will let you have a look at your stats even from a distance. With the watch you will even train more effectively with full screen graphics.

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  • Not all of us can be able to read on those small screen displays because of the different visual issues we have but you are now sorted with this GPS watch which has a really wide screen that lets you view your running stats.
  • The watch also features three unique training modes I do not think you would ask for a better training partner, this one will help you train more successfully.
  • With just one button you are able to navigate all the menus with a lot of ease because the watch has only one button control.
  • Now for those who are tired of foot pods, you have that problem sorted because the GPS watch can also act as an indoor tracker that records your run indoors or when you are using treadmills.
  • It also comes with quick GPS fix technology, now this is what I call advanced; this watch is modified with the technology so that it can find your particular location really fast so that you can be able to start your run.
  • It can also connect to your pc quickly and any other devices that are sensitive using the latest wireless technology as well as compatibility with smart Bluetooth accessories. The heart rate monitor is optional.

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Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS:  Garmin GPS Running Watch with Heart Rate Monitor


Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS



Unlike some GPS that are limited to only work for a particular sex this Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS is unisex meaning it can be used both by males and females. It is black in color and for those that do not want to move around with something heavy on their hand this one will be just perfect as it has a light weight and it is not too big neither is very small. Many of the expert runners want a running watch that measures features apart from distance and I will gladly tell you that this Garmin running watch also has a heart rate monitor, records your distance, time and pace accurately. I doubt there is much more that you could ask for.


  • This Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS comes with a rechargeable battery that operates for over 8 hours in training mode and for those that want a battery that lasts longer this one will operate for about 3 weeks in power save mode.
  • With this GPS running watch with heart rate monitor you will also be able to create goals and upload data to the Garmin connect site where you can then check out the summary of your workouts.
  • It does not only stop at that, it will also monitor your heart rate when you add ANT+ heart rate monitor , the calories burned and to crown it all, it is water resistant.
  • When it comes to accuracy, this one is what you have been longing for as it will accurately record your distance, the time you took on that particular distance and your pace.
  • It also features really high sensitivity GPS receiver in that even when you next to tall building or under tree, it will still remain locked on satellites.


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  • Comes with a data cable:- By default, all fitness trackers comes with data cables which you can use to transfer data to a physical computer.
  • Water resistant:- If you love swimming and you take it as a exercise, it’s time you monitor your heart rate and at the same time get to know how many calories you have burned during the exercise. This Garmin Forerunner fitness watch is water resistant, but you should not exceed 10 meters, other wise, water will enter the watch.
  • Gps Enabled:- Garmin Forerunner 110 sports watch is Gps enabled, it picks up satellite signals very fast just like your smartphone, this features enables it to send and receive data from fitness apps, data will be synchronized in minutes .
  • Tracks running distance:- This is a sports watch, so it has all the basic features you might think of. I’m a runner too, but I like the idea of tracking the distance I have covered, this helps in monitoring my progress. This Garmin sports watch will track your running distance, data can be synchronized with your smartphone or fitness app via a bluetooth.
  • Simple and Easy to use:- If you have never used a fitness / sports watch before, look no further, because this is the best sports watch out there. Not only does it look nice, fits well on your hands, but at the same time, it is very easy to read.
  • Works as a watch:- You don’t have to wear a digital watch on the other hand. Advanced technology has enabled Garmin create an all-in-one sports watch. It does all fitness staff and at the same time tells you the right time and date. I guess investing in this device is more rewarding.

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Other GPS Running Watches Available on Amazon…




Garmin Forerunner 310xt Waterproof GPS Running Watch

   The forerunner 310XT is a tri-athletes training device that is GPS enabled and surprisingly it is completely water proof this time round you will be able to know how much swimming contributes to your body fitness since the device functions even under water.

Garmin Forerunner 310XT Waterproof Running GPS with USB ANT Stick


The trainer is water proofed up to 50m so you can wear it when swimming in deep pools or in the lake and not worry about it getting spoiled. It is infused with superior technology which keeps track of the distance, pace, time and amount of calories you burn. It does not stop at that, but goes on to automatically sync all your data wirelessly to your computer or mobile phone. With a really strong battery that works for over 20 hours you enjoy the convenience of using this trainer without it stopping in the middle of your work out. If you work out often and know how much fitness means to you, then you will not think twice before trying out the FR310XT.


The fore runner 310XT is very easy to set up and use, this applies to all the functions that the watch has, buttons that are very easy to read and use. Also connecting the ANT USB stick is very simple; you will not even need a manual to do this. Compared to other watches that only track running results, this trainer tracks data from very many different work outs or sports activities such as swimming, riding a bike running and quickly uploads the data for further access.


It’s a little bulky as many of the customers that have bought the watch complained about how heavy this watch is. This may make it uncomfortable especially for people that do very hard work outs or work out for long hours. When advertising the watch, they show that the GPS is very accurate under water however some people have opposed this saying that it is not true. For other sports, it is accurate but under water the heart rate monitor, pace, distance and GPS are not that accurate.

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  • Tracks data for various sports activities; the FR310XT unlike other devices is made with the ability to track very many different activities most of the trainers are only used to track results from running either outdoors or indoors. However, this watch tracks information from riding bikes, running as well as swimming so you do not have to buy a different watch for each of the sports. All you have to do is press a button and switch the particular sport you are going to do for at that particular time.
  • ANT wireless technology; with the fore runner 310XT you do not need any cables because as long as your computer or phone are in range with the watch it wirelessly syncs all your data and you can check it out later and even get to upload them to Facebook or any other social media network you use. This technology is not common in other devices which make the FR310XT completely different.
  • Comes with many other accessories; when you purchase this running watch you do not get only the watch, it comes other accessories such as the ANT USB stick, AC charger a manual for the user and many other items.
  • It also comes with a heart rate monitor;the watch comes with a really accurate heart rate monitor that keeps track of your heart rate when you are running or biking however this hear rate monitor may not be that reliable when it comes to swimming.
  • Calculates your swim time; the watch is water proofed up to around 50m this means that you can be able to use it when swimming and not have it affected at all. This also gives it the ability to perform in all weather conditions since it is not affected by water.


  • Great battery life; the FR310XT has a very strong battery life that works up to 20 hours so you do not have to bother recharging the watch every now and then or worry about it stopping in the middle of your work out. Only a device made with such great quality product like the FR310XT can be able to work up to this long.
  • Uploads data at a really fast rate; as soon as you are through with your work out the watch immediately syncs all your work out information to your computer where you can check it out later and evaluate your performance. The fore runner is super accurate because of its GPS which is extremely sensitive to track your distance, time, pace, heart rate and the amount of calories burned during your work out sessions.
  • Syncs data wirelessly to the computer; it is designed with very unique ANT technology which wirelessly transfers data to your computer when the fore runner is in range. With the Garmin connect you can be able to share your information with other users. With this technology you have the chance to even plan your workouts.
  • For running and biking it gives very accurate results; you cannot doubt the reliability and accuracy of the FR310XT when it comes to riding and biking much as it is not that accurate with the swimming results. Its GPS is super sensitive to track really accurate biking and running data.
  • Easy to switch from one sport to another; with just the touch of button you can transfer from sport to another and still have your results and does not mix up any of the results from different. It categorizes the different sports so you can evaluate your results well after each of the work outs.
  • Can function and stay under water for long periods of time; you do not have to limit your swim time whether in the pool or lake because the watch is completely water proof with the ability to function under water for a really long period of time. It is water proof to the depth of 50meters without getting any damage.


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