The Best Foundation Makeup that Will Rock for Your Skin

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Foundation makeup is a cosmetic application used as a base before make up or powder can be applied to the face or as desired. It gives the skin coverage to get rid of the uneven skin tone, blemishes or other flaws on the skin. Foundation as used in skin care may be applied after a moisturizer but before the concealer. Most foundation brands today have the possibility of making your skin look magnificent so make sure you get the right one. Makeup that will be good for African Americans may not work well for whites or other racial groups. Examples of some of the best foundation makeup brands are L’Oreal and Lancome.

What to do before applying foundation for facial make up;

  • Gently wash your face. After washing, dry with a towel and make sure the face is dry completely.
  • Massage a light weight moisturizer on to the skin.
  • Find a good foundation brush for your skin care.
  • Then apply a foundation primer to your entire facial skin. Use a foundation brush to apply an even cover to the facial skin and let it dry well.

Choosing The Right Foundation Makeup for your skin

  • Liquid Foundation Makeup. This kind of foundation makeup is made up of organic and in organic pigments in water based solutions and alcohol. Like for most liquid solutions, also liquid foundation has to be shaken before use to ensure the ingredients are well blended. Bentonite is usually added to most solutions to ensure that they are in perfect mixture. This option can work well for those that are considered to have oily skin since they require having sheer to medium application.

Liquid Mineral Foundation


  • Cream Foundation Makeup. This foundation consists of water, mineral oil, stearic acid, propylene glycel and other insoluble pigments. Given all these essential ingredients, this type of foundation is good for normal skin. It will add oil to the skin and have a moisturizing effect thus it will not work for someone with acne. Women looking for that anti aging effect should stick to this category because it has the potential of delivering a smooth texture exclusive of drying to the skin.

Mineral Cream Concealer Foundation


  • Powder Foundation Makeup. As the name suggests, it’s a powder base mixed with a coloring agent and some scent to make it appealing to the user. This is the most effective for those with oily skin. It eliminates the shine and will not be heavy on the skin because it is applied lightly.

Natural Foundation Powder


Get the right foundation makeup for your skin tone

Choosing The Right Foundation

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  • Cool skin tone

This kind of skin tone is identified by blue veins in the inner wrist that flush pink in the sun. Foundation for this category should have a red or blue base in order to give the skin and even color void of any shadows.

  • Warm skin tone

Inner wrist veins for this kind will appear green and will turn to green or bronze in the sun. This skin type is considered to have more melanin compared to others and as a result it will hardly feel the impact from the sun.  A foundation with a golden or yellow base is appropriate for this skin tone type

  • Neutral skin tone

As the name suggests the inner veins for this skin tone type appear to blend well with the color of the skin. Even for this kind you have to select the foundation that will be suitable for you. Red, blue and yellow foundation bases will work here but a special consideration is offered whereby yellow base should work in warmer months while blue should apply to the cooler ones.

Foundation brush

foundation brush


This can be defined as a smooth tool used to apply foundation. I will only advise you to choose the one that feels smooth the most. I believe you want to enjoy the experience while you apply your foundation and only a smooth enough brush will help you here.

The brush aids in regulating the amount of foundation to be used on the skin. The more you put on the brush the more will go on to your face.

It is important to take good care of your foundation brush by cleaning in thoroughly after each use. It should not be stored without cleaning because it could harbor harmful micro organisms like bacteria that may in turn cause damage to your skin. Cleaning also helps to remove the excess foundation that might get stuck with in the brush. If possible, clean with anti bacterial soap or shampoo.

Applying foundation for facial make up;

After getting your face ready for the best foundation makeup , follow the steps below to achieve an even and natural skin look after application.

  • Test if the color matches your skin by applying it to the inside of your wrist and then lightly rubbing it in. You would not want to use makeup that will spoil your look instead of enhancing it. I believe the best foundation or even make up type will be the one that may not be noticed to have been used.  For best results on your face, the appearance at the wrist area should look as normal as possible.


  • Use a foundation brush or a makeup sponge carefully all over. Some people might feel comfortable using their hands but I want to discourage you doing so. In case you want to apply it lightly then use one side of the foundation brush but for a heavy application to your facial skin the you will need to use both sides of the brush to apply to your facial skin


  • Start from the middle of your face and apply outwards and try to avoid obvious makeup lines. This approach will make it easy for you to perfectly apply make to your entire facial area.


  • Use the ends of the brush to get to those difficult to get to areas like the corners of the nose among others. Also engage various motions of the brush to ensure that the foundation gets into the skin. Circular motions and simple stokes up and downs are some of the ways to use the brush to get the desired result.


  • Make sure the foundation blends well at the jaw line. Trust me you do not want to appear as if you are wearing a mask, so make sure you apply foundation that not only works for you skin type and tone but is well all over the facial area.





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