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Today, most people have tried to carryout different workouts in order to keep their bodies looking fit and healthy. However, most people need directions or motivation in order to have a thorough work-out experience and this can only be achieved by picking-up or purchasing a top-workout DVD that will enable you to get both. You will have to do it just like the pros on the video in order to ensure that your exercise-plan is being executed in the correct way. Currently, there is quite a wide-range of exercise DVDs on the market that have been used by celebrities who have achieved great transformations through the world renowned fitness-experts. In this article, I have featured the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred as the best exercise DVD for 2017 among other choices that you may try out to get a thorough workout session:

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred – Best Exercise DVD for Weight Loss


Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred


This exact exercise DVD is a #1 Best seller on Amazon the best exercise dvd reviews, so ladies, if you want to lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days, look no further, because Jillian Michaels has put together an effective workout course to help you achieve that goal. Its the the best exercise DVD for weight loss.  For those who don’t Jillian Michaels, she’s a well known TV fitness trainer who is highly committed to big results. When you own this workout DVD, Jillian will become your personal trainer, this compiled fitness course is quite interesting and motivating. It has 3-2-1 interval systems which combines cardio, strength training and abs blast workouts. If you follow each and every step outlined in this course, you will burn lots of calories in one month. This detailed program has 3 complete 20-minute exercises, but the intensity of these workouts keeps on increasing as you alternate workouts.

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  • Hard workouts:- Listen to me folks, if you want something simple, I guess this is not the best program. But if you have a goal and you really want to burn fats with a short period of time; grab this exercise DVD to lose weight fast. Lessons are pretty easy to understand but none of these 3 levels is simple. You have to work out very hard to move from level 1 to level 3. I have checked out some reviews of this program on AMAZON and some lady said that level 2 is a bit challenging but very rewarding so you better get prepared for the hard work. Please, follow instructions by Jillian, she will tell you what to do on each level, but you have to start from level 1. It might take you 4-5 days to complete level one, but be patient and take it one day at a time.
  • Good for beginners:- I know I said that workouts in this  exercise DVD are hard rock, but still, by the time you decide to lose 20 pounds in a Month, your body and mind will be ready for any challenge. But as a beginner, I suggest you first watch the whole exercise DVD’s before taking any action, this will prepare you mentally. After watching the all movie, warm up and start implementing what is instructed in a video.


Please note:  When you start working out, you have to follow each instruction in this exercise DVD, don’t skip levels and don’t rush to finish level 1. Just take it one day at a time, because you have 30 days. But also remember to eat a balanced diet, reduce on eating too much fats and foods with lots of calories & sugar. Why? Because following this workout DVD without making adjustments in what you eat will give you no results.

 Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD –  Best Dance Exercise DVD

With the Zumba Fitness Total-Body Transformation System Exercise DVD-set, you will be able to shed pounds and even experience a blast during the workout process. This best dance exercise DVD is loaded with red-hot dance steps, pulsating Latin-rhythms with easy to follow routines.


Zumba Fitness Total-Body and Transformation-System DVD Set



With this invigorating dance-fitness party you will have to groove and shake the excess-weight off while following the sexy and exotic rhythms of salsa, samba, cambia, merengue, and many others. However, each routine features interval-training sessions which combine both fast and slow rhythms with resistance-training and these help to sculpt and tone the whole-body while burning fat.



  • Its a 4-DVD and 6-workout fitness set that is designed to work on the body from head to toe starting with the basics and then moving to workout your legs , core and abs.
  • This DVD is loaded with red-hot dance steps, pulsating-rhythms with easy to follow routines so that you may help you let go of some of that stress and achieve a thorough workout experience.
  • The DVD set also comes with maraca-like toning sticks which help to add some muscle to your body sculpting-routines.
  • The DVDs in this set  also include   the following workout-programs: Zumba Fitness-Basics Workout, Fitness 20-Minute express workout, Fitness Sculpting and Toning Workout, Fitness Cardio-Party workout, Fitness Live-workout, and Zumba Fitness Flat-Abs Workout.


  • Full body work Lessons:- When it comes to staying fit and healthy, you need to workout the all body, at least that will ensure that each and every part is in healthy and in good shape. When you get this full Zumba fitness DVD set, you will learn how to add cardio in your workout, do total body workouts from home, learn how to work out your abs and so much more. The content provided in these DVDs is better than what any fitness website will give you.
  • It’s Fun :- At least you won’t be bored when following instructions in these DVD’s, every step is well explained and the background music makes it even fun. At least these DVDs make working out a very interesting thing. So have fun as you get in shape. ….SOUNDS COOL….NOT SO…
  • Better than real Zumba Classes:- If you have previously been taking zumba classes and give a try to this set of DVDs, trust me, you will chill that class and make a workout party of your own at home…..that’s how fun these DVDs are.
  • Stock enough water:- Why do i say this? because you will workout extensively without getting tired. Each step you get too makes you feel like you have just started, so get ready to sweat. It is advisable to drink enough water during Zumba exercise.

Hip Hop Abs DVD-Workout – Dance Exercise DVD

The Hip Hop Dance Abs Workout is featured by Shaun T who will show you the tilt, tuck and tighten technique in order to achieve a six pack abs while burning excess fat-off from the entire body. This among the best dance exercise DVD after the Zumba workout DVD.


Hip Hop Abs DVD-Workout


In case you don’t know how dance, don’t get worried because Shaun T will teach you how to do so with his moves, step by step and with time you will be ready to hit the club with your hot and new body. With the Hip Hop Dance Abs workout, you will achieve flat and sexy abs without doing any single crunch or sit-up.


This Dance DVD Work out kit offers 10 different and amazing Workouts that will help to keep your body fit and in style in just a short period of time.

It comes with a step-by-step nutrition guide and this will help you to choose the right foods during the workout period in order to help you lose-weight faster.

The DVD includes a 30-Day Workout Calendar whereby you can freestyle with the Hip Hop Abs workouts while following this schedule that is designed to offer you with jaw-dropping abs and a toned-body.


The package includes a measurement card and tape-measure. These tools can be used to help you record your progress as inches melt away.


UFC Fit Workout DVD the Ultimate Weight Loss and Exercise Video – Best Exercise DVD to Lose Weight

The UFC Fit Workout-DVD will push you to have intensive workouts through the first weeks after getting it in order to develop body strength and flexibility while conditioning will come in the later weeks. This  exercise DVD will teach you different fitness training-techniques with the proper volume and intensity in order to force consistent progress so that you get better with every single workout.

UFC Fit Workout-DVD (Ultimate Weight-Loss and Exercise-Video)



The UFC Fit Workout-DVD will push you to have intensive workouts through the first weeks after getting it in order to develop body strength and flexibility while conditioning will come in the later weeks. This exercise DVD will teach you different fitness training-techniques with the proper volume and intensity in order to force consistent progress so that you get better with every single workout. In Week-12, of following this workout DVD, you will be in an absolute and best shape of your life just like any UFC-athlete before entering the Octagon.



  • This DVD features high-intensity interval training (HIIT) thus this will enable you to get the same fitness training-techniques and motivation like professional athletes.
  • The UFC FIT home workout-program is also broken into 4-sections with 3-weeks high intensity interval-training segments.
  • Its Picture-steps program whereby each individual stacks on top of the other will give you a total workout experience.
  • The package includes 12-UFC workout DVDs, a 12-week workout tracker, and a 132-page nutrition and lifestyle manual.



  • Get a chance to train with an expert:- I’m sure you have been training for a while, but you’re seeing less / no results at all. The main cause of this is because you’re following wrong instructions, so much as you burn a few calories, the possibility of having the same body structure is the same. Try out these UFC Fit workout Dvd’s your working out experience will never be the same.
  • Loss Weight in 3 days:- I know this might sound impossible, but if you follow instructions in these exercise Dvds and stop feeling sorry for your self, you will see results in a few days. When I talk about losing weight, I don’t mean going from fat to skinny in just 3 days, this is a gradual process which requires daily extensive workouts. These DVDs feature full body workouts to help you loss weight evenly and at the same time have a well balanced body..
  • Improve your heart rate:- The moment you start playing any of these Dvds, your body will get into motion, you will get involved on instant. It is better you prepare a bottle of drinking water because you wont stop exercising and sweating, your heart rate will skyrocket in no minutes.


Shaun T’s Rockin’ Body DVD Workout

Dance while working out with the Shaun T and you will be able to lose excess-weight the easy way and obtain other health benefits. Exercise is now well known to the reduce the risk of major conditions such as cancer and heart disease and you will get sufficient exercise from from this program. With this Rockin’ Body DVD, you will burn up-to 1,500 calories in just a day. . You also get Rockin’ results after following the 7-hot workouts on this DVD, including 2 bonus-workouts.

Shaun T's Rockin' Body-DVD Workout




  • The Mark, Move and Groove exercise on this  exercise DVD will teach you how to dance even if you don’t think you can dance. During the process of dancing and sweating with the breakthrough Mark-It and Move-It technique you will shed off a lot fat and in no time you will even be grooving like a pros. This takes about 15-minutes daily.
  • Party Express takes about 25-minutes and it will guarantee you with a great workout with amazing results. This will perfectly work for any one as long as he or she does it on time every day. When you’re short on time so now you never have to miss a workout.
  • The Rock It Out workout is a rock-and-roll strength routine exercise that will help to shape, sculpt, and tone a lean-body starting from head to the toes while sending metabolism soaring. It may take about 45-minutes to complete this workout.
  • Its Disco-Groove enables anyone to hit the dance-floor and shake or groove and during the process, you will burn some serious calories. This may take about 35-minutes and should be done on a daily basis.
  • It comes with a Quickstart-Guide that enables you to get started is easily. You will have to simply follow this workout calendar and you will get in shape in a very short period of time.


  • Burn calories fast:- This is not a pill, it’s a workout DVD with exclusive instructions to ensure that you lose 1,500 calories with in 24 hours. I guess that sounds like a dream, but it’s true, you can burn 1,500 calories within 24 hours. All you have to do is to follow instructions, you can play some music in the background to getting you moving without giving up. The best way of measuring your calorie results is to wear a fitness tracker watch of your choice, it will track and monitor your heart rate and calories burned.
  • Start slowly:- If your a beginner, I suggest you start slowly, do a few exercises and take a brake as your body gets used to the all process. If you develop a routine workout plan,you will get used in a few days, once you get to a better stage, build up to full intensity, you will notice a change within a few weeks.
  • Watch what you eat:- Much as you exercise extensively, you also have to watch what you eat and how much you eat. Because if you don’t change your habits, you might end up replacing burned fats & calories which will get you no where.
  • Duration of workouts:- The time varies depending on the nature of workout. Some can take on 15 minutes and the most extensive ones like ”Disco Groove” will take 35 minutes. I suggest you make a music playlist because music can motivate you.


Charlene Johnson’s PiYo Base-Kit:

The PiYo base kit is not like any standard Pilates and yoga classes that always make you to hold for long with intense-poses, or even leading you through several repetitive core movements or workouts.


Chalene Johnson's PiYo Base-Kit


The PiYo base kit will speed-up everything including your results because it introduces you to dynamic and flowing sequences that can seriously burn calories while lengthening and toning your muscles and increasing body flexibility.


  • The kit offers 10-Workouts that are placed on 3-DVDs and these include: Align the fundamentals, defining lower-body, defining upper-body, core, drench, strength-Intervals, Sculpt, and Turbo Fire HIIT 20. All these will help to provide you with a wonderful workout.
  • It comes with a quick start guide that contains everything you will need to get started including valuable insider-tips which help you achieve the best results possible.
  • The PiYo 60-Day Workout Calendar with Charlene arranged workouts ensures that you are progressing each week as you build-up body flexibility, strength and stamina.
  • This exercise dvd kit comes with a bonus tape-measure that can be used to track your progress as you work out so that you melt that fat away faster than you ever imagined.


  • Leaves you with pain:- Ooops, No pain No Gain, so don’t expect a smooth road, everything is going to be tight and extensive, but after a few days your body will get used to these workouts and you will start noticing results. If you feel pain, don’t give up, it’s part of the game.
  • Good for beginners:- Piyo is not as difficult as most workout, it’s divided into stages, as a newbie you can start with simple yoga exercises and keep on improving with time. It is advisable to start with vigorous exercises as a beginner, because you might end up hurting your body.




INSANITY Fast and Furious DVD Workout


Are you ready for a 20-minutes insane workout, if the answer is a yes, then keep in reading because what you will get in this crazy workout will change your body and lifestyle forever. Fast and Furious is produced by Shaun T. His well known personal trainer and many people recommend his workout DVDs. When it comes to performance, so far this INSANITY Fast and Furious DVD Workout has scored a 4.1 / 5 rating on Amazon and that is a pretty good rating.


  • Get ready to go INSANE:- The word INSANE just drives me crazy, imagine workout out insanely like their is no tomorrow. Be fast and furious, don’t feel sorry for your self because there’s no pain without gain. Life is a challenge, so you have to face them insanely and get what you want. I now it sound crazy, but having that insane (fast & furious) attitude will help you bur fats and calories so fast. According to Shaun T, 20 minutes of hard rock workout a day can help you lose weight. Why do you leave a shameful life simply because you’re too fat. You can do something about your health and look better than you are right now. When I was going through reviews of this product on Amazon, I read about a guy who was too fat but he could not stop eating every time they got hungry. Eating too much can mess up your weight, so as you follow instructions in this exercise DVD, watch what you eat and reduce on your food intake in a day. Replace bad eating habits with sports activities or any other healthy habit.
  • Some moves are familiar:- This is great because as a beginner you will find some moves familiar and simple, however, each move is kicked into an overdrive. For example, you’re all familiar with push-up exercise, but the least you can do is 10 push-ups. That is not a bad start, but when it gets to insane an furious workouts, you will do more than the usual, your body and endurance will be put to test. I know you will feel some serious pain and hate for the workout, but the end results will be tremendous. I guess you all know this saying (No Pain, No Gain)


CAUTION:- Please this exercise DVD contains fast & furious insane workouts, created to burn those fats in a few days. So, please, before beginning any of these exercises, consult a physician and at the same time follow each instruction in the video.


Leslie Sansone; Walk away the pounds – Best Cardio Exercise DVD

 Walk Away The Pounds


This is one of the most rated workout program for women in 2017. I can’t compare it with INSANITY FAST & FURIOUS program featured above because that one is dedicated to men only. Women love walking, that is to why Leslie Sansone created this super challenging program called ”Walk Away The Pounds”. It sounds simple but don’t expect to walk in a regular way, things are going to be tight and intensive. Before making an order for this Exercise DVD, you can watch a trailer and get a clear picture about this program. In this brief, this 4-mile walking workout will challenge each and every major muscle in your body, it is a good full body workout. The longer you walk, the more calories you burn. Brisk walking is among the best fat burning exercises, it feels like a marathon yet it’s not.  Content is not rated and captions + subtitles are all in English, so non English speakers you might need a translator.


Rating:- So far Leslie Sansone exercise Dvd has scored a rating of 4.7 / 5. I have have read through customer reviews, but majority of women who have followed instructions in this exercise DVD enjoy the results. Brisk walking is intense but it will make you sweat endlessly.


Leslie has made instructions for this Walk Away the Pounds very simple, steps included in this exercise DVD are:

  • Brisk walking (walking too fast and covering long distances at the same speed)
  • Side steps (these include single & double steps)
  • Knee lifts
  • Kicks and Kick backs
  • Leg Curls

When you watch the video, you will get inspired by other walkers in the video. You will see women in their early 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and late 70’s. So if you have been feeling sorry about yourself / age, that lady in her late 70’s will inspire you.


NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED:- Isn’t that interesting, all you need to do is to order for this  cardio exercise DVD which costs less that $10, get  the right pair of walking sneakers, they have to be very light and fitting. May be the other thing you will need is an organized playlist of good fast music, avoid slow music on your playlist, it will slow you down even when you try to move fast.


Shaun T’s Focus T25

Shaun T's FOCUS T25 Base Kit


Did you know that 25 minutes of hard rock works are more effective than 60 minutes of non vigorous workouts? The trick is not in working out for long hours, it is in the intensity of the exercise. This  exercise DVD will help you burn lots of fats within 25 minutes; however, you have to repeat these workouts on a daily basis if you want good results. Sometimes people get carried away by the 25 minutes sales pitch, they think that once they own Shaun T’s FOCUS T25 Base Kit and work out for 25 minutes in a month all will be cool.  This  exercise DVD is about short repeated workouts. You have to do them on a daily basis but for a short period of time.

This is a nonstop 25 minutes workout program. Once you start, there is no stopping…until the 25 minutes are done.

  • Full body workouts:- It is very important to have a well balanced body just like Shaun T’s body. In these 9  exercise Dvds you will learn how to work out your core, back, quads, biceps, triceps, gluts, oblique and lower Abs. All this can be done with 25 minutes. This is a very intensive lesson so if this is your first time to work out, I suggest you first get used to the all process by following a quick-start-guide in the 1st exercise DVD.
  • Nutrition Guide:- Performing some of the best workouts in the world is not enough, you need to monitor what you eat because that excessive fat is brought by bad eating habits. So to save you from wasting too much of your time working out vigorously and seeing no results, Shaun T has made a nutrition guide for you. Make sure you follow this guide because it contributes 50% towards your weight loss program.


  • Quick Start Guide:- This guide is for beginners and those who have used Shaun T’s lessons for the first time. In this start guide you learn how to prepare your body for hard rock workouts without getting injuries.


ABX Fitness DVD – Workout utilizing HIIT, Yoga, Core Strengthening, Pilates & Cardiovascular Training

If you are more of a privacy kind of person or you just prefer to work out in your own comfortable time without any pressure arising from anyone then I do recommend you use this amazing fitness DVD that contains very many things in one such as how to do yoga, utilizing HIIT, cardiovascular and Pilates training and core strengthening. How can someone still remain unhealthy and unfit with this kind of workout? The work-out routines are so easy to do and yet will endeavor to relax you throughout the body, mind and soul. Invite all your kids if you have any or your pals and have the time of your life as you all remain healthy year in and out. Be assured to achieve the body of your dreams while using this fitness DVD.

ABX exercise DVD

Product quality

Simply an Exercise DVD player but yet so different from the rest because of the content that it contains inside making it one of the top selling fitness DVD’s to have ever existed. It contains some very user friendly ways to help you out work on your body in regards to weight, strength and physical outlook while also healing the mind from all stress especially through yoga lessons. The nutrients e-book provided contains one of the healthiest ways to eat and yet most of the ingredients are very cheap to obtain from the general markets. The method of exercising is very intensive on the body making it easy to gain your goal and yet mild enough not to cause any harm.


  • Free nutrition book; after you have bought this exercise DVD you will find a free package of an e book of nutrition. With this product they recommend working on your body and mind also ensure to eat healthy so that the body will be stronger and healthy. In other words, as you work on your outer looks make sure that the inner parts are also well fed that is why we got this product for you.
  • It’s fun; exercising doesn’t have to be boring. Get involved in more fun activities that will make you long for those moments with your fitness DVD. This awesome fitness DVD has some fun activities of workouts that you can get to enjoy with some of your friends or family and finish feeling like you just partied so hard.
  • Great results; be confident that your fitness objective will definitely be achieved. When you purchase one; make sure to create a routine whereby you have to constantly follow like for example 2 or three times a day and this way you will get your way to that body you always admired on the television within a month’s time.
  • Under Doctor’s supervision; some exercise DVD’s contain workout routines that are not very healthy for the body and some age groups however this one here the fitness DVD is under a doctor’s supervision so ensure that you remain healthy as your body won’t be able to do what it can’t handle or rather more than it can handle.


  • Might become monotonous after some time; and that means it will become so boring too. To prevent this issue make sure that you always do one or just two packages a day so you leave the others for the next use. This way this exercise DVD will always feel new every time you use it and you can also make it fun by changing locations like out door, indoors, a friends place and so much more.


Features overview;

  • Easy instruction; the instruction on the exercise DVD is so easy to pursue. If you have never worked out then don’t worry because this will be as easy for you it. It contains some easy steps that even a child over the age of the age of 4yrs can follow along while enjoying. This is clearer with the simple English that is used.
  • Risk free; it has been approved as a fitness exercise that is completely risk free so you and your loved ones can stay out of danger. This is because it soft on the back and knee excises and yet working it all thoroughly so when you are done. There won’t be any strains or stress on any back of your body.


Who else does it benefit?

  • Great for people that are desperate to lose weight and not only desperate but need to lose weight for some reason as soon as possible. This fitness DVD will cater for all those needs because it contains some of those fitness moves that will work for the whole body and so if you do this daily then be ready to achieve the size you want. Also make sure that you follow the healthy diet steps that are provided in your emails so you look and are actually healthy.
  • People who sit one place for so long; some do that because they are working. Anyway when you sit for long you might end up developing complications and remaining so unhealthy that is why you will need this fitness DVD to help you through. It will keep you away from such problems every day.

What else do you need?

  • Natural facial moisturizer huge 40oz; while working on your body, you will need this cream for your face cleansing too. This is because the face skin is very delicate and will need extra care especially on ways to clean your sweaty face after the fitness or how to keep them properly moisturized as you work out. This way you will always look stunning as you work out and inspire other people to admire you.
  • Flexible silicon wine glass; while you go on with your excise spoil yourself with some wine using these amazing wine glasses. They are so easy to handle when you hold it in your palms and also very durable. this is having a party while working out at the same time to make it more fun.



RKS Kettlebell Workout:

RKS Kettlebell Workout



Shaun T gives you 25 minutes of daily workouts and RKS Kettlebell gives you 30 minutes. I will not do a comparison between these two because a 5 minute difference is not that big and also when it comes to rating; both lessons have the same rating. Kettlebell workout program is made in USA and it is very effective if you workout vigorously for 30 minutes, 4 times in a week. These 9  Exercise Dvds feature complete cardio & strength training workouts. You will also get a free nutrition guide to help you know what to eat and when to eat it.

Make sure you program your self very well, because the only way you can benefit from these lessons is when you persist and workout for 4 solid days. At least you will have 3 free days for relaxation and building energy.

If you want to reduce body mass while adding on more muscles, I suggest you try Kettlebell. But if your main aim is to add on more weight, then opt for weight lifting because Kettlebell is for people who want to lose weight yet at the same time build muscles.

When purchasing this set of workout DVDs you might need to buy Kettlebells, these will help you complete some workouts explained in the exercise DVD.



Now that you know the best exercise DVD with the best exercise DVD reviews right for you to buy in 2017, make sure you follow each and every instruction in those exercise DVDs. Also watch what you eat because the main reason why you have to much weight is because of your bad eating habits. Being overweight can result into heart failure and other related health problems. You don’t have to work out on a daily basis because your body has to rest to build essential muscles. So make sure you have a workout calendar. In my opinion 3 – 4 days per week is okay.

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