20 Best Beard Styles for Men in 2017| Different Beard Styles for Men

 Grooming your beard is getting more important lately because guys with a perfectly groomed beard now get head turning looks everywhere they go. If you are man who likes to have a good looking beard and still do not know which beard style looks best on you; well by the time you are done looking through this post, you will be more than sure of which style to go in for. In choosing the how to style your beard you must not only consider your face shape but also put various other issues into consideration like your hairstyle and age. For example, if you are only 20 years of age and you wearing a mustache trust me you are going to look much older than you really are. No matter which beard style you are going in for, a good regular trim accompanied with the right maintenance products(beard grooming kits) will help to keep you looking your best. That said, let us get straight into the 20 best beard styles for men in 2016 -2017 that will make most men grab thousands of compliments.


Beard Styles for Men with Longer Hair – Modern Beard Styles for Men

 A lot of things make a man look classy and different, it could be his dress code, personality and so many others but your beard style adds a lot to it. If you have been looking out for that modern beard style to make you look sexier and more respectable then below are some cool ideas.


best beard styles for long hair

Clearly, we can spot that he has a long face shape but the the thickness of his beard creates a wider appearance. This beard style will look great on any guy in his late 20s to 30s and can pass to be taken to series of places like office, party or another special event.


Beard Styles for longer hair


From the 90’s til today men with a well groomed full beard are always much more respected compared to those with other beard styles. It is very easy to give credit and a trust to a man with a full beard simply because of the mature look that the style gives them. This  is mainly due to the fact that a full beard makes you appear masculine and look quite older.  Therefore,  if you are in your teens stage, do not go in for a full beard; leave it for men in their late 30’s and above. If you therefore feel that having respect from people is more important than looking super attractive to people around you then by all means you will fall in love with the full beard. For the best beard styles that require you to grow a full beard, you will also need to make use of beard grooming products and may be beard growth products in order to have you looking your best.

best beard styles for men with long hair



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I know that the very first thing every one will notice about this good looking guy is his very beautiful, shiny and smooth hair but his beard style also has a lot to do with his gorgeous appearance. This style combines a mustache and full beard where hair along the jaws is trimmed shorter while on the chin it is left to grow.longer and thicker. This beard style above prominently features in the best beard styles for black men and may apply to those that have either short to no hair as well as long hair like dreadlocks.


modern beard styles


We have seen a lot of beard styles combined to come up with a unique and special but trust me, nothing beats the combination of a mustache paired with a goatee. If you have a round face shape, there is a way the goatee helps to bring a longer appearance and at the same time gives you that masculine look that you would like to have.

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Latest Beard styles for Men – Best Short Beard Styles for Men

 These beard styles will give you that super modern and sophisticated look because they are some of the most current ones. You may not be a movie star, musician or celebrity for that matter but one thing that is for sure is the fact that everyone at one point in life loves to stand out. And what better way to grab attention than to wear that really trendy and up to date beard style. Here are some modern  beard styles for white men that will make you look like the star that you have always wanted to be.

best beard styles for face shape


When we talk about the latest beard styles we cannot leave out this beard combined with stubble, I simply love how it makes the guy wearing it in the image manly and all mature. I would not recommend this beard style to a guy in their 20s but if you are in your 40s and above that you will definitely rock it nicely. The style features cheeks and jawline covered up in a beard that is not so long but it longer than stubble, more like a two to three weeks beard. From just below the lower lip and down to the chin, hair is much shorter trimmed to stubble length.

Leaving the neck line with hair in this case was such a great decision as it matched well with the style he is wearing. I doubt such a beard would look nice with a clean neckline and with his hair all pulled and smoothed behind and away from the face, the beard style is left with a lot of space to stand out. This length of facial hair can get really irritating as it badly itches the skin but the Black Beard’s Pride Beard & Mustache Balm, Leave-in Hair and Skin Conditioner is the perfect solution to that. It also goes further to make your beard look attractively shiny.



best beard styles 2016

Of late one of the latest beard styles is this light beard which looks more like a full beard but it is not that thick. For men that want to grow a full beard for the first time or those whose hair grows at slow pace will find easier starting with this light beard. It is stylish with hair growing out from the side, along the jawline and below the chin. Above the upper lip you will find some hair as well but the neck line is left completely clean. The number one reason as to why this beard style becomes more and more popular every other day is the fact that it can be both a formal or informal look that is to say a sportsman can confidently wear the style as well as the very busy office guy. Invest in one of the best beard trimmers to maintain the beard to perfect length. To tame your beard and make it look attractive, the Beard Balm – All Natural Easy-to-Use Leave-in Beard Conditioner – Handmade in Detroit – Original Scent will absolutely be at your service so do not be hesitant to try it out.

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If you really want to standout just like the star on our last image of the best beard styles for whit men then you will love every bit if this long goatee designed with a mustache. On thing that I always tell guys who love the goatee is that this style will give you the chance to take it on without entirely giving up on you former style.


best beard styles 2016

In particular I love this long goatee because of the its unique length, it is very rare that you will find someone growing their goatee to this length hence making the style very outstanding. Secondly it is detailed with blonde and brown which is a very perfect shade for his white skin.

Oh and I cannot possibly forget to mention how great the dark brown hair looks on his  skin. To make goatee styling a routine that will not take all day but one that comes up with the perfect results do not hesitate going in for the Goatee Saver – The Goatee Shaving Template. It is designed to make styling the goatee one of the easiest tasks you will ever have to do.

Creating this goatee:

  • Grow a full beard: in order to have the perfect goatee, you must first of all grow your beard into a full one so that it becomes easy for you to shape out your goatee. The mere fact that this is a long a goatee you must let your beard grow to a really long length.
  • Decide which length you want: not every face shape will look good with such a long goatee, therefore I would only recommend that round and square shape faces to go in for this look. If your face shape in long such a long goatee will make your face appear even much longer.
  • Outline your goatee: the outline of your goatee will depend on how you want to style your beard for example in thing image he style his goatee with a mustache so make sure to outline the goatee hand in hand with the mustache.
  • Cleanly shave the cheeks: use a safety razor as it will be easier for you to control so that you do not cut into your style and spoil it.
  • Wash your face to finish: use cold water to wash your face so as to help close skin pores and soothe the skin.

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French Beard styles for Men

 With the rate at which French beard styles are getting popular, you should probably be thinking about giving them a shot.  They come  in different fashions all of which can be worn to a variety of occasion and with different outfits, which means no matter what your life style might be you will still find the perfect French beard style to try on.

french beard styles 2


The style of the French beard is designed with a mustache and large soul patch where hair runs from just below the lower lip and chains up into the goatee. The cheeks and neckline are left completely smooth and clean giving him that formal and serious guy appearance.

french beard styles for fine hair 2016

Another way in which you can wear the French beard style is without the soul patch but with a goatee and mustache. This works mainly for guys jaws that are not so curved so the squared jaws might be left out on this one.

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Best beard styles for  Men with Round Face or Oval Face

 Men with round faces usually find it confusing to choose the perfect beard style for their face shape. Most people will agree that having a full and long beard gives their round face shape a broader appearance. This however, is not that the case for a simple full beard which instead makes a round face appear more round and wide which is not what you are looking for. Round faces look best with a goatee as it adds up to the length of your face. The Stubble beard makes your round face appear narrower or even the clean that leaves your face just the way it is. So if you have a round face shape you can try out the beard styles to make sure you do not do anything that will give you the wrong look.

beard styles for round faces 2


A Stubble beard with a thin mustache beard gives a round face shape the perfect face shape reason being it does not increase how wide it appears and with some hair on the chin your face will have a longer appearance. Stubble is left along the jaws down to the neckline and some on above the upper lip. The rest of his face is shaved to allow his neat stubble to stand out and we also love how stubble is only left on a small part of the neckline. If you have a round face or oval face shape and in your 40’s, I can assure you that there no way you will go wrong with this stubble beard style. Achieving the perfect stubble requires a great quality trimmer with a variety of length settings to be able to trim your beard to the most ideal length.

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How to maintain the stubble beard style;

  • Know when to trim your beard: depending on how fast your hair grows; it is a must to trim your beard every after three to five days. I f you leave stubble without trimming it for more than five days then you will definitely not be growing stubble but a beard.
  • Have the right tools: number one tool for maintaining your stubble is having a really quality trimmer with various length settings. Such a trimmer will help you to easily trim your stubble to the length you want it to.
  • Create boundaries: with stubble hair can easily go astray, therefore you need to know where lines and edges should stop. Endeavor to keep the boundaries looking very neat by cutting away stray hairs.
  • Wash and rinse our stubble regularly: if you have grown stubble before then you must know how itchy it can really get therefore try as much as possible to wash your face on daily basis and often deep clean to get rid of dead skin and dandruff that makes your beard itchy.


beard styles for round faces 2016

Now the other way you will never go wrong with your round face (oval face) is by going in for the clean shave. This is not just effortless but also saves on a lot of guess work that you have to do when looking out for the perfect beard style. The clean  beard shave leaves you round face just the way it is which makes it a much simple style than all the rest. In the image we can see that the hairstyle is wearing adds such a stylish appearance to his clean shave as it prevents the style from looking too boring. It is actually his hairstyle helping to add some length to his round face shape reason being it is cut shorter on the sides yet hair in the middle is left longer. At any age or any function, you can always feel free to rock the clean shave since it is classy and never runs out of trend. If you plan on having that close shave with no irritation at all, try using the Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Wet & Dry Shaver with Cleaning and Charging System.


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This is how you can get the perfect clean shave just like the one he is wearing:

  • Prepare well for the process; this involves checking whether your shaver is sharp enough or if it is fully charged and if not then endeavor to charge it first.
  • Choose the shave you want; if you are in a hurry the dry shave will be a perfect choice and when you have time and are scared for your sensitive skin then probably the wet shave will be more soothing.
  • Wash and rinse your face prior to the shaving process so that sweat and dirt coming from the skin does not clog your shaver.
  • Begin shaving while tightly stretching the skin so that shave can come really close to skin but do not press the shaver too firm on to your skin.
  • Finish up by rinsing the face with cold water and applying some aftershave or a moisturizer.

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Best Beard Style for Shaved Heads – Beard Styles for Bald Men

 Bald guys are also looked at as the sexy, manly and really confident with their style. There are several reasons as to why I would advise any guy to go in for the bald head and with the main one being having a tidy look every time. With your shaved head you are never worried about styling or hair flying away to spoil your smart look and you stay looking smart all day long. And in those extremely hot conditions you remain very comfortable without the irritating sweat that others with hair are going through. If you are in for shaved head, here are some really good looking guys that will inspire on taking up the bald look.



Bald Men Beard Styles

beard style for bald men

Going bald has nothing to do with your age,  some younger men look exquisite with  shaved heads and now we come to this older guy who still kills it on the same look. The only difference is that with this current picture is wearing an entirely  shaved head look with not even one-inch hair left. It looks good with his long face shape and when it comes to styling it will much easier and less time wasting. Once you have the shaver that can that close you will definitely be able to get yourself this awesome look. I would recommend this  beard style to any guy in his 40’s or above that because it requires very little maintenance and at that age you don’t need a cut that will make you spend a whole day in the mirror.

In addition, he is rocking a mustache which we all know is a favorite for men in his age bracket and since he has a clean shaven head and beard, I absolutely love the way anyone would easily notice his mustache even from a distance. Nothing will ever beat safety razors when it comes to giving that super close shave therefore if you are looking forward to having the cleanest and closest shave then do not think twice about trying out the Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

best beard styles for bald heads

Every guy has a different face shape but one thing about shaved heads is that anyone can go in for them though you must choose the best beard style to make a shaved head look good on you. With a shaved head you must keep in mind that your beard will greatly stand out so you must be very careful while choosing the perfect beard style to match with shaved head as well as your face shape. Having the perfect beard means the beard should perfectly frame your jaws. If you are by any chance thinking about having a shaved head then here are some tips that you can follow depending on what face shape you have in order to turn heads with your shaved head.


beard style for shaved heads for long faces


And then comes the long face shape with a shaved head, you must know that having a long face shape and going in for a shaved head will make every notice its length which means you will have to look out for a beard style that will cut down on how long your face is. Thick side burns with stubble surely worked for him as we can clearly spot in the above image. Some people actually say that stubble does not look good next to side burns but from what I see now I can clearly say they were wrong because he looks really fine. The way he styled his beard together with the super clean and shiny shaved head gives him that flawless appearance that just any man would really like to have. And with the way stubble is becoming extremely popular these days you will surely not go wrong on this one.

Modern Beard Styles for Bald Men


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Best Beard Styles for Men with Short Hair/ Thin Hair


best beard style for short hair

The square shaped faces tend to have very outlined jaws therefore the perfect beard style to go with a shaved head or short hair on square face will be either a clean shave or a goatee. Reason being it does not increase the width of your jaws but simply prevent them from growing out further to the sides. Such faces need beard styles with more hair around the chin and little or no hair on the jaws, in this image we just love how his square jaws stand with no hair at all. If you have  short hair with one inch hair left then try out the clean shave, it will be a good choice for you. These beard styles could also work well with most black men.

best beard style for shorter hair

Round face shapes are simple the opposite of long face shapes because for them, you will need that style that makes your round face gain some length and appear longer than it is. Round face shapes appear best with beard styles that have longer hair on the chin but shorter hair on the sides. The round face shapes guy features on this image has short hair where by the sides are shorter and slightly long hair on top of the head. And moving on to his beard, it is a well groomed stubble on the jaws that is later detailed with a thin mustache. The beard nicely angles his face enabling us to notice the perfect combination between his beard style and shaved head.

beard style for face shape

Just like all the other face shapes we have just looked with short hair, the triangular face also stands out much more when your head is shaved. He chose to have his shaved head accompanied with very short stubble which is by the way very stylish. I would recommend this look for the white men out there who are into sports as this is a really cool sportsman look. Along the jaws we can spot some stubble but it is very thing while on the chin it is quite thick, there is also some hair just below his upper lip. A clean neck line together with clean shaven cheeks makes his style look really perfect.

beard styles for short hair

One thing that really makes love the bald look more and more every other time is the fact that it does not discriminate when it comes to age anyone can go in for this look whether you are in your teens, your 30s or even older than that. In the image above, the guy we spot is rocking a bald style but with some little hair left, this is style is best if you are doing the bald style or the first time as it helps you get some more of confidence and allows you to get used to the look. The guy has a heart shaped face and there is no doubt the style looks amazing on him, you can wear this look to work, to a friend’s wedding, or even to the cinema with your partner. With absolutely no effort required his bald look can take you a variety of places and make your really outstanding. The BRAUN SERIES 7 799CC-6WD CC4 Wet & Dry Shaver is that one product that you must be looking out for because it is such a handy tool that will help you maintain you gorgeous look every single day.


Stubble Beard Style for Men with Short Hair

short beard styles for men 2016

For any  man that cannot stand the hardship of waiting for the beard to grow extremely long yet at the same time would not want to completely shave it away this is a really great example that you can take from. His length of stubble is quite long and very thick making us draw a lot of attention to the white skin that he has. I love the fact that his neck line is left super clean, it simply helps us to notice how his stubble stands out. Achieving this length of stubble might not be that easy but hey, you will definitely love the results as everyone will give you lots of compliments on how you manage to keep your stubble that perfect. From the cheeks, along the jawline below the lower lip and even below the nose, all his facial hair was cut to the same look. the Wahl 9867 Lithium Ion Beard and Stubble Trimmer with its 7 position hair comb will give you the best stubble ever,because this number of length settings makes it easy for you to trim your hair to your favorite length.


  • Invest in trimmer with length settings, there is no way you can get the perfect stubble if your trimmer does not allow you to trim to a certain length.
  • Use a trimmer not s shaver or if you must you use a shaver; it must have a beard trimmer attachment.
  • Always shave the neckline completely clean, stubble only looks smart with a clean shaven neck. As problematic as it may be for you to shave along the neckline; take your time to perfectly shave off all the hair.

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