16 Best Beard Styles for Black Men 2017 | Black Beard Styles 2017

For all men, having a well groomed beard will always make you phenomenal that is why I have come with these super amazing black beard styles in 2017 for all the black men out there that are ready to turn heads. While choosing from the best beard styles for Black Men in 2016 – 2017, you must put your face shape into consideration as well your skin tone. With that black skin; it will be very easy to find that beard style that will make you look exceptionally handsome. Black is always beautiful and looks good with just anything and this time is no exception. Most beard styles do will require use of beard products to make them look their best such as stimulants, vitamin supplements, beard oils all these can be conveniently found in the beard growers kit.

Whether you are looking for any beard styles to style with dreadlocks, or full beard styles, with short or no hair; I have enough choices of African American beard styles for your consideration.

Russell Wilson beard

Full Beard Styles for Black Men

Nothing can better prove the maturity of a man than a full beard. Even science has shown that when a boy is starting to grow into a grown man, one of the first things to profess is the growth of his beard. Sometimes even when you are of age but with no beard at all, most people will look at you as younger man but with the full beard style you will get the respect of man that you would love to have. Let us now take a look at some full beard styles for Black men that will make any one of them look flawless.

drake- full beard-style

The first thing I can say about Drake is that he is an extremely handsome man but I sure love every bit of how he looks with his full beard. He is rocking the style with very short hair which perfectly balances out the attention drawn to his haircut and beard. The beard is really thick as hair comes from the cheeks down the jawline and stops right at the Adam’s apple. It also features a very thick mustache but what makes the whole style stand out is the amount of thickness it has.

This full beard of black beard styles may come naturally or may be grown with the help of beard growth products. It also has the possibility to look great on both men with long and round faces. Some will ask for the secret with this style for people with round faces. The thickness makes it appear longer just like it did with Drake. And when it comes to the long faced men whose hair is thick on the cheeks and jaw line, it will make the face appear slightly wider hence cutting down on its length. For any guy with fast growing hair, this beard style will be your reason to fall more in love with that thick hair. To maintain this beard style you must endeavor to trim around the cheeks where the beards starts and on the mustache for more definition of the beard style.

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full black beard styles

Not many Black men can look good with very long dread locks and a full beard though I know lots of them love it. However, if you have short dread locks that do not overly wild out then you have absolutely every reason to go in the fullest of full beard styles for Black men. In this image, the guy rocked a full beard that is very unique but for his long face shape it surely came out amazing. This African American beard style requires 5 to 6 mm trimmer settings trimmer to get it looking really neat.

Long face shapes are the best to go in for this masculine beard style however, if you have that patchy and slow growing beard then this might take you sometime to come up with the best of this beard style.

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black beard styles 19


rick ross black beard style

black beard styles 260

black beard styles 191

There is absolutely no doubt about how stylish and trendy that full beard is when styled with a protruding goatee beard. To perfect this beard style, one has to be well equipped with tips on how to style a beard. For all the men out there who are still in their youthful stages, I doubt if you would want this popular style to pass you by. In this particular picture, the guy is rocking his full beard with hair trimmed really short on the jaw line while the chin has hair grown out much longer. It is also combined with a very thin line of hair coming from the chin and up around his upper lip. You will need to trim the facial hair from around the neckline and edges of this black beard style.

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Beard Styles for Black Men with Short Hair

If you are out there with short hair but do not which of the best beard styles will be most appropriate to wear with your short hair; here are some really amazing options for all Black Men despite of your face shape or age. I hope you can spot one that will work for you.

beard styles for black men with short hair

There is perfect way short dreads look when combined with a somewhat thick stubble; it really looks very stylish, just like we see John Legend looking in the above image. He styles a thick stubble together with a well defined mustache that is accurately separated in the middle. On the neckline we spot some stubble but it is not as thick as that on the cheeks and jaws and it is only left above the Adam’s apple. The rest of his neckline is smoothly cleared which makes his beard style stand out even more. His style also features thick side burns that run down his cheeks and join up into the thick stubble yet you cannot fail to respect how his mustache is nicely defined. I am sure most people will simply love the appearance of shiny short and healthy looking dreads with a thick stubble.

For any one with an oval face shape just like John Legend, this black beard style will do a lot of justice to that oval face and if you are into short dreads then even much better because such a thick stubble makes the perfect blend with that kind of hair. This beard style can be worn to work, special events and it looks best on younger men who are around 40 years of age and below. Any man older than that may not nicely pull this one off.

How to maintain the style

  • After leaving you stubble to grow really thick, some hairs will wild out so you have to trim it using a beard trimmer on medium settings. Using a high setting might leave too much hair while using a low setting might instead cut off too much so a medium setting will be the best.
  • Endeavor to trim hair on daily basis to ensure that hairs do not grow out unevenly to make your stubble look untidy. While trimming pay close attention to those precise and well defined edges because it is what makes your beard stand out.
  • On the neckline you should trim hair much shorter than the rest of the beard. Below the Adam’s apple and the neck must be extremely smooth; use a shaver on that area or manual razor to closely shave off all the hair.

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black beard styles 1


 This is also a stubble beard but styles differently from the one we have just seen in the above image. It is medium thickness and detailed with a very thin mustache and hair joined up by unclear side burns. One really good trick for making your beard style stand out is trimming it almost to the same length with your hair just like it has been done on this particular image. Now with such a beard style it does not matter how your or old you are, anyone can flawlessly rock the look whether you are that professional or office guy, or the sports guy or even the outgoing type of person. The entire beard style is precisely cut and the neckline is totally cleared which makes it extremely neat, square and long faces will perfectly kill on this one.

Stubble can tend to look patchy if not cared for well and that is why you are required to only spend two to three days without trimming. If your hair grows at a slow rate and for those that have fast growing hair; you must trim daily.

To make the beard look even better than it already should be, you can use a hair clipper to crop hair on the head to a short length.

best black beard styles

Getting creative with your beard style is key and will absolutely make you stand out of all the rest and especially for all black men that have very thin hair. Having a really detailed beard is the way to go. When your beard is perfectly styled, it draws people’s attention away from your thin hair to how gorgeously you have styled the beard. In the featured image, the gentle man has wide and thick side burns beard that join up into a stubble and mustache beard but what makes this style unique is that the mustache is very thin and has longer hair strands. The edges and curves are accurately defined with not even one single hair strand protruding through.

Curly hair is well known for standing out on its wonderful. However, when it is blended with a such a stylish and modern beard style; you will definitely be the center of attention. Any sports man out there should be giving this black beard style a thought most especially if you have a round face shape.

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  • Conair for Men I-Stubble the Ultimate Choice in Stubble Control: It has a contour floating head that easily adapts to all features of the face and really sharp blades that enable quick beard styling. An ergonomic handle makes it more comfortable for you to pull the beard style off without getting too exhausted.

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Best Beard Styles for Black Men with Dreadlocks

If you have noticed, there is no man with dread locks that does not get people’s attention. However, you have to really know which black beard style will make your dread locks appear even more attractive. So that is exactly what we are about to look at and in this section of the post you will find some of the best beard styles for black men with dreadlocks that will make you fall more and more in love with your dread locks.

Beard styles for black men33

Besides the extremely good looking and healthy dread locks we cannot help but notice how great this guy’s thick and full beard. If you have very long dread locks holding them back into a nice design like in the image will make you full beard stand out and make you personally look very neat unlike when you have a full beard and very long dreads falling free. Also, long dreads that are held up will make you more comfortable especially during those very hot temperatures. His beard style also has a mustache and I know that for any Rastafarian out there, this would the great choice of black beard style. Such a full beard will make you look respectable and mature because its now a trend where men with full beards are looked as older and more respectable.

This option of African American beard styles will look best on men with shorter or round faces because it is quite long, reason being long beard styles make short face shapes appear longer so it is not advisable for men with long faces to go in for long beard styles. Having such a full beard will require a little more care and maintenance for example beard oil and conditioner to keep it well moisturized and prevent it from running dry. The main reason as to why we are attracted to his beard is because it looks well moisturized, has shine hence that very attractive appearance.

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black beard styles 20

Medium length dread locks together with side burns is another way to go for any man that loves to get all the ladies attention. Side burns do not only give you a super stylish look but also enable you to perfectly frame the face accurately. He styled his side burns with a mustache and very clean shaven neck, I just love how neat this whole style appeared. This is a highly fashionable style so if your are into serious fashion and style and are expecting to rock the run way or red carpet any time soon this will make you appear extremely exceptional. I would advise that you hold your dread locks back and away from the face and then leave them to fall free to the back.

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Maintaining this black beard style:

  • Use a manual razor or shaver to shave off the rest of your hair, any stubble that grows next to your side burns makes the style look really funny and untidy. But while you shave make sure to be as precise as possible to avoid cutting into the beard style.
  • You can then use a trimmer to trim a long the edges of your sides and define the look as perfectly as possible. Also trim around the mustache to remove any hairs the grow around it.
  • Pay a lot of attention to the neckline it can be really difficult to shave super clean but a good quality shave will help you to make it clean without causing any ugly irritations.
  • Remember to apply after shave on to the areas you have finished shaving since the skin feels tender just after being shaved. After shave cream or lotion can also help to soothe it.

Products to use to make it better:

  • TRYM II – The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit: As one of the best beard trimmers, this kind has four trimming attachments to offer you the variety you need to perfectly style your side burns beard as well as other beard types. No matter how you want to style your beard, this kit simply has every tool you will need to have whichever look you feel like having.

Full black beard style

This beard style is what some people call the duck-tail of the black beard styles and it matches perfectly with dreadlocks. Mavado loves this look and he always stands out with his gorgeous long dread locks falling down below his shoulders. The style features natural thick hair sparsely growing out on the cheeks and longer hair on the chin. Around the mouth, hair is trimmed nicely and cut extremely short compared to the rest of the style. With his long face shape, this is a perfect beard style as hair that wilds on the give the face a wide appearance to avoid the long hair on his chin from making the face much longer than it already is.

If you want to rock this African American beard style for special or official events hold the dread locks back into a pony tail and leave but for informal occasions like parties with friends or night outs you can as well leave the dreads running free.

To get this look;

  • You first of all need to let facial hair grow fully but you will enough time because this may require several weeks before the beard grows as much as you want it.
  • Shave stubble off on the upper cheeks and right below the lower lip so that the style looks neat and unique.
  • Trim hair on the jaw line but make sure to leave hair shorter than on chin. On the chin is where hair should be left longest.
  • Shave hair off from below the chin all the way down to the neckline.

Products to use to make it better:

  • Black Beard’s Pride Beard & Mustache Balm, Leave-in Hair and Skin Conditioner: This conditioner tames your facial hair as it eliminated fly away hairs and locks moisture into your hair to make it look much better and protect it.

beard styles with dreadlocks

Gone are the days when people thought that having stubble simply meant you were lazy to shave the day before or days before. Stubble has now become trendy and really popular. What makes it different from other beard styles is the fact that it can be rocked by men of all age groups whether you are young or old. It does not really matter yet it requires only a little maintenance to keep it looking great. In the image is a very handsome guy wearing shoulder length dread locks and a very nice and neat stubble beard. With hair well defined around the mouth and below the chin, this beard style perfectly matched his dreads. If you love to leave dread locks freeing down then it is better to go in for such a beard style that is not wild.

Like I said before, this beard style is one of those that take you several places whether it is special occasions or to those formal office meetings. Here are a few ways in which you can manage or come up with this look;

  • Leave the stubble beard to grow for a few days in order to have the right size of facial hair length for your beard style.
  • Shave the neckline from above the Adam’s apple and the rest of the neck leaving it clean.
  • Hair below the chin should be thicker than that one the cheeks which means that you have to use a trimmer with adjustable settings.

Products to use to make it better:

  • Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Men’s Rechargeable Mustache Beard and Stubble Trimmer: It features nine built in trimming length settings to deliver variety and three specialized attachments to allow you easily trim facial hair on any part of the face.

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Best Short Beard Styles for Black Men

For all the professional Black men out there that cannot handle having the clean shave but cannot stand growing a full beard either then short beard styles are surely the way to go. Here are some ideas of short beard styles that will make your day filled with fine looks.

Beard styles for black men

Uneven stubble has lately become the new sexy; men love to wear it and it is increasingly getting popular. The cheeks have shorter stubble that is not thick while the chin has hair getting a little thicker. Some hair is also left around the upper and lower lip for more well-defined appearance. Whats not to love about the combination of a bald head and this uneven stubble. Men who are 30 and above will love this look because its both trendy and mature. This beard style is already looking patchy but still neat however, if you take more than two days without shaving or trimming trust me it will not look very attractive and show that you have spent some time without shaving. Some Black men will opt for this beard style as a way of preventing irritation and burns that come after having a close shave.

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Black- beard styles-For-Men

Will Smith loves to have his clean shave on the cheeks combined with some short hair on the chin and mustache area and it absolutely looks fabulous on his rectangular face shape. Since he has short curly hair, such a simple beard style is a perfect decision. This kind of black beard style he is wearing can be worn by any one and with the help of a precision trimmer.

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  • Goatee Saver – The Goatee Shaving Template:

    There is no reason to suffer with those accurate goatee lines when you can use this template that can do that for you in the easiest possible way. It features an adjustable and flexible design to allow you shape your goatee the way you want it.


Goatee beard style for black men


black beard syles 11

Cool Celebrity Beard Styles for Black Men

Celebrities are a great inspiration for many people in society that is why you find that when a popular celebrity has a certain beard style, most of the people fall in for that same style just to be like their favorite person. Now for any one that wants to look as good as their best actor, musician or whoever else is a celebrity then pick a leaf from the few choices I have provided below.

t-i cool beard style


T.I is not just good with his music but he is also very good with his beard styles; you will never see him looking untidy or when he is not presentable. In this image above, we spot him flaunting the a very simple goatee with some hair above the upper lip and below the lower lip and we must admit that he nicely pulled this one off fine. The rest of his face together with the neckline are cleanly shaved with no hair at all. In addition, the simple hair cut looked really good with his beard style and with the inverted triangle face shape that he has,there is no doubt that it was the perfect look for him.

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With the simplicity that this beard style exhibits, it can be worn to absolutely any event and works well for guys of all ages without discriminating. if you are young or old but mostly for the career kind of men, T.I’s style will surely work for you. And not forgetting we also love his stylish shades that complete the look. To maintain this look you will have to use a shaver to shave the whole face by using most preferably one that can come really close on all those facial contours.

cool black-male- beard styles-55

May be I am wrong but I have never seen Nelly wearing a beard style different from this clean shave with only a few hairs left above the upper lip. This distinctive black beard style is a low maintenance style that will only require you to shave every single day to take off any hairs that may have developed through the night. Since hair is only left on his upper lip it helps us to notice his fantastic and super cool hair cut. But what I love most about the clean shave is that you do not have a lot of styling to do, all you need to do is shave and you will be good to go.It will match most face shapes and is good enough both for work plus social events.

I have already mentioned that to maintain this look, you will need to shave every day because hair grows every single day and if you go even a day without shaving it will appear rough and will not be neat so make it part of you to shave every single day.

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dr-dre close shave

Here is yet another of the clean shave celebrity inspired beard styles that will make you look exceptionally gorgeous. On this one it is the famous, super talented Dr.Dre as many of you know him. The clean shave does not just look good with his round face shape but also matches perfectly with his busy work schedules. I guess he does not have all the time to go around styling those time wasting beard styles and I definitely love how the style works for him. He has his cheeks and the neckline completely clean shaven with just a few tiny hairs right above his upper lip.

The clean shave style has no age limit yet there is no problem wearing it to whichever occasion you may feel like with absolutely any outfit. That haircut too makes the most perfect blend for such a clean shave.

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how to grow a Goatee beard

how to grow a full beard


grow a full beard


With any one of the best beard styles for Black men and very helpful styling guidelines just like the ones included in this post; you should be ready to grab lots of attention as most black beard styles do provide a unique and fine looking appearance.

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