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Besides the obvious reasons like having enough sleep, dealing with stressful situations and maintaining really healthy eating habits, there are products that can help you grow your beard and hair in general much faster than you ever imagined and they are what I have featured for you in this post. The best beard growth products for grooming by any gentleman range from  beard oils,  beard growth supplements, beard conditioner among others.

best beard growth products for a full-beard

If you have been looking for the best beard products that will make your beard grow fast, make it easy to style your beard and have it looking healthy and super kissable; trust me you have come to the right place. The good news about these products is that they don’t only improve the rate at which your beard grows but also improves the quality of your  facial hair or beard.


There is definitely no way you can go wrong with one the first beard growth supplements, I mean all the rest got the idea from vita beard. It is a vitamin specifically made to support beard growth without any harmful side effects. Vita beard is an original facial hair formula that is non-GMO, free from Gluten and contains vitamin D which is very essential in the growth of healthy facial hair thus it will be perfect for growing your beard to get that beard style you have always wanted. This is not a drug, it is simply a vitamin manufactured with different nutrients that help your hair to grow faster and stronger. It is a 10 treatment where by you have to swallow 3 capsules thrice a day after a meal, the bottle contains 90 capsules.

vita beard - beard growth product

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  • It is tested 100% drug free; you do not have to be skeptical about trying vita beard because it will not cause any side effects, reason being it has been tested and verified. It has not been made with any harmful or banned substances.
  • It is a multivitamin; this is not a drug, it is simply a beard growth supplement or vitamin with different minerals and nutrients such as zinc and vitamin D that will help men’s hair grow faster and give it more strength
  • Made with the greatest quality; no matter how much other manufacturers try, no one has been able to bit the quality of vita beard because it was the first dietary supplement for facial hair growth. It is made in the USA with all the best quality containing 90 capsules that will not give you hard time to swallow.
  • Works well even for vegans and vegetarians;to make the vitamin friendlier to everyone it is not made with artificial supplements, milk, nuts which most people are allergic to or try to avoid so even vegetarians and vegans can use these vitamins.


  • It works really fast; I know many people try to market their products by assuring the users about how well the products works yet in actual sense they just want to make a sale. However, with vita beard many of the reviewers on Amazon were more than grateful with how well it works. They started to experience the results after just days of swallowing the multivitamin. After the first week you will already be seeing your beard growing faster, thicker and even fuller.
  • The capsules do not have any irritating smell; the fact that the capsules do not have any smell makes them very easy to swallow even for those with different allergies. There is surely no way you miss out on this beard growth supplements or multivitamin.

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You do not have to miss out on the current trend where men are growing their facial hair to be more attractive, more respectable and stronger when you can catch up with it using beardilizer facial hair and beard growth complex. Beardilizer facial hair and beard growth complex is a professionally designed 90 capsule beard growth supplement made specifically for men. Regardless of the beard style you want to pull off, this natural dietary supplement infused with all the ingredients and extracts will work together to stimulate facial hair follicle from within a short time; helping you to grow fuller, stronger and good looking beard or facial hair. Now if you are the kind of guy that can go a week or more without shaving and still remain with just stubble then you should look no further than beardilizer facial hair and beard growth to make that beard grow faster. Take three capsules with each meal three times a day for care treatment and for intensive treatment take 9 capsules once a day.

beardilizer - best beard growth product

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  • Biotin; this helps to preserve facial hair hence controlling the rate at which hair thins out and prevents hair loss.
  • Methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM); this improves the appearance of facial by keeping the level of keratin in the hair at a certain level.
  • L-cystine;this contains vitamin B6 that helps to increase the production of facial hair and gives it more strength.
  • Fucus; this component has different vitamins such as vitamin B1, B2, B6, and B12 that strengthen  facial hair in general
  • Niacin; this develops growth of the facial hair system and the skin.

Pros of beardilizer facial hair and beard growth complex:

  • The treatment works in a short period of time; you do not have to waste your time with drugs that take forever to show significant results anymore because beardilizer is will give your results within the first four weeks of use.
  • Treats itchy beards and soothes the skin; besides giving you that full and thick beard this multivitamin complex also treats dry, itchy beards and hydrates the skin giving you that smooth and kissable skin.
  • Does not have any worrying side effects; the multivitamin is made with only natural ingredients and acts as a natural supplement therefore you should not worry about any harmful side effects that  most toxic drugs have such as different forms of cancer and possibly heart disease that you want to keep away from.
  • Helps to grow a fuller and healthier beard;this is a facial hair complex that boosts facial hair growth from deep inside the hair follicle which explains why it is able to give you that fuller, thicker and really strong beard.

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The Ultimate Beard Grower’s Kit

In this kit, some of the best beard growth products are bundled together for you to achieve the best results as you embark on the the task of not only getting a full grown beard but also the best looking one. If you are growing your beard, planning to start; then this is one beard growers kit or beard grooming kit from beard farmers that shouldn’t miss in your collection for beard maintenance. It is the best when it comes to taking care of your beard and will also make a perfect gift for someone you know as it contains every beard care product that you need. The products in this kit include; Beard balm that will protect the beard, a bottle of a Beard Growther Oil that is called XT and it is created to help a beard growth faster, then a bottle of Beard Growth Supplements or Vitamins that will help the beard become healthy, a bottle of Shampoo so that you always have a clean beard and finally a simple Pocket comb so that your beard always looks well cared for. With all those things in a single Ultimate Beard Growers Kit, it’s like a dream come true. Each of all the products just mentioned is very safe even if you choose to use it daily as they have been lab tested making sure that it is of no harm to your body and very effective in regards to its intended purpose.

Ultimate Beard Growers Kit

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Features overview of Ultimate Beard Growers Kit;

  • Faster Beard growth; overall this entire kit will help promote faster beard growing that is healthy because it contains vitamin supplements and the Growther oil that is designed for that. Even the shampoo that it contains creates a clean environment for hair to grow unclogging the blocked pores as well.
  • Natural essential oils; this kit contains a number of very many natural oils that are important in improving on the beards not just from the outside but the very inside as well. It will feed the hair and restore back every single damaged piece back to life that is why I highly recommend it for all beard lovers.


  • Nice scent; the shampoo, oil and the balm in this kit all have a very nice scent that you will love to smell all day long. This kind of scent is not very strong to cause headache or be smelt from far but when someone comes close enough they will be pleased at how awesome you smell.
  • Affordable; this entire Ultimate Beard Growers Kit is so affordable at only $89.99 on online shops like Amazon considering that it comes with five different objects inside. It is cheaper because when you decide to buy the separately then you will spend more.

Who will it benefit?

  • It will benefit people that are busy and don’t have the time to search for each item. This is because they will find all they need in just a single package and it will be easier to apply it as one after another.

What else will you need?

Beard Oil Brush with Travel Box for men; since this kit doesn’t contain a brush especially for people with shorter beards then you will need this brush that can easily be traveled with because of the box it is packed with.

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This is how each of the products in the Ultimate Beard Grower’s kit from Beard farmers looks like below;


  1. Beard Balm

beard balm

This beard balm is equally very important for beard growers because it will protect the beard from any harsh condition out there like direct heat and so on. It is also created to make the beard refreshed all day long with enough moisture.

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  1. Beard Growther Oil


 beard growther oil


This beard oil will restore back every single piece of damaged beard or unhealthy beard thus giving you a healthy beard that is better your confidence levels. Apply it directly to the clean scalp daily and it will sink deep inside stimulating the follicles of the hair so that the beard growing is healthy and there is nothing to slow it down.


  1. Beard Vitamins


beard growth supplements or vitamins

These beard growth supplements are basically made with the necessary vitamins that you might not have been taking in the appropriate quantities from your diet. They are made from natural ingredients or nutrients and they include multivitamins with addition of proprietary mixture of support ingredients for growth of a healthy beard. A daily intake of these supplements with a meal will create a much better impact compared to just applying the beard oils alone.

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  1. Beard Shampoo

beard shampoo



This is an excellent form of beard shampoo that you won’t find anywhere else especially because of its effectiveness. It will wash your beards and the skin beneath it so well eliminating any dirt inclusive of dandruff. It is the first thing you can apply from this kit so that you get a safe cleanse that comes with a stimulating scent to make it enjoyable while using it. It comes with natural ingredients that won’t dry the beard of natural oils.

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  1. Beard Pocket Comb

Beard Growth Products



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This comb comes with the perfect tooth for combing any type of beards and it will help keep you looking very well groomed all day long as it lifts every single strand of hair.


These products have passed rigorous tests to ensure that they meet the highest quality desirable and also deliver results that are more than satisfactory. Each product that is included in the kit serves a different purpose when it comes to growing of your beard so use each as directed in order to get the best results.


Natrol Biotin 10,000 mcg Maximum Strength Tablets, 100-Count-  Beard Growth Supplement

You do not have to complain anymore about a beard that takes forever to grow when you can make it grow faster by using Natrol biotin. Now for those that are wondering what Natrol biotin is; it is simply a B-complex vitamin that is water soluble and is very good at supporting healthy growth of hair and nails. This  beard growth supplement should not surprise you to be listed among the best beard growth products for it contains a really huge percentage of biotin which is very necessary in cell production and growth, each Natrol capsule contains 10,000mcg of biotin. It is made in the USA with absolutely no drug, it 100% drug free so you should not be skeptical about its side effects. With this biotin filled vitamin your beard and other types of body hair grows faster and faster every other day as it also becomes stronger and shinier. In addition to facial hair and other hair growth, the supplement also boosts energy production yet it does not contain artificial flavors or colors, egg, milk, yeast among many other ingredients that you may be allergic to.

Natrol Biotin 10,000 mcg Maximum Strength Tablets, 100-Count - best beard growth product

Product details:

Each tablet of Natrol biotin contains 10,000 mcg of biotin which contributes 3.3% of daily value and 66 mg of calcium which contribute 7% daily value. These are the two main ingredients of the supplement.

Other ingredients include; magnesium stearate, stearic acid, methyl cellulose, glycerin, cellulose, cellulose gum and silica.

Directions of use;

  • Always keep the vitamins in dry and cool place to avoid any sort of contamination.
  • Per day, you should only take 1 capsule and it should always be with a meal. Do not take the supplement before eating or most importantly on a hungry stomach
  • If you have children around make sure you keep them in a place where children cannot easily reach it.

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  • Works perfectly for those with thinning hair; thinning hair is a problem that comes with age, as you grow older you will realize that your hair will start to thin out more compared to when you were younger. This is exactly why you need biotin, it contains the best ingredients to make your hair stronger so it will not fall out easily. And for those that already had patches due to hair thinning this is the solution as it will boost hair growth. If you have patches in your beard due to thinning then beard growth supplement will be your solution to getting the beard style that your heart desires.
  • It beats many other biotin products; there is a whole bunch of biotin products on the market today but many of them contain just a small quantity of the ingredient yet it is very helpful in hair production. This natrol containing 10,000 mcg of biotin it has managed to beat all its competitors.
  • Makes hair stronger and shiny;your beard will not just grow while its dry and rough, natrol biotin gives you a stronger, shinier and smoother beard.



Did you know that the shampoo you use to wash your beard could be the cause as to why you have that patchy, uneven and slow growing beard? Now that you know, it is high time you tried out one of the most recommended shampoo and conditioner as one of the best beard growth products to help you grow your beard to your desired beard style.  The Pura d’or Premium Organic Argan oil Conditioner is for all hair including facial hair. It does not only leave your beard super clean and fresh but also conditions it making it very smooth and touchable. Gold label organic Argan oil and anti hair loss shampoo, a beard oil and beard shampoo, is made with only the best organic ingredients and is free from any artificial and toxic chemicals that actually cause your facial hair to thin out. This formula is extremely gentle containing argan oil, biotin, and vitamin B complex among many other necessary ingredients that help to speed up the rate at which your beard grows. It can be used every day on wet  facial hair since it is very good at revitalizing hair follicles.

Pura d'or Premium Organic Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo - best beard growth product

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  • Add volumes and thickens hair; its organic ingredients have been proven to stimulate hair follicles enabling them to produce more hair hence increasing your hair volume and thickness. It also contains DHT blockers that block hormones which cause hair loss. And further has over 15 ingredients that help to prevent loss of  facial hair and hair in general.
  • Anti-hair loss formula; this is an organic anti-hair loss shampoo made with 100% natural extracts, it has been verified free of any harmful chemicals such as gluten, sulfates and parabens that can actually lead to hair loss.
  • Contains vitamin; this is not a drug, it is just vitamin infused product that will not cause you any serious side effects. It is infused with different vitamins that are very essential in hair production, cell growth and keeps the scalp very healthy


Main ingredients:

  • Biotin; this is a very important ingredient that has been tested and found very helpful in strengthening each hair strand so your hair will not easily thin.
  • Niacin; this improves the rate at which blood circulates to the hair follicles hence making hair grow faster.
  • DHT blocker; this blends different that promote healthy growth of hair by blocking hormones that cause hair loss and nourishes follicles making them produce hair again.

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Your looks will always reflect who you are so you  must always take good care of yourself and with this beard oil there is no way you won’t leave heads turning. The beard oil will a nice healthy appearance to your beard, make it amazingly soft as well as easier to style your beard. Each drop of the oil easily soaks into the beard strands leaving with a well tamed and maintained beard all through the day. Most stay away from such products because of the girly fragrances they contain but with beard oil that is not the case since it made specifically for men who want to have a super attractive beard without smelling like a woman. Applying this beard oil, balances oils in the skin thus helping to prevent beard irritation and itching that could be caused by poor shaving methods. Revitalize and keep your beard strong with beard oil that contains only the highest quality ingredients.

Beard Oil and Conditioner - best beard growth product

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How to use this beard oil:

It is just a walk over and these are the steps you should follow to apply the oil;

  • For perfect results, always apply the oil on a towel fried beard as soon as you step out of the shower.
  • Pour a few drops of the oil on your fingers with the help of the dropper, rub your hands together and then massage it into your beard. Men with hard, rough and dry beards can use a few more drops compared to those with softer beards.
  • Apply the oil in the direction opposite to that of your beard growth to ensure that sinks down on to your skin instead of just remaining on the beard surface.

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What does this beard oil contain?

It does not have any chemical ingredients which makes it 100% organic a good reason why it made the list for the best beard growth products. The main to ingredients are cold pressed Moroccan Argan oil and cold pressed unrefined golden jojoba oil.

What does it do?

These are the benefits that you will gain from using this beard oil;

  • Gives the beard easy manageability; if you have a wild and rough beard, this is the perfect solution as it softens and makes the beard really smooth keeping that fly away beard well maintained. This beard oil will certainly make it effortless to attain any shape or form of the best beard styles out there today.If you happen to know how to style your beard type then this product just makes your job a lot easier.
  • Works on itchy skin;in most when the beard is growing it is very irritating and itchy due to beard dandruff so beard oil is designed to specifically resolve that problem. It dissolves into the beard and conditions both the beard and skin. It also revives moisture into the skin relieving you of that dry, flaky and itchy beard.
  • Moisturizes the beard; the oil quickly absorbs into the beard leaving each and every strand well moisturized;  there is absolutely no reason why you should suffer with dry beard any more.




With over 1,500 customer reviews on Amazon, there is absolutely no doubt Honest Amish beard balm is one of the very best beard products you can possibly purchase for that beard of yours. It is made from the best organic ingredients to make your beard grow faster and stronger yet it has no irritating smell. This beard conditioner is made specifically for any man who is looking forward to having a really attractive and well tamed beard because it softens, nourishes, shines and repairs your beard yet it does not contain any artificial chemicals or preservatives. However, if you are allergic to nuts, it is recommended that you first a very small amount on your skin to see how it reacts with your skin before using it, if not you should not use this balm.

honest amish -best beard growth product

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What does it contain?

Honest Amish beard balm and conditioner is  a natural beard growth product as its only made from organic or natural ingredients such as grape seed, avocado, virgin, argan, apricot, kernal oils, and virgin pumpkin seed. Ideal for that beard style you want so badly, this balm is crafted with nut butters such as Shea, aloe Vera, cocoa among others, fruits and oils that enhance the growth of hair.

What does it do?

  • Strengthens hair; Honest Amish beard balm is manufactured with over 15 botanical extracts that are organic with absolutely no chemicals that help your hair to gain more strength as it grows.
  • Conditions the hair; the balm dissolves into each strand of the hair nourishes it, repairs and softens it to give you that well tamed, shiny and very attractive beard which earn compliments everywhere you go. Apply this balm after shaping or shaving your mustache or even full beard to have it looking super attractive.
  • Helps to stop the itching skin; with its natural ingredients, Honest Amish beard balm helps to stop itching experienced as your beard grows.


How to use it:

How to use Honest Amish beard balm should no reason for you to worry reason being the whole process will take just about one minute, it is that easy.

  • Wet the beard; it is best to use the balm on wet hair so that it can easily dissolve into each strand of the hair. Apply it as soon as you step out of the shower or use a towel to moisten your beard before applying.
  • Get a small amount of the balm on to your hands and rub them together until it melts.
  • You can then rub the balm into the beard smoothly.



perfect beard by-best beard growth product




common beard - best beard growth product


BEARD GROWTH SPRAY – THE SOLUTION FOR THE PERFECT BEARD:  Herbal Beard Growth Product/ Natural Beard Growth Product

Beard growth spray is simply made for any man that is really fade up of having stunted beard growth or a beard that does not grow at all. As the trend is now days, every man loves to walk around with a perfectly styled beard but could be afraid of trying out all these products on the market because most of them are fake. To ensure that beard growth spray does not cause any kind of damage to your skin; it is made with only herbal ingredients which work on your hair follicles to make them active. For those with extremely sensitive skin you can be rest assured that beard growth spray has been designed to meet your needs with its natural ingredients that are super gentle on your skin. As other manufacturers depend on toxic chemicals to make their products; the manufacturers of beard growth spray have chosen to leave out all those toxic chemicals so you have absolutely no reason to hold back on trying out the product.

Beard Growth Spray - best beard growth product

Benefits of beard growth spray:

  • Helps to grow a thick and full beard at a fast rate; this is a herbal beard growth product that is made with only herbal ingredients that stimulate your hair follicles from being in the dormancy stage into the hair growth stage hence helping your beard to grow much faster and thicker.
  • It is a 100% natural herbal formula; as other products are made with toxic chemicals the beard growth spray only contains natural ingredients. It is super safe with absolutely no toxic chemicals making it safe for those with sensitive skin.
  • Gives results within a short period of use; with the beard growth spray you do not have to wait forever to see its results because it works with in the first month of use.
  • Heals that uneven and patchy beard;you do not have to suffer with a beard that grows in one area and leaves other places with no hair as beard growth spray’s proven natural ingredients make your beard fuller.

Directions of use:

  • From the shower, dry your skin with a towel and wait a few minutes for the skin to dry completely. Beard growth spray should only be applied to dry skin.
  • Spray the solution on to the area where you want hair to grow and use your fingers to massage to make the solution dissolve well into the skin.
  • Apply beard growth spray twice a day to achieve perfect results.
  • Always wash your hand after applying the solution.

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  • Perfect for both the skin and the beard; beard growth spray not only makes hair grow faster but also hydrates that dry hair and flaky skin thus giving you a healthy skin and really attractive beard.
  • Easy to apply; applying the spray will only take a few minutes of your time, you just have to spray the area where you want hair to grow and massage with your hands.
  • 100% natural ingredients;it is made with only herbal ingredients that revitalize your hair follicles to spur them from the dormant stage to the hair growth stage.
  • Works well for those with sensitive skin;beard growth spray contains nothing like toxic chemicals that other products have which makes it more than perfect even for those with sensitive skin.

LIPOGAINE FOR MEN: Herbal Beard Growth Product

It is very normal for anyone to be skeptical before spending their money on any product but with Lipogaine intensive treatment and complete solution for growing hair and it applies to facial hair or the beard as well. Over 800 on Amazon people gave their reviews about how this choice from the best  beard growth products was worth each penny they spent on it. On that note you have no reason whatsoever to doubt how perfect this product can work to grow any beard to the different beard beard styles out there. Lipogaine for men has been infused with clinically verified ingredients that will give you the solution to any beard growth problems such as thinning and loss. It does not only make your beard grow but also makes it look beautiful as well as take perfect care of your skin.

There are different reasons as to why people suffer unusual hair growth for example hormonal imbalance , poor nutrition and age being one of the commonest cause of hair loss. However, lipogaine intensive treatment has been manufactured to have all these cured. It works within a period of 2 to 4 months for different individuals.

Lipogaine for men- best beard growth product


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What does lipogaine solution contain (Ingredients)?

The main ingredients of lipogaine intensive treatment and solution include;

  • Biotin; this is a very important and well known supplement for keeping the very healthy and making facial hair exceptionally beautiful.
  • 5% minoxidil; it is also known as a hair regrowth stimulator. This is an ingredient that helps to boost the rate at which hair grows.
  • Proprietary herbal blend DHT blocker
  • Apple polyphenol
  • Biotinyl tripeptide
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B6 and B12. All these products are put together to ensure that Lipogaine solution offers the best hair and beard growth results to the user so you can be rest assured to achieve the best.
  • Oleic acid
  • Azetinol
  • Beta- sitosterol

Directions on how to use lipogaine solution;

  • Open the bottle and expose the beard area by using a comb to part that need to be grown and on the thinning area or area where you are experiencing  facial hair loss.
  • With the help of the dropper start to apply the solution but make sure that you do not apply more than 10ml of the product. In case you squeeze out more than 10ml into the dropper ensure to out the excess back into the bottle.You only need 10ml of the solution.
  • Keep applying small amounts of the product for best results, if you apply too much it will just run off the skin instead of dissolving into it.
  • For even spread of the solution to all parts where hair is thinning use your fingers to gently rub in the solution. Keep massaging the area with the tips of your fingers.
  • Apply the solution not more than twice a day, this will be enough to give you perfect results.
  • When you are through with applying the product make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Main benefits of lipogaine solution;

  • It is blended with DHT blocker; lipogaine solution contains oleic acid, linolenic acid and a proprietary herb that cuts down on the 5 reductase hence blocking the acids that cause hair loss.
  • Hair growth stimulating strength; the solution is made with the only FDA that has been approved to stimulate hair growth, this is minoxidil. It also contains biotin which makes your hair look extremely beautiful without causing any effects on your skin.
  • Maximum nutrient system; lipogaine has niacin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, all these nutrients are very essential in stimulating hair growth because they improve the rate at which blood flows.



  • Works within the specified time period;just like any other product, lipogaine also has a specified time period in which you should start experiencing results that is between 2 to 4 months. By this time, your beard should already be starting to grow thicker and fuller.
  • Very easy to use; all you have to do is apply the product twice every day for just about 15minutes and you are good to go. It does not take long to dry and with the dropper you will only need a mirror to apply the product on your own, no extra help needed. It is that simple.
  • Gentle on skin; despite the solution not having any bad or irritating smell, it is also super friendly with all skin types especially those with sensitive skin. It does not cause any itching but rather keeps your skin looking great.


Popular-Mens-Beard-Styles by best beard growth product


Just like your hair on the head, facial hair must also be combed especially if you are planning to grow a full, thick beard. Your beard will tend to be hard even after using different product and you will keep wasting your money on more products yet all you need is a good quality beard comb like the EQLEF sandal wood comb that will go through that beard and leave it super smooth without causing you pain. Perfect for long beard styles, this double sided comb, 100% made out of green sandal wood meaning it will go through that beard without all that tugging and pulling like plastic combs.

EQLEFr Green sandalwood no static handmade comb - best beard growth product



  • It is extremely comfortable; the comb is designed from 100% high quality sandal wood that feels great on both your hands and your hair. It smoothly passes through the beard without causing you any pain.
  • It is portable; the comb’s measurements are 10cm by 6cm and it is extremely light for you to move around with. In case you want to comb through your beard in the day, just throw it in your pockets and you are good to go.
  • It is double sided; on one side it has standard teeth while the other side has fine and unlike plastic combs the EQLEF does not snag and is not static. It cuts down on all that tension and keeps you very relaxed as you comb your beard.

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How to take care of the comb;

  • Do not bend or throw it around because it might easily break.
  • Keep it away from high temperatures for example next to fire because it could easily catch fire. If put under very hot sun for a long period of time; it might change color.
  • Always store your comb in a well-ventilated and cool environment for it to last longer



The brush strokes firm military style boar bristle brush is much recommended for men who want to have that really good looking beard. After trimming your beard to your desired level with one of the best beard trimmers then go ahead and use this brush that is made of natural wood and natural boar bristles that easily penetrate and spreads oil to the entire beard scalp. This brush polishes and maintains your natural hair all day long with its natural wood body remaining super comfortable on your hands as you use it. Boar bristles are made in a way that they lift all the dirt and dust in your hair so that your hair becomes super clean when you wash it. Whether you have fine, normal or damaged facial hair, this brush that is ideal will work perfectly on your  facial hair.

Brush Strokes Firm Military Style Boar Bristle Brush -best beard growth product


  • Comfortable to use; the brushstrokes firm military style boar bristle brush is extremely portable and has a really good size that fits well in your hands which makes it very simple to use. This gives you control when combing your hair.
  • Work beautifully on beards; the customers that have used this brush said that it works perfectly on beard better than it does on hair. Using the brush to comb your beard will make it shinier and touch-ably smooth.

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  • Solidly made;durability is one of the things you should always look out for when buying a product so you have every reason to try out the brush strokes firm military style boar bristle brush, it is super durable. This brush’s solid construction is one of the qualities as to why it has been given 5 stars by many of the users. You will use the brush for years without it getting broken even when you drop it down.


full beard - best beard growth product


As a bonus I have decided to add another beard growth product that is, Beard Growther Oil which will also help to grow your beard fast.



How can I grow a beard?

Even the best beard growth products will not be of any use to you if you actually have no beard at all which brings the question of how you can grow a beard?, and below are some tips.

  • Ensure to treat any skin problems; if you have any skin problems or irritations then it is advised that you should have them treated before you think of growing a beard. Your skin doctor should be able to identify problems such acne, beard dandruff, ingrown hairs among others and subscribe the necessary treatment.
  • Know your face shape; knowing your face shape will help you identify a beard style and type that perfectly matches your face shape. Those with longer faces do not look good with beard types meant for round faces and the reverse is true.
  • Make use of skin moisturizers; people with well moisturized skins grow beards faster than those with dry skin therefore you should wash your face with a skin moisturizer at least two times a day.
  • Be patient; beard growth is not a one day thing, you will not sleep and wake up the next morning with a fully grown beard. Do not pressure yourself, just be patient and wait for the beard to grow slowly  day by day. If you stress too much the beard will definitely not grow.
  • Do not shave; however much you feel the urge to shave, try as hard as you not to go running for the shaver. You may uncomfortable the first days, but as time goes by you start to get used. Do not expect to have a close beard shave and have it grown back in no time especially if it does not grow well on its own. And when you decide to shape or shave around your beard make sure you invest in a quality beard trimmer.
  • Stay healthy; learn how to cope with stress , do full body exercises regularly and make sure you seek treatment for any medical condition that could negatively impact your body such as cancer or even heart disease.

What are the benefits of growing a beard?

  • Health reasons; studies have shown that people with a fully grown beard are at lower risks of suffering certain diseases such as skin cancer because their skin is well protected from direct heat from the sun by their beards. Beards also protect your nose from dust especially people who grow a mustache.
  • Warmth; beards provide more warmth especially during very cold temperatures so those with beard have an added advantage over those without a beard.
  • Respect; people with beards are looked at as more mature and are more respected yet those without beards are considered young. Of late growing a beard is so fashionable; men with a well groomed beard are considered to be more trendy and stylish than their peers.

Everyone has their own reason for growing a beard and have a different beard style they would like to grow such as a full grown beard, mustache, goatee or sideburns but one thing for sure is that these beard products will do the job because you need to take very good care of your beard for it to grow faster and get to the beard style that will give you the perfect look.

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