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Balance-balls play a big role in toning and strengthening our body muscles. Studies have also proven that these balls can also improve a person’s brain functionality because they enhance your blood circulation. Initially, balance balls were known as Swiss balls and they were also used in physical-therapy and rehabilitative exercises. Later, fitness-experts realized that balance balls could be integrated into normal body exercise-routines and that’s why most people today have bought these balls in their homes and they have also been successfully integrated into gyms and recreation-rooms where play an important role as an exercise-equipment. There are several and different types of stability or balance balls available on the market today and surprisingly these balls are not that expensive and in fact anyone can afford one them. In this article, are some of the best balance ball reviews for 2017 out there.


Gaiam Balance-Ball Chair


The Gaiam Balance-Ball Chair will greatly alleviate the aching back, legs, and arms syndrome that usually develops from working on the desk for long hours. This ball was designed for people ranging between 5-feet and 11-inches tall and the unique chair that comes with the package employs the same balance-ball that is used in your workout-routine. The package also includes an adjustable support-bar, an air pump, easy glide-casters, and a desktop guide which helps to keep you moving. The balance-ball chair is designed by the best fitness and health experts and that is why this Gaiam Balance-Ball chair will help to relieve pain and even promote proper spinal-alignment, a healthier back, posture, and your overall well-being.

Gaiam Balance-Ball Chair


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The height of the back of the Balance-Ball chair is about 2.5-feet tall while the base measures about 20-inches wide starting from one-side of the chair’s wheels to the other

It comes with 2-regular front casters and 2-locking back casters. However, before using this balance ball chair, some assembling may be required.

This balance-ball Weighs about 13-pounds and has dimensions of 21 by 31 by 22 inches). It also supports a weight-capacity of up to 300-pounds thus even the heaviest people can use this balance ball chair.

The whole package includes a removable 52-centimeter balance-ball, an adjustable support-bar, easy-glide casters, and an air pump which pumps hair into the ball.


SPRI Elite-Exercise Balance Ball


SPRI Elite-Xercise Balance Ball




The SPRI Elite-Exercise ball is a safe, heavy-duty, and a quality balance ball that is durable enough to withstand any diverse training applications in any given environment. The SPRI Elite is also a slow-deflate up to 500-lbs hence this implies that this ball was designed for heavy use in all body workout-environments. This ball also ensures maximum safety when sitting, kneeling, lying, or lifting light on weights while on this ball. The SPRI ball is also free of harmful phthalates, maintains its shape and feel, and provides a safe and slip-resistant texture. The ball acts as a back-care tool for physical and occupational therapy, core conditioning and full-body training.


The SPRI Elite-Exercise ball is built with a slip-resistant texture whereby you will not slide off this ball when having your exercises.

It is a Slow-deflate up to 500lbs therefore this implies that it can be used by any person regardless of his or her weight.

This ball can be used as a less-stable bench in order to perform traditional light dumbbell and barbell exercises.

The user is capable holding, rolling, tossing, catching, or even bouncing with his/her entire body in motion when using this ball hence this will help to do several exercises such as chest exercises, arm exercises, back exercises thus helping to elevate the heart-rate and even burn calories.

It can provide the user with strength if he or she moves on it in a dynamic-manner with the body-weight, light-free weight, pulley-weight, or with rubber resistance workout-tools.

The ball will improve on your joint mobility and muscle flexibility if you move on it in a static or assertive manner.


Gaiam Custom-Fit Adjustable Balance-Ball Chair

Gaiam Custom-Fit Adjustable Balance-Ball Chair



Boost your energy levels, strength and overall body health by getting yourself a Gaiam Custom-Fit and Adjustable Balance-Ball Chair. This is an innovative seating solution that turns a regular balance-ball into a comfortable and posture-improving chair without sacrificing purpose. Sitting on this balance-ball will help to improve on your back and core strength because sitting engages smaller supporting-muscles. The ball will even improve on your blood-circulation and upper body mobility. This balance ball is removable from the seat and can be placed back in the chair quickly or even used as your home yoga ball.


This a standard balance-ball that comes a comfortable, posture-improving chair where you can place it in case you want to do the sitting exercise which will increase your energy levels and strength.

The ball is 55-centimeters in size, its a latex-free and an anti-burst ball and this is the reason as to why it is recommended for users from (5’0″ to 5’11”) in height.

It has adjustable legs and a cushioned-back with stable, a secure metal-base and even includes easy-glide, lockable castor-wheels.


Stott Pilates Stability-Ball

Stott Pilates Staiblity-Ball



The Stott-Pilates stability ball workout pack is perfect for people who want to focus on increasing core-stability while stimulating the deepest stabilizing-muscles in the body. The pack includes a Stability-Ball, a pump, a core-balance DVD and even an easy start-poster to help the user increase on strength and balance while toning his or her entire body. Note: If you want to fully-inflate this ball, first inflate it averagely and allow it to rest for at least 2-days, then complete inflation after in order to ensure that this ball is of a proper size.


This balance ball is an ultra-durable, anti-burst stability ball which is also equipped with a non-slip, polyvinyl ribbed-surface and it is even latex-free hence this implies that its not harmful to use.

It has been lab-tested under 250kg of pressure. With such strength and power, this ball will be able to withstand any body weight and pressure when having workouts on it.

The Stott-Pilates balance ball is also available in 3-sizes which include a  (22″) stability-ball which is ideal for users under (5’7″)-tall, a (26″) stability-ball which is ideal for users under  (5’7″ to 6’1″)-tall , and the  (29″) stability-ball which is ideal for users who are taller than  (6’2″).

The Core-balance Exercise DVD routine will help the user to engage the deep abdominal-muscles as his or her body works to re balance itself through doing moderately challenging-exercises.


Exercise Fitness-Ball

Exercise Fitness-Ball


As a viable option of balance balls in 2017, the Aero Fit exercise balance ball has been specifically developed to improve balance, flexibility and coordination in your body-muscles. It has an impact-free design helps in sculpting and toning your body core. This ball is a perfect home workout tool that will keep your body challenged for better long term results. The balance ball will help to increase flexibility, Tone and Strength and you may even use it as a Chair in order to improve your body-posture when at Home or Work.


The ball is made from the highest quality double-layer anti-Burst PVC material, this makes it resistant to any pressure that is put onto it and it will only burst if you pierce it with a sharp object.

It has a material that is non-toxic and eco-friendly whereby this balance ball is free from latex, phthalates and even Heavy Metals which can usually be harmful to human life.

This Aero fit ball is very safe to use because it has been tested thoroughly and it can with stand weights of up to 500-Kgs or 1100 lbs.

This ball has a soft texture and it is also contoured in order to cushion and support your body when having workouts. It even has a unisex color with a unique melon pattern-design and this makes it very attractive to use by women and children.


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