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Activity-trackers are devices that are usually worn on the wrist that help to track and measure the movement and sleep-patterns on a daily basis but not all the time. These trackers can measure the steps, relative-energy expenditure and the total daily activities. Whether you are doing chest exercises, arm exercises, back exercises or simply taking a walk in the park, the tracker will take not of your activity. Traditionally, it was very hard for a person to measure the activities done during the day but currently one can wear one of these best activity trackers in 2017 to enable them set goals in their fitness program.

On my list, the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker is the best of them all based on the wonderful activity tracker watch reviews in 2017 posted on Amazon.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker

Sleep like a baby comfortably with this awesome flex wireless activity and sleep wristband every day. It contains a modern online and mobile tool that you can use to track your activity daily. It has the black color that is gorgeous and other people might mistake it with just an expensive accessory. Not only will it make you very fashionable as you do your work but it will help you attain all your fitness goals using its LED light technology to show you the progress of your hard work. Don’t mind about wearing it all day thinking it might cause strains because it will not. This fit bit activity tracker is made of material that is so soft on the skin and wrists you might even forget you are wearing one. It also comes with some of the best apps in technology to always keep you forward and connected to the other devices. This flex wristband is absolutely a must have.

Best Fitbit Activity Tracker

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Product quality;

This wireless flex device is very slim in dimension. It is manufactured with a technology to help you track every single thing you do during the day especially in relation to steps taken, distance moved and amount of calories burnt not forgetting the night where it will count on the amount of time slept and how comfortable it was. There is no reason why you shouldn’t buy this amazing easy to use device. While you sleep; your flex device won’t.


  • Recording device; flex wristband contains an amazing database technology that is used to store all the activities. You can check them out later to view your progress when you can and see how much has been recorded. The recordings come in a variety of options like steps taken, distance covered, active time, amount of calories burnt, time spent sleeping, and finally it also lets you know whether you really had great sleep.
  • Water resistant; if you are a swimmer and been worried if this product will work even when you enter in the water with it then the answer is absolutely, yes. You don’t also have to be a swimmer but you want to always wear on your device even when it’s raining outside or when you are taking a bath. This device is completely water resistant and will not be affected with any contact with water.
  • Wireless syncing; when you connect this device to your phone or to the computer it will automatically perform updates so you are always synched with the latest applications and information.
  • 5-day battery life; when you charge on Monday or any other day then you start counting five more days before you can charge it again. That means five days of uninterrupted flex device time. This is a mark of quality itself.
  • Different sizes; this product is made into three different sizes ranging from the smallest to the largest that you can choose from depending on your preference and wrists size. You can also get them for your whole family even the children included so they learn to have a healthy lifestyle from childhood.


  • Only vibrates to wake you up; this means that when you become dormant for so long without doing any fitness activity it will not vibrate to remind you rather you will just be there comfortably. Make sure that in this case you are a fitness driven person that will not acquire the vibrate function to remind you on how to live your live.

Features overview;

  • LED lights equipment; these lights are placed on the wristband and not just to look good for to let you know about how your day is being compared with your goals. This happens when they come on and off then you will know when to do what and how far you have worked.
  • Monitor device; sometimes when you really have a long good sleep you might wake up when you have lost count and that is why device is here to help you. It will help you monitor how well and long you have slept providing you with the most accurate details ever.
  • Silent alarm clock; this is different from those other loud alarm clocks that could easily cause heart attacks. Flex wireless device will wake you up silently without even your partner noticing after you have set it well. Once the flex device starts vibrating round your wrists then you know it’s time to get up from that bed.

Who does it benefit?

  • It will benefit someone that is tired of a loud alarm clocks; this is because these loud clocks can be irritating most of the time and might also scare you out of your dreams to a point of waking up even the person sleeping next to you. However, this product will just vibrate slowly caressing your wrists till you eventually get up from bed.

What else do you need?

  • Henoda 10pcs replacement bands; these wrist bands are specifically made for the flex devices for you to constantly keep changing the colors of the wrists. It comes in 10 different colors that you can change to depending on your outfit of moods. They come in the perfect size for about anyone.
  • The Digihero 10 colors silicon fasteners; this one also is manufactured to go perfectly with the flex wrist devices only. it is used to fasten the silicon around the wrists so that when you are excising they will not just easily slip off your hand getting lost. You can also keep changing so they always look brand new and stylish.
  • DDup adjustable super soft silicon; this is a water print rubber that can easily be adjusted so well to fit around your wrists and id very soft on the skin of the bearer.

 Fitbit One Wireless Activity plus Sleep-Tracker

Most people don’t really know what fitness means, but its being active, sleeping-well, and eating-smarter. This tracker will help you as you try to achieve all  these three things.  In fact, this device can even wake you up in the morning without waking your partner.

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep-Tracker


  • The tracker will Sync automatically to your computer or to any selected mobile-device via Bluetooth 4.0. With this feature, your activity data will be transferred and stored to your computer or wireless phone and you will use it later for reviewing.
  • This device has a sleep monitor which will help to monitor how long and how well you sleep whereby you will able to see your sleeping results in the morning so that you can see how you can improve on your sleeping activities. This device will also wake you up with its silent alarm.
  • The Fitbit One has a small and discreet design whereby you will be able to put it into your pocket, on your belt or even bra when having workouts hence this makes it very convenient to use.
  • The device even has a rechargeable battery which will keep this device working for all week continuously without charging it.

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  • Inspires you to workout even more:- Not everyone has a workout partner, so it can become difficult to stay on track  individually. But this portable Fitbit one Wireless Activity tracker will always show you your progress and this will help you know what next to do. If you use Fitbit mobile app, you will ran badges whenever you reach a certain stage, at that will motivate you more.
  • It fits anywhere:– Due to its sleek design, you can put this portable activity tracker in the pocket of your jeans or shirt. And then for ladies who wear dresses most of the time, you can out it between your bra, it does no harm to have it their, actually it will even work better.
  • Rain Proof:- Since we can’t predict the weather very well, at a certain point you will get caught up in rain. That should not worry you, may be you can worry about getting wet, but this Fibit tracker will stay safe in light rain. Though, don’t get tempted to leave it in clothes when washing them, it’s not 100% water proof.
  • Use vibration alarm:- Nothing irritates me like my spouse’s noisy alarm clock, it just freaks the hell out of me. But this small Fitbit tracking device has silent vibration alarm which wakes up with ease. I will admit, sometime I switch off the alarm and get back to sleep, but at least the vibration does not irritate me.
  • Step Counting:- You might get surprised when it shows 100 +++ steps taken immediately after waking up, yep, it freaked me out too, but after reading its manual, I discovered that it starts counting steps after midnight, that is a new day, so basically if you go to bed after midnight, the reading it will make will be carried on.

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Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Turn your daily life into a fun-path to fitness by using the Fitbit Zip wireless activity-tracker. This device is much more than a pedometer because it will track your steps and distance.



Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity-Tracker


After, it will automatically sync the data to the Fitbit-account through your computer, select smart-phones and tablets.


  • This is an activity-tracker that helps to tracks the steps-taken, calories-burned and distance. It will track all this data and show it to you in real time so that you can know how to improve on your works or to see whether you have met your exercising target.
  • It syncs automatically to the computer or any of the select Bluetooth Smart Ready devices like iPhone 4S or  iPad. This means that it will transfer and store your activity data on these devices so that you will able to assess them later to see how much improvement you have made.

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  • It is also water proof. This makes it very durable and convenient to use because you don’t have to get worried about it when it get wet while your exercising.
  • The  activity tracker also has a good replaceable battery which will last for about 4 to 6-months depending on how you use this device.

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Polar Loop Activity-Tracker Watch:

The Polar Loop is a smarter activity-tracker which provides guidance and motivational feed-back in order to help you increase on your daily activity.


Polar Loop Activity Tracker


The only thing you have to do is wear this smart bracelet on your wrist and all your activities will be captured including cycling and swimming. The Polar Loop activity tracker watch will show you the time, your total-steps, daily-activity goal, calories-burned and tips to reach that goal just at the tap of a button and all this is shown on a display of 85 LEDs.


  • Its built with a unique technology that  accurately tracks 5-different levels of activity and can even tell the difference between light-intensity walking versus running and this implies that you will get a more complete-picture of your daily movements.
  • This tracker is compatible with Polar H6 or H7 Bluetooth Smart heart-rate sensor in order to provide you with accurate heart-rate results when having body workouts.

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  • Polar Loop also connects to the Polar Flow web-service which automatically syncs via Bluetooth Smart..
  • The Polar Loop transfer data via a custom USB cable or with Bluetooth smart via Polar Flow mobile-app. This makes it very easy for you transfer and store your data when exercising.
  • It also monitors your sleep duration and quality and it even has a rechargeable battery which will provide you with 5-days of continuous use.


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  • Reach your daily goal easily:- Without doubt you will reach all your fitness goals with ease, just wear this fitness watch and let it do the rest. It will automatically start tracking your activities without you noticing. Some of the data collected includes; burned calories, cumulative steps and heart rate.
  • – Good Battery Average Life:- This Polar loop activity tracker can keep power for almost 120 hours yet Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity trackers can keep power for only 48 hours which is a very little time compared on how many activities it has to track.
  • Track your activity 24/7:- This Polar fitness watch features a 24/7 activity tracker. It will keep on tracking and updating you will live instant stats about calories burned , steps taken, time of the day and so much more. Data can be synchronized with your smartphone using a mobile App. So this will leave you with only one option and that is to workout.
  • Reach your daily goals:- During the day you will be moving up and down trying to achieve some goals. However, as you do this, the band will be collecting information about your movements, it will report burned calories, steps taken and also show you your final goal bar of the day. It’s quite amazing, because all you have to do is to switch it on, wear it and let it do the rest.
  • Track your sleep time:- It is very essential to have enough sleep, exercising for long hours without getting enough rest won’t give you the best results. So, wear this sleep & activity tracker as you go to bed, it will calculate the time you spend while sleeping.



Withings Pulse Wireless Activity Tracker with Sleep and Heart-Rate Monitor:

The Withings Pulse is a new powerful pocket-sized personal tracking device that is designed to help any person achieve their personal-health and fitness-goals.


Withings Pulse Wireless Activity-Tracker With Sleep and Heart-Rate Monitoring



This Withings Pulse tracker also offers heart-pulse measurement and run-stride tracking on the number of steps taken, calories-burned, distances-covered and the quality of sleep. The tracker even syncs via Bluetooth with the help of Withings Health-Mate App whereby all the data is collected and also stored in real-time.

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  • As one of the best activity trackers,this device can be synced to your smartphone or tablet so that you will be able to see your workout data put into perspective. The Withings Health-Mate app will instantly turn numbers into easy to read graphs that show trends and even showcase your daily progress.
  • It has a large OLED touch-screen which facilitates for easy history-browsing. This means that you don’t need your smartphone to see your workout history or even all of your activities.
  • The device will also monitor your sleep whereby you just have to place this Withings-Pulse on the Sleep-Wristband and then launch the sleep-cycle analysis. In the morning, you will be able to precisely assess your sleep-quality.
  • Its instant heart-rate monitor will enable you to follow your heart-rate trends and you will be able to check your pulse on any occasion. This monitor is also every easy to use whereby you just have to press your finger at the back of this device and you will discover your heart-rate.


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  • It can fit anywhere:- This Withings wireless activity tracker has a very slim design which makes it easy to walk with. You can put in your pockets and start getting reports about your heart rate, calories burned and sleeping hours. It can as well send this date to your smartphone in real time making it easy for you to access relevant health related data when you need it. Watches are also good but some people don’t like the idea of wearing these bands, so this small device is a very good alternative.
  • Good battery Life:- I have compared Withings with Fitbit One Wireless Activity Trackers, but I have noticed that Withings keeps power for 336 hours, that is almost 14 days yet Fibit activity tracker stores power for only 20 hours, it does not make 24 hours, quite a shame!! However Misfit Shine seems to win this game because it goes up-to 2976 hours that is 124 days.
  • Track your progress via a smart phone:- Withings has a compatible mobile app for ios & android phones, so after placing your order, go to itunes / android and download their mobile app, this will sync automatically with your device and show you data about your daily activities, you will also see a graph with patterns on how your activities have been, these graphs will show your areas to improve.


Withings Pulse-O2 Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor:

This is a brand new tracker that will enable you to track your daily activities which include steps-taken, calories-burned, elevation, running and distance. You will be able to wear it, just like you wear your running shoes, your own way whereby a clip and wristband is included.

Withings Pulse-O2 Activity, Sleep, and Heart-Rate Tracker


This tracker provides instant heart-rate readings and blood oxygen levels. It will also help to monitor your sleeping activity.

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  • The Pulse O2 will adapt to your style whereby you will be able to wear it your way. This tracker can be Worn on your wrist using an adjustable wristband, can be attached to your belt or clothes using a clip and can be dropped into your pocket or bag. However, at night try to use the wristband to monitor your sleep.
  • It  will also monitor your heart-rate: the tracker has a heart-rate monitor which will enable you to take regular heart-rate measurements and even your heart-rate history will help you to know if you are improving your overall fitness-levels.
  • This device also has a a pulse oximeter which helps to monitor your blood Oxygen Levels.

Other Activity Trackers on Amazon to consider….


Spark Activity Tracker

With activity trackers becoming really popular, you do not want to be the only one left behind that is why this post provides you with a well detailed review about the spark activity tracker. It will surely help you know that this is one of the activity trackers you have to own. It is can be worn anywhere you wish; whether it’s on your belt, shoes or shirt and it will still keep track of all your daily activity data.


Spark activity trackers


With this track you have a chance to share your data with the large population of people on to stay motivated and encouraged. This small plastic device is made with a 3 axis accelerometer that tracks your steps, distance and amount of calories burned all day long. The tracker also helps cut down on the amount of calories you take in since you are advised on the best foods to eat and importance of those foods on With its very strong clip and small portable size you will never have to worry about the device falling off wherever you placed, this one surely has everything you have been looking for.


It is wireless and keeps you highly motivated; the way this small device automatically keeps track of your daily motion is totally amazing. If you are the kind of person that always enjoys knowing what walking up the stairs at lunch added to your fitness this will be the perfect activity tracker, because it is super accurate when it comes to calculating steps. Now with the great community of people sharing their data on you are always motivated and encouraged to work out more and try even harder challenges.


You cannot access your data during workouts; this is because of the way this device is designed, it has no numerical display so you can only get to look at your data after uploading it. Yes, it has the 12 goal indicator lights but they are not enough to for some people. Unlike other activity trackers, the spark activity tracker only uploads data to the app or computer but not to your mobile phone which is another big draw back for the device.


  • Automatically and wirelessly syncs data to your computer; the device syncs all your work out information to your computer so that you can later view results evaluate them and make comparisons. Here you can also be able to set goals, earn trophies and a part of many interesting and helpful challenges. It also comes with a USB connector which is wireless that will help you in syncing your data without going through too much trouble.
  • Continuously keeps track of your steps, distance, calories and time; the spark activity tracker resets itself every day at midnight so you can set a goal of how many steps you want to achieve through the day and the moment you achieve that goal you get a trophy. At the end of your day the tracker then shows the total distance travelled, activity time and you how many calories you burned.
  • Very strong replaceable battery; the battery can be changed when it stops working as you would like it to work however, you will definitely love how strong this tracker’s battery is. It works for about 6 to 12 months without being charged and on top of that comes with an extra battery.
  • Water proof; you should not get worried if you accidentally wash your pants with tracker in or swimming with it on because it is made completely water proof so water will not cause any kind of damage to the tracker or the way it works.
  • Free access to; since it has no numerical display it is just obvious that you will need to view your results on a computer that is why you are given free membership to the Here you view your results and get to share data with other people using the same app for more support.
  • Comes with other accessories; in the box you will find other accessories and these involve a plus clip to help you clip the tracker to your belt, bra, shoe or shirt. It also comes with an extra battery that also works from 6 to 12 months as well as a wireless USB connector to make syncing very simple for you.


  • Very accurate at tracking your work out data;the more accurate your results are the better your work out that is why this tracker is made very accurate. The spark activity tracker automatically tracks your distance, steps, time and separates your activities in order to give your very accurate results on amount of calories burned. You have more than enough reason to invest some money in this activity tracker because there is surely no way you will go wrong.
  • Easy to access the; with free access to you can get to enjoy a lot of the activities that take place on this site and big community that is very constructive to achieving fitness. You do not only share work out data on the site but also can to know how well you are eating and get advice on which nutrition will be helpful for your health.
  • Very motivational;with immediate feedback on all your goals, achievements and support programs the tracker will always keep you motivated to work out more and maintain a really healthy diet. Each and every day you get to see how well you performed and what you achieved from it.
  • Keeps track of your goals;whenever you hit a goal there is a light indicator that shows you that you actually achieved that goal on the day which gives the spark activity tracker added advantage over other activity trackers. At the end of the month you are awarded with a prize for participating or performing well in different challenges.
  • Light weight; this is first of all attached to the size of the tracker which is very portable therefore it is very easy to wear the device anywhere you want. It could be on your belt, your shoe, bra or in your pocket.


Sync Elite Activity Tracker
By making use of the best activity trackers; you are not only checking how well you are working out in terms of the distance or amount of calories burned but they also allow you to keep a healthy fitness routine as well as remain motivated to train more and more each other day.
Under Armour Sync Elite Activity Tracker with Watch
The Sync activity tracker makes keeping track of your daily activities very easy as they save and upload all your information to a tab, mobile phone or even your computer. The sync function is what transfers your data to other apps allowing to share your training information with other members to stay encouraged, challenged and inspired to work out more. Now if you do not which activity tracker to buy or simply do not which features to look for; in the article below are Sync Elite activity trackers that you can try out for accurate results from your daily activities.


Under Armour Sync Elite Activity Tracker

With an amazingly long lasting battery, there is no doubt that under Amour activity tracker is one of the best activity trackers you will ever find. The tracker measures a number of things such as the speed at which you take your steps, the total number of steps you take, the distance traveled and so many other things. It is made with 3 axis sensor technology that helps to keep track of all your activities and provide you with the most accurate results. With its portable size you will not find any problems moving around with this activity tracker.
It shows accurate calories burned as well as steps; the way this activity tracker measures all your steps and shows how many calories you have burned at the end of your work out and is very accurate. It gives you a data history of 30 days but will still show you the total number of steps you have taken after every single day so you do not get your information mixed up.
It doesn’t sync data fast enough; some of the reviewers complained about the way the tracker syncs data and the Map my walk app does not have the ability to sync with android apps which makes this a disadvantage for people using such phones because they may not be able to share their information with others.
• Can be worn anywhere; you can wear the tracker either around your waist or in your pocket and it will still keep track of all your activities, therefore where you place it is no big deal.
• Provides all the information you need from your daily activities; this activity tracker captures the amount of fat and calories you lose every day, the distance you move, number of steps as well as the activity time.
• Quickly syncs data; with the biggest part of fitness walkers using the MapMyWalk app it is just amazing that this tracker syncs your information at a fast rate.
• Very strong battery life;its battery has the ability to work for a whole year.
• Provides the activity information you need;the biggest motivation you need for yourself is your own information that is why this tracker offers you with data such as the amount of fat burned, time and distance you travel hence helping you maintain a really healthy life style.
• Offers data history for a really long period of time; most of the trackers only store data up to 10 days or less but this under armour activity tracker stores 30 day history which is more than enough data for you to compare how well you are performing.
• Easy to set up and read;just like a watch this tracker can easily be set up and with its LCD display you can easily read your results.

SYNC Calorie Activity Tracker
This all day activity tracker will definitely help you know how much walking during the day contributed to your fitness and inspires you to work out more with its ability to sync data to the Map My Walk app. The sync calorie activity tracker has all the features to track your daily activities data so you have all reasons to give it a try.

SYNC Calorie Activity Tracker

It’s built with great quality and has a light weight; you can wear the tracker all day without feeling any burden because it does not feel heavy at all and can be placed anywhere you want. It is also made with great quality which explains why it is very durable and long lasting.
Trying to make it sync is quite difficult; accessing this feature of the tracker is not that simple because getting it to sync is quite a task, all the other features work well and it is accurate. However, the tracker becomes a problem when it comes to syncing data.
• One year battery life; unlike other trackers whereby you have to recharge it every after few days, this tracker has a very strong battery that lasts a whole year. After a year you just have to replace the battery and the device will continue working.
• Stores and syncs your data; with the help of audio jack transmission, the tracker has the ability to sync your data to the Map My Walk app either on your smart phone or tab. On this app you can also share and compare your results with other users so that you can stay motivated to work out more. You just have to sync the tracker into the audio jack port of your phone and you will be able to access your data from your smart phone or tab.
• Captures different statistics about your daily activities; it measures the distance traveled, time spent to cover the distance, speed and amount of calories and fat burned.
• Comfortable to wear all day; the tracker can be placed anywhere you wish either in your pocket or on your belt and be sure to still get very accurate results.
• Tracks steps perfectly and easy to read display; it has a wide LCD display where anyone can easily read their results and when it comes to calculating steps, nothing beats its accuracy.
• Nicely priced; the sync calorie tracker comes at a very affordable price yet it works as perfectly as those highly priced devices.





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