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I have been reviewing different types of Gps sports watches, but this is my first time to get a close look at a New Balance GPS sports watch. If you’re an outdoor runner, you will fall in love with this watch because it has all the features you need to stay on road.


In this review, we shall look at the design of the watch its self and at the same time cover its features and who exactly needs to wear this sports watch.


  • Big screen: – Regardless of how small the watch is, the screen is wide enough, you can easily read info even when in motion, and the back light improves on the display of data on the screen, saving you from straining your eyes.
  • Very good at tracking distance, pace per mile, time and burned calories:- I can’t categorize it as a premium model, but it at least does what it’s supposed to do, all the basic features work very well, and to me that is enough. Also the price of the New Balance GPS runner is very good.
  • Performs as Advertised:- Many times consumers have been robbed by persuasive adverts, companies promise more than what they can deliver and they highly price a gadget and at the end you get no results. Even though New Balance closed support for this watch, it still performs as advertised, just don’t expect too much.


  • Complicated to use:- Much as it looks very simple on the outside, the moment you start interacting with its features, that is when the nightmare begins. By default, all sports watches are supposed to be very easy to use without reading the user manual, however, after some trials ; you will learn how to use it.
  • Slow GPS: – New Balance GPS Runner is not a bad sports watch, but the GPS takes too long to get the signal and sometimes the signal is not accurate which leads to false information.

New Balance GPS Runner


  • Sleek Design:- This sports watch is very small compared to Nike and Garmin sports watches, it seems to be very light , making it easy to wear when jogging. I have owned a few GPS watches in the past; I will not say their names, but some them where heavy on the hand. Running with a heavy watch on your hand is so difficult, it makes the hand heavier.
  • Back light:- This is a very small feature which makes a difference especially when it comes to reading data displayed on the watch. When you switch on the back light, you will be in position to read content while in the dark even when you’re in motion.
  • Strong / soft and durable Rubber:- Any good sports watch should have a durable soft rubber, because when you’re running, the all body will sweat, so if the wrist is not strong enough, it will brake within 6 – 8 months due to salt deposits from the sweat.
  • USB Connector:- You can easily connect this watch to your computer or Smartphone by using a USB data cable. Once the two are connected, data will be transferred from your watch to a computer, making it very easy for you to track performance and fitness level.


  • Keep Track of your speed and distance: – I’m a regular short marathon runner, but I use my GPS sports watch to keep track of my speed, time, pace and distance covered. I don’t have this particular brand / model, but I see no difference with the Garmin watch I have. Since every single step and activity is tracked, you will easily know your fitness level. You can compare results side by side and get to see your actual fitness level.
  • Stores data for 100 runs & 300 Laps:- This watch comes with its own internal storage memory space which stores data for 100 runs, once the memory is full you can delete some data or transfer it all to a mobile app / computer / Smartphone. You can use buttons on the sides to scroll through stored data.

New Balance GPS Runner


  • Light Weight:- This new balance sports watch weighs only 6.2 ounces, I know this watch is heavier than Garmin / Nike sports watches, but still the 6.2 is not too big. It might feel heavy during the first week, but with time, your hand will get used to its weight.
  • Standard product dimension:- When I compare the size of Garmin & Nike sports watch, this New Balance watch is small, it has a standard dimension of 6.5 x 3.6 x 2.9 inches.
  • Software to PC: – This software does not come with the watch, but after placing your order, go to and download the software for free. Install the software on your computer or tablet and then connect the watch with a USB data cable.
  • Charging the battery:- This new balance watch has a rechargeable battery which you can easily charge using a USB data cable. Plug the cable into a computer and then connect it to the watch and start charging.
  • Erasing Memory: – I’m sure many of you are wondering how to erase data once the watch gets dull. This is a very simple thing to do. Simply use the buttons on the side to scroll below the data; you will see the ”Delete All Data” option. However, I don’t recommend you to use this feature, because you might end up deleting all essential fitness data, I suggest you transfer data to a computer and then delete it from the watch.
  • Track burned calories: – This is one of the main reason why we have to run every day. Too much calories are not good for your body, so you have to run on a daily basis to burn them, however, you need a smart Sports watch to monitor and calculate burned calories.

New Balance GPS Runner


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