9 Tips on How to Get Your Lipstick Last Longer

Anyone can apply colored lipstick and have those very sexy glossy and really beautiful lips but having them stay that way, all day long, is the biggest problem. Do you really know what is making your lipstick go off faster than it actually should? May be you have been applying it the wrong way without following the right procedures…

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If you checked a woman’s purse or handbag, one of the things you will find is lipstick because many of them think that applying lipstick from time to time will make the lipstick last longer which is wrong and kind of tiring. However, here are some tips that will help you get your lipstick last all through the day. You do not have to apply many layers of lipstick repeatedly just to make it last as long as you want. Follow these simple tricks to have a whole day full of amazing looks.


9 Tips on how to Get Your Lipstick Last Longer



  • Check Out the Condition of Your Lips; – A lot of products such as lip balms contribute a lot to the dryness and the cracking your lips are going through. Besides those products, the sun and wind is another factor that makes the lips dry and that kind of surface is not conducive for lipstick to stay on for a longer period of time. However, if your lips are too oiled or greasy; lip stick will not stick for as long as you want it to. This therefore means that you should always wipe off that excess oil before you go ahead and apply lip stick.
  • Get Your Lips Ready; – You definitely do not expect lipstick to stick on to your lips if they are all dried up and cracked so the first step to making your lipstick last longer is preparing them. Some women just lick their lips and feel that their lips are now hydrated enough but this is only a short term solution. Your lips lack oil time after time that is why they easily become dry and run out of moisture quickly. Use a damp soft bristle tooth brush to sparingly brush over your lips so that you can remover that dry skin. This will keep your lips hydrated then you can go over the lips with lip balm or moisturizer to soothe the lips more. At this point your lips may too greasy so use a pinch of tissue to remove the excess grease that may prevent lipstick from sticking or cause it to slide off so quickly.
  • Apply Lip Foundation, Primer or Concealer; – All these work the same way but you are not advised to apply all of them. You just have to choose one of three depending on which you feel is more comfortable or available and lightly smear it on to your lips with a brush. You should be very careful with the primer and with the base you are deciding on using because some contain ingredients that will make your lips dry instead and make you feel really uncomfortable. This does not mean they are all of poor quality. A good primer or foundation will act as a base or smooth surface for your lipstick and at the same time make the color of your lipstick come out really beautifully. It is also advised that the color of foundation you use matches with the color of lipstick you are going to apply.
  • Carefully Apply Lip Liner or Pencil around the Edges of Your Lips;-The color of lipstick liner should be slightly similar with the lipstick color you are about to apply so this will deepen the color of your lipstick and make lipstick last much longer. You must be very careful when applying the liner so that it does not go astray; this will give you perfect direction when applying the lipstick thus making it much easier.
  • Grab Your Lipstick to Start Applying;-The shade of red that Mac ruby woo matte has the ability to last as long as you want, such dark shades of red are well known for their strong staying power so with this particular one there is no doubt you have made the right choice. You first apply some lipstick on to your hand then take from your hand with a brush to put it on your lips. After this, apply a thicker layer of lipstick, open your mouth slightly and continue applying the lipstick until all corners of your lips are well spread with the lipstick.
  • Use Tissue to Gently Blot Over the Lips;-This will help to remove any lip color that may have gone astray and also remove any excess oil from the layer of lipstick you just applied. That excess is may be cause your lipstick to go off much faster than you expected so blotting you lips will take away all possibilities of lipstick coming off but keep lipstick perfectly stuck on your lips.
  • Finish Your Look with another Layer of Lipstick and Small Layer of Gloss;-After blotting your lips you will need to apply and finishing layer of lipstick this will make the shade that you applied come out nicely and look much more attractive. Put a very light amount of gloss on your lips and spread to the rest of your lips. Make sure you do not apply too much because it will dilute the color of your lipstick and too much will definitely make your lips too greasy making lipstick melt away easily.
  • Always Apply Small Portion of Lipstick;-The thicker the layers you are applying the faster it becomes for lipstick to go off. Besides that, you will find that you have to buy more lipstick because you are using it poorly. This way you are not only wasting the lipstick but also wasting a lot of your money for practically no good reason. Use lipstick sparingly to make it last all day.
  • You Don’t Have To Apply Lipstick Over And Over;-I have seen some women applying lipstick when they are going out of office for a small walk to lunch or to the bank but with the Mac Ruby Woo Matte lipstick, this is not necessary.





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