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On those bad and really tiresome days and on one of those days where you feel like your body is really worked out; one of the best therapies is a nice and soothing shower that can be made possible  by one of the best shower heads. And there is absolutely no way you can get a soothing shower if you do not have the best shower head. Question is how do you choose the best shower head? Whether you have are looking for a massaging or soothing shower head or a hand held model; I have got you covered in this post as I provided the 9 best shower heads in 2017 that are equipped with high pressure as well as water saving capabilities, among others that you will find on the market today.

Culligan Wsh-C125 Fixed Shower head, Chrome Finish – High Pressure Shower Head

The Culligan WSH-C125 wall-mount is one really incredible shower head reason being it is extremely powerful and has the strongest filtration system decreases chlorine, sulfur odor and any scales in 10,000 gallons of water. If you are looking for a shower head that will give the cleanest shower and leave your skin super soft, look no further. With its sleek chrome finish, this shower head will also give your bathroom a really attractive appearance yet it does not need too much effort when it comes to cleaning because it has an anti-clog rubber spray nozzle. With a variety of five spray settings, you will get to have a well-personalized shower that will surely offer you that comforting experience and it will not take up too much of your time to install.

 Culligan Shower head WSH-C125 Wall-Mount 10,000 Gallon Capacity Filtered Showerhead, Chrome Finish



  • It offers fives shower setting, filters water yet the pressure it delivers is not at all affected.
  • Its a good shower head for a small shower stall.
  • Its one of the best high pressure shower heads available on the market today.
  • It is a perfect shower head for people in areas with bad smelling water as it helps to get rid of any bad odor in the water.


Culligan filtration system: This system is very helpful in resolving all hard water problems to deliver you with the cleanest water for your shower. Bacteriologists have also shown that this system cuts down the possibility of bacteria passing into incoming water or growing in already existing water.

Gets rid of chlorine and scale build up in the water:This Culligan level 2 wall mount shower head decreases the level of tough chlorine and all that dangerous scale buildup in the water hence providing you with the purest shower ever. With the help of its filtration system it can get rid of 99% chlorine in the water and any other impurities that cause harm to the hair follicles and also cause itching and dryness of the scalp.

It installs in the least possible time:Different from many other shower heads that you have been seeing around, this Culligan level 2 wall mount shower head does not need any tools to be installed. First of all, it has a really light weight that makes it very easy to install then secondly it comes with its own Teflon tape that you use to wrap it around the shower arm. In less than minutes you will already be enjoying a clean shower all full of purity.

Makes both hair and skin soft:As the shower head eliminates most of the residue brought about by minerals in water, both your skin and scalp are left well hydrated and nourished. This therefore provides more smoothness and softness for your hair and the skin.

Long lasting and safe:Now more than ever, you and your entire family can have a shower that is completely free of any chemicals as certified by NFC. The shower head also filters for a long period of time of about 6 months that is 10,000 gallons of water before it requires changing.

Accessories:Unlike other shower heads, this Culligan shower head comes with Teflon tape and a filter change reminder sticker.

Warranty:Offering 5 year limited warranty is enough evidence to prove that the Culligan level 2 wall mount shower head is made with the best quality.


Delta Faucet 75700 7-Setting Hand shower head, Chrome – Handheld Shower Head/ Fixed Shower head

Featuring all the best shower head features and a wide variety of settings there is absolutely no doubt that the Delta faucet 75700 hand shower is  among the best shower heads lately. The hand shower provides not just flexibility but also convenience as it can be used both as a massage hand shower and fixed shower head. With this kind of hand held  delta shower heads you will have the most luxurious shower ever due to the fact that it has numerous massage sprays together with the trickle setting that shampoos or soaps up. It has an anti-clog nozzle that you just rub to get rid of any mineral build and have the most comfortable shower with its ergonomic handle. Thanks to this shower head’s arm mount you can now have a hands-free shower and with its extremely long 6 foot and tangle free hose for a continuous and steady flow of water. Generally the Delta seven is specifically built to give you many years of refreshing and soothing showers.

  Delta Faucet 75700 Universal Showering Components 7-Setting Handshower, Chrome


  • It features a non-slip handle that makes it comfortable to use even when you have soapy hands, you do not have to worry about the shower head slipping through hands.
  • It is very easy to use mainly because changing to different setting is a walk over and installation takes just a few minutes.
  • It is very strong and performs effectively yet it comes at a very affordable price, even those on low ‘budgets’ can enjoy the experience of this luxurious shower.



6 foot tangle free flexible hose: As one of the best fixed shower heads, this one is designed with a really long hose that it measures 6 foot which is about 72 inches and has a vacuum breaker. So you never have to worry about things like water supply getting cut in the middle of your shower since the hose is long enough to ensure constant supply of water.

7 sprays or massage handheld shower:This unit offers a very wide variety of settings to give you the most soothing shower ever in the most convenient ways. These multiple massage sprays include the slow, fast and full massage, fine and full sprays, champagne spray and the energy saving spray. In addition, this hand shower head also has the trickle setting in case you want to shampoo your hair or to soap up.

Shower arm mount:You can also shower without involving your hands because the super amazing hand shower comes with a shower arm mount that allows using it as a fixed shower head. Everyone enjoys the convenience of a hands-free shower since the shower arm mount only takes a few minutes to install.

Anti-clog nozzle: How long you will be using the hand shower does not really matter because its nozzle does not get clogged with minerals and build up which makes it very easy to clean. Here you do not need to know much about how to clean your shower head because you just need to rub a little to have your hand shower clean.


Chrome finish:This delta faucet 75700 features a chrome finish that adds that attractive and really beautiful appearance.

Internal water way and double check valve:This hand shower is built to provide to with 100% excellent performance as it is made with the highest quality hence it’s extremely amazing durability. This product will give you years and years of soothing showers.

Ergonomic handle: A soothing shower can be got from a very comfortable hand shower and this is exactly why the delta faucet has been designed with an ergonomic handle for maximum comfort.

Easy turn spray dial: You can easily change to any spray of your choice using this hand shower’s really easy turn spray dial; using it will be extremely easy.

Warranty: Just so you don’t have any doubts about the hand shower, it comes with life time warranty, so feel free to hand in your complaint whenever you have one.

Kohler K-9245-Cp  Shower head and Wireless Speaker – Water saving Shower head

This Kohler k-9245-Cp shower head is not just to provide you with the a soothing shower but also to make you shower time much more interesting. There is definitely no excuse that you can give for missing to put on your favorite radio program, music or news because you can take all that to the shower with you. It comes with a wireless speaker that ports straight into the shower head so that whatever you want to listen is close enough while you take your shower. The wireless speaker is engineered with great portability in that it can pair with any devices that deliver nice audio sound into your shower. This shower head speaker is very easy to remove and replace and with its full coverage and it has the ability to spray out water for the most relaxing moment ever. Moxie shower head’s speaker is not just for use in the shower, you can use anywhere you feel like whether it’s in your car, at the beach or even the kitchen as you prepare your favorite dish.

 KOHLER Shower head K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker, Polished Chrome


  • It has a very attractive appearance and it is very easy to install and operate as well everything about this shower head is self-explanatory.
  • It perfectly sync with any of your smart devices so you can enjoy your favorite playlist while in the shower.


  • It is not too loud; yes it true that it can play anything you want but its audio sound is not that loud which may just work for most people.


Wireless speaker: This shower head is built simply to make showering the best experience daily reason being its wireless speaker streams your individualized music playlists, radio programs, news and so much more right inside the shower for over 7 hours.

Links up with any Bluetooth enabled devices: If you have an MP3 player, smart phone, or laptop that is in a distance of 32 feet away from the shower head Moxie can easily sync to it.

Water resistant wireless speaker: As you shower you do not have to worry about splashing water on to the speaker since it is water resistant and will not get damaged by water at all. It is very easy to remove and attach the speaker when you need to charge it.

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Different speaker colors: since the wireless speaker is not meant to be used only in the shower, it comes in several colors so that every individual in your house can have their favorite playlist created on a particular color. You can use the speaker in any place of your choice whether it is at the beach, in your car during those long and boring trips, in the kitchen as you make your best meal and in the shower it is all up to you.

60 angled nozzle:This shower head provides a full coverage and all-encompassing spray for that most satisfying shower.

Soft silicone spray face: Whenever the shower head builds up with minerals, cleaning has been extremely simplified because all you will have to do is wipe.

Water saving 2.5 GPM: As you use the Moxie shower head you can limit the water you use without necessarily giving up the great shower it should be providing you with. It is one of the best water saving shower heads that you is a must have for your bathroom.

Waterpik Handheld Shower head 5 ” Chrome – Handheld and Water saving Shower head

If you long for a really wonderful experience in the shower, getting this Waterpik Shower head should be definitely be high on your agenda  and you will undoubtedly have those needs sorted with this handheld shower head. It features 5 spray settings that are easily select-able since the setting can easily be changed from the shower head handle. It features a 2.5 GPM anti-clog nozzle and 5 foot hose that makes the hand held shower head very convenient, water saving  and simple to use. Just to ensure that everyone’s needs are catered for; this hand held shower head has both the pulsating massage and the gentle or slow massage. Installation of the shower head only takes minutes and using its opti flow technology you can upsurge water force up to 30. You will leave the shower feeling entirely fresh and fully washed after using this Waterpik handheld shower head.

 Waterpik Handheld Shower head Handheld 5 Chrome 2.5 Gpm


  • This one of a kind water saving shower head does not leak and it very convenient to change the setting since you do have to over stretch your hand, the setting are placed right on the shower head handle.
  • It designed with great quality so expect many years of using the shower head.


Optiflow technology:Using this kind of technology the shower head can raise the force of water all the way to 30%.

5 spray settings:This Waterpik handheld shower head has its setting engineered on the shower handle which makes it much easier to switch to the most suitable setting for a really satisfying shower. These settings include the full body spray, power spray, misting, drenching rain and circular massage so get to have a really personalized shower.

2 massage types:It delivers both the powerful energetic massage and the slow massage that is more gentle so no matter which massage type you wish to get from your shower, all your needs are perfectly sorted.

Unique adjustable hose:with the shower head’s 5 foot and adjustable hose you can have your shower anywhere you feel is most comfortable for you in the shower room.

Attractive chrome finish: It is built to add that really attractive and exceptional appearance to your bathroom.

Spray control ring: this makes it very easy for you to choose between the different spray setting so that you get a shower based entirely on your desires.

Waterpik Trs-553  Handheld Shower head, Chrome – Water saving Shower head

Among the Waterpik shower heads collection, the TRS 553 is one of the most advanced models which clearly explains why the shower head is really popular and has lots of customers reviewing about its amazing quality. This device features a contemporary design and ergonomic handle that provides comfortable and firm grip in those wet and soapy showers. Just to ensure that you get the most relieving shower after a long and stressful day, the shower head is molded with 5 spray setting that give you that personalized shower. This water saving shower head features a 2.5 water saver that prevents you from wasting too much without inevitably compromising your shower. Therefore if you are ready to have the lavish shower while saving water at the same time, this will definitely be a perfect choice shower head.

 Waterpik Shower Head TRS-553 Elements 5-Mode Handheld Shower, Chrome


Rub clean nozzle:The 553 Waterpik shower head is overly easy to clean and care for because it has a rub clean nozzle that you just wipe to remove any mineral buildup; there is nothing like the shower head getting clogged with dirt. As a result, you do not have think much about choosing a shower head cleaner because it will be so easy.

Simple installation: You will only need a few minutes to install the shower head since it is completely easy to install.

Optiflow technology:Being a standard product, this Waterpik shower head uses only 70% of water but it comes with optiflow technology that allows increasing water flow to 30%.

Advanced contemporary design:The shower head is built with a new and contemporary design and ergonomic handle that offers firm and comfortable grip all through your shower time. It is to specifically make shower time very easy for you.

Spray control ring:The is easy to choose from the spray settings using the spray control ring, it is now much simpler to have a shower based on your personal needs.

2.5GPM water saver:This function not only helps to save water without giving up the quality of your shower but also prevents the frustration of running out water in the middle of your shower. This function saves up some water for you just in case you run out of hot water.

Five spray settings: Depending on what you want to get from you shower, this shower head provides the full body spray, pulsating massage, slow massage, full body plus massage and misting settings.

5 foot flexible hose: The hose is long enough and flexible to allow you have your shower in any of your favorite spots in the shower.


Zenfresh  High Pressure Water Saving Ionic Handheld Shower head – High Pressure Shower head

When you want your shower time to become even more beneficial then try the Zenfresh handheld shower head. It is designed to provide with the skin and health benefits such as giving you a smoother skin, reducing the rate at which oil is secreted from the skin and improving cell viability. The shower head is designed with negative ion mineralized spheres that get rid of any impurities in your water to give you the most purifying shower. Every shower you take with the Zen fresh is filled with freshness since the shower head removes those impurities in tap water that make you skin dry and bring about oil glands imbalance using the bio active stones. The product is 100% environment friendly because it is fully recyclable. Thanks to the laser cut micro cone shaped holes technology; as one of the best high pressure shower heads this type delivers the most implausible water pressure amount. If you live in areas with hard water or water full of minerals the Zenfresh will absolutely be the best hand held shower head for you.

ZenFresh Filtration Shower Head for Dry Skin & Hair High Pressure Water Saving Ionic Handheld Showerhead



  • It is very strongly built and delivers a really high pressure perfect enough for a soothing shower.
  • It has a series of health benefits when it comes to protecting both your skin and hair from damage from minerals and build up.


Laser perforated technology:This type of technology enables the shower head to continuously deliver an incredible pressure amount while at the same time saves water.

Easy installation:This shower head easily connects to any standard hose in just a few minutes so you will not find any problems installing it.

Bio-active stones:The Zenfresh shower head is infused with these bio-active stones that use their purifying power to balance oil secretion in the skin and make the skin extremely smooth.

Fully recyclable:This is the most environment friendly shower head reason being both the product and the packaging in which it comes is recyclable so it will not cause any damage to the environment.

Negative ion mineralized spheres: This shower is uniquely made compared to all the rest as it has a natural filtration system that comprises of three stages and negative ion mineralized spheres which significantly reduce the impurities in your water.

100% money back guarantee:To prove to you that this is a high quality and performing shower head, it is comes with 100% money back guarantee so whenever you feel like the product did not work to your expectations, you can take it back with 30 days and have your money refunded.


2.0 GPM Niagara Chrome –  Handheld Water Saving Massage Shower head

Combining both ergonomic extravagance and peak performance the Niagara chrome handheld low flow shower head is another of the best shower heads you will find on the market today. This is another amazing choice from the water saving shower heads and its built with flow control technology which ensures conservation of water and delivers greater force even when pressure is low. It is built with a 72 inch tangle-free hose that gives you the most convenient use together with 9 jet turbo massage settings. While using this shower head you will experience very limited temperature loss simply because it has non-aerating spray. It is very cost efficient as it requires no maintenance at all and saves more water compared to other standard shower heads.

 2.0 GPM Niagara Chrome Handheld Massage Shower head


It offers really exceptional performance yet it comes at a very friendly price, you will love every bit of this shower head.


Flow control technology:This shower head delivers a constant flow no matter what the water pressure is therefore even at the lowest pressure you will still enjoy the same great force.

Exceptional water saver:Compared to the standard 2.5GPM shower heads, the Niagara chrome handheld shower head saves 20% more water. Although it saves water to this extent, the shower head is designed in a way that it offers the same great shower like other shower heads.

9 jet turbo settings:Now what more can you ask for when you have all this variety of settings to choose from. You can have a slow and gentle shower if it is what you want to have or have the more forceful one.

Non aerating spray:Instead of wasting more and more water just to have a really hot shower, this shower head is designed with a non-aerating spray that minimizes temperature loss as water moves from the shower head into the air then to your body.

Maintenance free:The fact that it is corrosion resistant and it self-cleans, makes this shower head a really exceptional device. You never have to worry about cleaning.

Overly convenient: The Niagara shower head has a whole lot of features that make it very convenient for example its simple installation that does not requires tools, juts your hands will be enough for you to install the shower head, then is built in a way that it can fit any standard shower arms.

Tangle free hose: Its hose is 72 inches long and it is tangle free, this simply means that you can have your shower from any of your favorite spots in the bathroom.

Guarantee: Because it meets or better yet exceeds the specifications of ANSI it has been backed by 10 year guarantee, this is enough to show that this shower head provides peak performance in each and every shower that you take.


The dream spa aqua fan shower head is one really advanced shower that you will comes across on the market. The most unique and love-able feature about this shower head are the long lasting LED lights that change colors each time the water temperature changes. It features a curved fan design that offer the user shoulder to shoulder flow coverage and it’s angle  is adjustable so that you can have the most satisfying shower. Without wasting too much time let us get direct into the main features of this gorgeous shower head.

 DreamSpar AquaFan 12 All-chrome Rainfall Shower Head with Color-Changing LEDLCD Temperature Display


Long life LED lights: The light on this dream spa shower head are extremely durable offering you over 100,000 hour of use, that is approximately 10 years of everyday use so do not worry about using the lights sparingly.

Rub clean jets: These are not just easy to clean but also provide a rainfall shower experience that is perfectly drenched.

Large lighted LCD display: On this display is where the different LED lights are built and they simply show the particular water temperature that you are using. The LED lights are designed with different colors where blue stand for cool that it below 95 ° F, flashing red stands for warning that is when temperature has gone above 122 ° F, green stands for warm which is 95-109 ° F and lastly the red light that stand for hot that is 109-122 ° F.

Running water powered:This shower head does not operate on batteries but rather operates on running water.

Built in water temperature sensor:This advanced shower head is designed with a water sensor temperature sensor that quickly detects the temperature that are using for that particular shower.

Curved and angle adjustable design:Dream spa is given this kind of design and made that easily adjust form shoulder to the other for perfect flow coverage.



  • This shower head makes showering in the dark very simple as you do not need any extra light apart from its LED lights that indicate water temperature.
  • It adds that exceptional fancy appearance to your bathroom due to its brightly colored display and unique design that is very different from other shower heads.
  • It allows you to save water since you always know which water temperature you are using as indicated by the LED lights.


  • It makes some humming noise that some of the users find irritating, this however is no problem to other users because the noise is not so loud.


A-Flow Luxury 4″ Dual Shower Head System – Fixed Shower Head

If you want your shower time to become another big reason to be excited every single day then try out the A-flow dual shower head system. This unit is very user friendly mainly because it is very easy to install since it requires no tools and secondly because it is designed with a very simple turn diverter switch which makes it very fast and easy to choose your desired shower setting and direct water flow. Additionally, this one kind of selection from the best fixed shower heads also comes with three way dual shower head system to constantly give you that shower you desire so much. There is no doubt you will fall in love with its five different shower settings.

 A-FlowT 5 Function Luxury 4 Dual Shower Head System




60 inch flexible hose:This shower has a long enough hose to allow shower anywhere in the shower room.

Simple turn diverter switch:Whenever you feel like changing to a different shower setting chance to direct water flow, you just have to tap the diverter switch and have your shower just the way you like it. It is that easy.

Three way dual shower head system: Since the A-flow shower head is engineered with a dual shower head system so you are free to have either use the each one of the showers individually or enjoy the luxurious experience of using both showers at the same pressure.

Five shower settings: The chance for choosing which shower setting to use is in your hands to ensure that you are completely satisfied when you are through with your shower. These settings include, aeration, rain, massage, rain plus aeration and lastly massage plus aeration.

Universal parts: There are entirely no tools needed to install this shower head so it will take you just a few minutes to get the whole process done since it even comes with sealant tape. You can therefore use any standard plumbing because it all works well with the shower head.



  • The shower head offers five different shower setting that are very smooth and easy to choose from; all you have to do turn the diverter switch.
  • Quick assembly and comes at fair price, despite the fact that this a dual shower head it is does not come at very expensive price and you will also love the fact that it takes just a few minutes to assemble.
  • Both shower heads perform effectively; the water pressure that comes from both heads is totally amazing, you would not expect it to work this great.


  • It is not made a real chrome finish, much as this shower head is advertised to be made with a chrome finish it actually made of another material and this has been one of the biggest complaints from a wide variety of customers.

Your shower head will greatly determine how soothing your shower will be or how stimulating your shower will be. Choosing the best shower head may be a bit of a challenge because of the many types and brands on the market and for those that have no idea on what to look out for; you will agree I just made that a little easier. To make it even better, the best shower heads covered here; most if not all happen to be water saving shower heads.

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