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Today, many people have discovered that exercising is part of keeping the body fit and healthy thus many exercising tools have been introduced and among them are the exercising bikes which really do a great job. A good exercise-bike will enable anybody to lose weight, maintain his/her weight or even improve their overall fitness but at times it can be a bit difficult to know which one to purchase because there are several brands on the market. Exercise-bikes are an ideal alternative to cycling outdoors in the comfort of your own home whenever you like or going out to the gym that will help you stop paying costly monthly gym fees. In this article, I have a list of the best exercise bikes in 2017 topped by Exerpeutic Fold-able Magnetic and Upright Exercise-Bike that should help you to decide the most suitable one for your own individual needs.

 Exerpeutic Fold-able Magnetic and Upright Exercise-Bike


The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic and Upright Bike with Pulse which is the best on my list of exercise bikes is a great exercising-bike that will fold-up and roll away after finishing exercising on it.


Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise-Bike



This machine was well designed whereby it feels solid and can even support a user weight-capacity of not more than 300-lbs. It even comes some of the best features that a great exercising-bike should have yet it comes at a very good price.

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It has a unique, space-saver design whereby is very easy to get on and off this bike. This space-saver design will also allow the bike to fold for easy storage and it can also be moved using the included transportation-wheels. This exercise-bike can fold up to ½ the size when fully-assembled which is not the exact case for other bikes in its category.

This bike has extended leg-stabilizers which help to prevent any tipping or movement when exercising hence providing you with a more effective and comfortable workout.

The tension-resistance which is offered by an 8-level Magnetic Tension-control system enables the user to adjust the tension-level in order to achieve an easy or more difficult workout experience.

Its integrated with a wide LCD-Computer which has an easy to read large-window. The LCD-display will help to indicate the distance, calories-burned, speed, scan, and the heart-rate.

This machine has a 3-piece crank system which provides the user with a smooth and consistent pedaling-motion when having a workout.

The bike’s precision-balanced flywheel together with the V-belt drive offer a smooth and quiet cycling-operation. This machine will not interfere with some activities happening at the same time such as watching a TV or listening to your music.


 Exerpeutic-900XL Recumbent Exercise-Bike with Extended-Capacity


The Exerpeutic-900XL Recumbent Bike is an ideal exercising-tool that will enable you to achieve a challenging cardiovascular workout while minimizing any stress on your joints.

Exerpeutic-900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Exercise-Bike


This bike offers a great 300-pound maximum user-weight, a pretty wide padded-seat for extra comfort, even magnetic-resistance, and many other features that will enable you achieve a delightful workout experience.

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It has a recumbent-design: This step-through style bike makes it easy for the user to get on and off after exercising. This machine will also offer a comfortable workout experience without stressing your back and knees.

This bike has extended leg-stabilizers which offer a rock-solid platform when having even the most difficult workouts.

It’s built with transportation-wheels that facilitate for easy movement of this unit from one location to another.

The machine has an on board computer with a large and easy-to-read LCD-display which indicates the distance, speed, time, and heart-rate stats.

It offers tension-resistance modules with its 8-level Magnetic Tension-Control system that will allow any user to customize their ride for an easy or more difficult workout.

 Sunny Health and Fitness In-house Cycling-Bike


This awesome choice of indoor cycling exercise-bike in 2017 will enable you to stay in  great shape and healthy at all times. This new exercise-bike features an upright and compact design whereby it will fit wherever you place it in your home.

Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling-Bike

This bike also offers a smooth pedaling-action which is similar to a real biking experience hence offering the user with a total workout at his or her comfort and convenience indoors.


This exercise bike specifically has a great LCD-monitor which displays easy-to-read numbers and while keeping track of the speed, time, distance and calories-burned.

It has a remarkable heavy-duty crank and fully sturdy steel-frame which is very solid and strong. It also has a 22-lbs flywheel, leveling-feet, plus a molded and padded seat. This machine also supports a maximum user-weight of 240-lbs.

This bike also offers multiple seat-positions which enable the user to find the right fit. the seat height is also adjustable in order to facilitate for different user heights. It also provides the required adjustable resistance when having a workout.



Velocity Magnetic and Recumbent Exercise-Bike


The Velocity Exercise Recumbent-Bike will provide any user with an effective and challenging workout experience in the comfort of their home.

This exercise bike provides the same cardio benefits as upright-cycling at it even relieves stress on your shoulders, neck and back. This bike looks compact and sporty and even offers most of the functions and features that can be found on highly priced recumbent exercise-bikes.


The exercise bike has a manually adjustable resistance and comfortable seat-surface with padded handles hence it will offer any person with a comfortable exercising experience. The seating area is also adjustable in order to accommodate a variety of users with different heights.

The pedaling-system on this exercising bike is maintenance-free hence you don’t even have to oil it. It also comes with a 3 piece axle or crank system with adjustable pedal-straps.

It has a magnetic control system that is used to adjust resistance basing on user experience or as an additional challenge to their workout routine.

This exercise-bike has large and easy to read digital LCD-display monitor which will enable the user to see the watt, time, RPM, calories-burned, Speed ,distance and heart  rate.

Its over-sized resistance-knob enables the user to choose from the 8-different levels of resistance when having a work-out. This bike also comes with built-in casters which facilitate for transportation and storage.

The wrapped handlebars along the seating-area facilitate for stability, a convenient heart-rate monitor is also integrated right into the handles for extra convenience when working out.


 Body Rider Fan-Bike


This is a great and versatile Body-Rider Fan Bike which will allow you to achieve an elliptical and upper-body workout easily. This bike has an ergonomic design which helps to engage the legsarms and upper-body in order to achieve a full-body workout while targeting cardio and strength-training.

Body Rider Fan-Bike

It even has an adjustable-seat that facilitates for multiple users plus a fan wheel that keeps you feeling cool while working out. In summary, this is a perfect dual-action fan bike that will enable you get a wonderful upper and lower body workout.



This fan bike has dual-action handlebars which enable the user to engage in an upper and lower body workout.

The bike has an innovative high-momentum fan wheel that emits a gentle and cooling effect as you exercise hence making you feel very comfortable and relaxed.

It has a manual tension-control whereby the tension can be adjusted easily with just a turn of a knob.

The easy to use motivational computer digital-display will enable you to track distance, speed, time and calories-burned while having a workout in order to meet your desired workout target.

This machine has a stable steel-frame which is made with high quality stainless-steel that is also rust resistant hence this bike will work and even last for years.




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