30 Ways to Prevent Heart Disease – How to Care for Your Heart

The heart is one of the most important parts of your entire body and we all know that the moment it stops to function the way it is supposed to, then that will be the end of your life so you must not joke with the way you take care of your heart at any one moment.

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Unlike other body parts like your back, head or legs that will easily show you a sign when something is wrong, this is very different with the heart. Knowing that your heart actually has a problem may even take years so why take the risk by being very careless with it. May be some times we don’t know that the things we are doing actually affect cause all sorts of diseases to our hearts hence making them weak, 50% of deaths are caused by heart diseases. The main essence of this article is to take you through some of the things that you should do to prevent heart disease or in simpler terms it is to take you through some of the most important things that you must do to take excellent care of your heart. Well now let us get straight to the point and look at these details;

  1. You must have a heart check up every once or twice a year; I bet some of you have never gone even for one heart check up your entire life because people usually have the mentality that they should only visit the doctor only when they feel ill but this is actually very dangerous for your health . A normal heart beats 70 times per minute and 100,000 times per day and there is no way you can know that if you have never had a checkup. Such checkups are very essential in helping you keep track of your blood pressure level, your cholesterol levels as well as your glucose levels which are some of the most dangerous things that can out your heart at risk.
  2. Pay great attention to your doctor; sometimes when doctors notice something wrong with your health they prescribe medication but because you may not feel any pain or discomfort you actually don’t do exactly as your doctor says. This is very dangerous for your heart as the saying goes prevention is better than cure so if your doctor warns you that there’s something wrong with you heart health please ensure that you do every single thing your doctor says without leaving out even the slightest detail.
  3. Make physical exercises part of your routine; due to the tight work schedules you have, it is very possible that you will forget to leave a few minutes for yourself which is not worth it. Even 15 minutes of your time will be enough to keep your heart functioning perfectly, you do not have to go in for the very tough physicals because even simple things like jogging on the treadmill or walking can also be very good for the health your heart. Such exercises help to burn down on fat and calories that your body contains and as you sweat on that treadmill a lot of toxins are released from your body.
  4. Be careful with what you eat; most of the foods that you take in are the major cause to many of the problems that your hearts face and that is not wholly your fault since you may not know that what you are actually eating will turn out to be dangerous. Avoid eating too much of fried foods they increase your cholesterol levels and the same applies to fatty foods such as pork, beef and many others. I am not saying that you should not eat them at all but do not take in too much of those. Doctors recommend that foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans etc are very good at preventing your heart from diseases. There is a very big list of highly healthy foods that you must never miss out.
  5. Eat a balanced diet; too much of anything will absolutely become dangerous for the health of your heart, proteins are good but eating too much of them is actually not advisable and neither is too much of carbohydrates or any other food type. Your meal must have a little of each type to balance out the nutrients that you get from each of those foods.
  6. Stop smoking; this includes also passive smoking that means taking in smoke from someone else or being too close to someone who is smoking therefore if you haven’t been smoking before then please do not give it a try and for those of you who are already stuck to the habit you should know that you are at great risk of getting your heart damaged. Smoking reduces oxygen carrying capacity by 10%, it may not be so easy to quit in just one day but the more you try the easier it will become for you to stop the dangerous habit. Smoking can be very dangerous for your heart the same way it is dangerous for your lungs therefore you have to find ways how to stop smoking immediately.
  7. Drink a lot of water; many of the tabloids and doctors recommend drinking a lot of water to prevent a lot healthy problems and that includes the heart as well, this is because water helps to dilute many of the toxins the body contains hence making them less harmful to your entire body. Water also helps to keep your body well hydrated which makes blood circulation normal and this is all that your heart needs to remain in perfect health.
  8. Take good care of your weight; too much or excessive weight is another of the main reasons as to why people ending up suffering heart failure, strokes and increases the risk of your heart losing its strength. But remember that as you try to lose weight you don’t over strain your body to things that may instead damage you more, take it slow, and take one step at a time this will be a much safer way to cut down on that weight.
  9. Keep your salt levels on the low; avoid adding raw salt to your food and as you cook ensure that you always add very little salt to the food in order to prevent risks of high blood pressure which is one of the major causes of heart failure.
  10. Learn to control your cholesterol levels; the more you fry the more cholesterol you add to your body and the same applies to eating too much of fatty foods. This may lead to high blood cholesterol which makes the circulations of blood in your body every difficult. This also makes flow of blood to your heart very slow thus damaging your heart.
  11. Try so much not to stress yourself; stay away from negativity and thinking or the bad all the time this causes great damage to your heart. Try as much as you can to always stay positive whenever you feel down, talk to someone, watch a movie or do something that you love doing so that you can let go of those negative feelings.
  12. Avoid working long hours; it is good to work but over working will instead bring you stress and over work your body in fact it wears down your body. You should try to impress yourself sometimes, take time off to credit your own self for all the hard work. Go for swimming, go out for dancing or attend a party with your friends this will take away all that stress of sitting in the office for long hours.
  13. Limit your alcohol habits; alcohol will not cause any harmful effect if taken in the right way but the moment you exceed the limits you will definitely suffer the consequences. Only take one or two bottles once or twice a week do not make it a daily habit or take in very high quantities. Too much alcohol adversely affects the human body. That is why many of the alcoholics end up dying of heart failure make sure that you stay away from too much alcohol.
  14. Avoid setting personal goals that are unachievable; everyone must have self-set goals in order to have a successful life but it makes no sense setting goals that are almost impossible to achieve so you end up putting a lot of pressure on yourself which increases high blood pressure and in the end affecting the functionality of our heart. Try to set goals that are you know you will be able to reach and do not set deadlines that will be too pressuring.
  15. Do not sit in one place for a very long time; some people tend to think that only fat people should move around to cut down on that weight but this is absolutely wrong. Sitting in one place for very long time will affect your blood circulation, the sugars in your blood and this has absolutely nothing to do with your weight. Whether you are tiny, medium or fat you must take breaks from work move around so that your body can stretch, relax and increase the functionality of all your body parts instead of keeping them dormant in one place.
  16. Try eating chocolate; many of us eat chocolate just for fun without knowing what it actually does for our health. A lot of research has proven that chocolate is very good for the functionality of your heart, the ingredients it contains help to keep your heart away from a variety of heart diseases.
  17. Practice yoga; a friend of mine used to call yoga a mere waste of time that why I took time to research about this and actually found out that yoga is one of the things that can help to reduce the risk of your heart getting affected by diseases. Even when you are stressed, get what you need to practice yoga like the yoga mat and much more which should help to relax your mind as well your whole body hence improving your heart rate.
  18. Fish is very good for the health of your heart; most of us know fish for being rich in proteins but there is fish that is very rich in omega 3 fatty acids and this is not just a body building ingredient but also helps to really cub down on the risks of getting attacked by heart diseases. You may not be able to get this every day but since it is health and life that we are talking about you will not fail to find some time to look for it.
  19. Start dancing for health instead of fun; I guess many times you go out dancing for fun without knowing it is just as good as the work outs that we pay great attention to. This helps to burn down on the calories and greatly raises your heart rate hence keeping your heart healthy.
  20. Play games; this includes games such as puzzles, board games like chess or if you know how to use needles you can sew a sweater this helps to relax your mind and prevents you from getting thoughts that stress you. This keeps your body and mind very relaxed which keeps your heart functioning really perfectly.
  21. Pay great attention to your abdominal weight; keeping more weight around the stomach or waist increases your blood pressure this is when sit ups should become part of you. Its no wonder that abdominal pain is one of the signs of a heart attack in the making. This will help to cut down on calories around the waist and also reduce on the risks of your heart getting damaged.
  22. Go out for comedy or watch something that makes laugh really hard; research has proven that laughing not only keeps you looking younger but also makes your circulation of blood much better as takes away the stress that damages the blood tissues and slows down the floor of blood in your body.
  23. Take part in your house chores; you will minimize these maids but trust me they gain a lot of taking part in all this house work such as mopping or washing clothes as these chores help to cut down on calories. Much as you may have the machines to help you out in doing these things it will not hurt if you do them yourself once in a while, you may not have enough time to do these things every day but only once in a while will not hurt.
  24. Eat some fresh herbs; these fresh herbs act more like water in the body as they dilute the toxic foods in your body making them less harmful to your heart health. Herbs break down on dangerous foods such salt, sugar and even fat that are well known to cause great damage to the heart. In other wards you can say that these herbs help to turn toxic foods to become less harmful to your heart and they only add 5mg of cholesterol plus under 15% calories a day.
  25. Try as hard as you can to stay away from polluted environments; areas where there is too many people smoking, factories or too many cars all producing that dirty air. Polluted air forms a dark coating around the lungs and arteries preventing you from breathing well and going to the heart, in the long run this causes heart attack and failure. For people who work in such environments it may not be that easy to prevent this air but at least you should with your nose covered to prevent that dirty air from entering your body.
  26. Hand gripping workouts are good too; these are not so common but even when you take part in these exercises just once a month they will help to bring down your blood pressure. This is the best exercise for your blood vessels, it will help to improve the way they function and make blood movement to the heart much easier hence increasing your heart’s condition and reducing the possibility of it getting damaged.
  27. Take your sleep very importantly; doctors recommend that you must sleep for 8 hours because this is the best time your body gets to rest and go through all the blood circulation this is why people who suffer from insomnia also suffer heart diseases. Always sleep on time and wake up at the right time this will be very important for the functionality of your heart. but at the same time you should not sleep for too long it increases the risk of your heart getting affected by heart diseases reason being sleeping too much slows down the functionality of your body.
  28. Sun bathing is also a very key issue; that early morning sun if very good for not just your skin but also for the way your heart functions. A research proved that having your body exposed to the sun will help to increase your body’s secretion of oxide and this helps to lower down your blood pressure and risk of you suffering from heart diseases.
  29. Keep away from very noisy places; whenever you experience any irritating noise your heart suffers the risk of getting damaged so once in a while you should take time off and keep in places with less noise or place that are completely quiet in order to keep your heart rate stable.
  30. Do not skip breakfast; for whatever reason that it may be, you should never miss breakfast as it helps to prevent the changes in your blood sugars and allows your body to start metabolism early enough hence reducing the risk of your heart getting any diseases.
  31. Avoid hanging on to things that bring you stress; whenever you feel really frustrated just walk away instead of hanging, take a walk outside with a friend, listen to some soothing to clear that stress and avoid keeping feelings to yourself this will make you clear your mind of all that frustration and make you have a completely free soul.



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