11 Ways on how to Use Crazy Make up Ideas When Going out to a Party

In most cases, ladies use makeup to look younger not crazy, but if you have been invited to a Halloween party or any other casual party; you can opt for a crazy look, especially when majority of people at that party have the same crazy looks. This time you will not follow the books, you have decide to do what will be weird to everyone because that is the only way you will stand out of the crowd. In this post, you’re going to learn how to use crazy makeup ideas when going out to a party.


  • Do some research and get ideas: – This is a very interesting post, because there is no limit on what you can do to look crazy. Just be creative and throw up colors the way you wish. But I suggest you do some research on data cu-ration sites like Pinterest and Google Images; you will find lots of ideas and then pick out a few ideas which seem practical and give them a try. May be the other thing you should not forget is to buy a full makeup kit because you can’t use only one color / shade.
  • Consider your looks: – I know all you need is that crazy look but at the same time you have to look awesome with those crazy shades. Let’s take a simple example of Lady Gaga; she always shows up with messy makeup ideas but she looks beautiful. Don’t use colors which don’t match with your facial skin color.
  • Wear long eyelashes: – Changing the looks of your eyelashes will give you an instant new look. You can get colored long eyelashes and team them with a rainbow eye shadow effect, and then pick one color from the rainbow eyelash to be on your lips. For example, if your eye shadow has pink / teal and yellow, you can use pink lipstick to create a cute color balance.
  • Try something unusual: – There is no way how I can elaborate this more but try to go an extra mile; be very creative because all you need is to stand out from the crowd, so I don’t expect you to go for something ordinary. For example, if you have a light skin, you can opt for a yellow and green eyelash and then put pink blush on the face, you can as well wear pink pink lipstick. This is just an example, so you better choose colors which match with your face.
  • Try Black and White Makeup: – This is a very rare combination of makeup color; it is very rare to find a woman wearing black and white makeup, so get out of the box and shock them with this combination and do it in a crazy way. For example, you make a black and white zebra print eye shadow and then wear red / pink lipstick. To balance this look, you can leave the rest of the face with normal makeup.
  • Wear Long bottom eyelashes: – I’m sure this will look crazy, because by default eyelashes are put at the top of the eye, but this time; alternate their position and put them at the bottom of the eye. If you have a dark skin, you can try some silver and blue makeup; these two colors will stand out very well on a dark skin.
  • Use glittering Makeup: – Now this is something we used to do when we were kids, so bring back the memories and look like a glamor star on that party. If you have a bright skin, you can opt for teal / blue glittering makeup. Wear it on your eyelashes to make your eye glow and then wear red glittering.
  • Color Block: – In this case, you will get more than two bright colors and put them together to create your own style. For example, you can put yellow / purple and black on your eyelashes, if possible you can wear some colored eye contacts to give blue / brown eyes. Now for the sake of the lips, you can opt for purple lipstick; it will match with the yellow & purple color block on your eye-shadow.
  • Try a leopard print makeup: – Now this idea will require to me a little bit creative and artistic because you will use more than one brush and makeup colors to get a perfect look. But I can make it simple for you; simply wear cream lipstick and then put black spots on those cream lips to create simple leopard print lips. Trust me whoever looks at you will get scared at first but fall in love with your unique crazy looks after.
  • Color your eyebrows: – By default your eyebrows are black. It’s very rare to find a woman with colored eyebrows, so be among those few ladies. To make the matter even weird, you should give each eyebrow a unique color. Let’s say one can be dark pink and the other purple. Complement the look with white and purple eyelash and then wear long black eyelashes.
  • Complement your features: – Much as you want to look crazy, try to complement your facial features. If you have a bony face, try to make them stand out well; you will look even younger.

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