10 Ways on how to Look Younger with Makeup

It’s no secret that most women want look younger all the time, at least this is a fact they can’t shy away from. If you want to confront a woman, try to ask them about their age; trust me, you will get a very different answer from what you expected. So, you have to live with the fact that all women love looking younger. In this post, you will learn some of the best makeup tricks you can use to look younger and attractive.


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Tips on how to look younger with makeup

  • Moisturize: – This might look obvious but you might get surprised that lots of people out there might take it for granted. If you want your skin to look younger, make sure it’s moist all the time because a dry skin can develop wrinkles easily.

You can moisturize your skin in two good ways;

(1) Take enough water: This is the best way you can keep your skin moist without using any product. When you take enough water, your skin stays moist all day long even when it is too hot.

(2) Use a good moisturizer: We have many of these on the market, so I’m sure you can’t fail to look for one. However, if this whole moisturizing thing is new to you, try to do some research on online sites like Amazon, read different reviews on moisturizers at least that will help you land on the best product.

  • Use a Liquid Concealer: – I guess we can’t run away from certain facts, but as you age, the more you will need to conceal. However, concealer is well known at exposing off those creepy lines you may try to hide. So, when choosing a concealer, opt for one which hides redness and lines, one which will actually make you look younger. Liquid concealers are so far the best because they sink into the skin and blend in very well.
  • Foundation: – Use the right color of foundation; it has to match with your skin very well. For example, ladies with light skins, you can use a yellowish skin foundation because it can blend with a light skin very well. On the other hand, African American Women should opt for makeup with a warmer yellowish cream foundation, but don’t apply too much of it.
  • Don’t use colored / tinted face powder: – I’m sure you might get tempted to use colored powder to cover areas which seem imperfect to you. However, using colored powder can mess up your looks even more; remember your main goal is to use makeup to look younger which means you have to look more natural after you wear makeup. If you can’t do without powder, I suggest you opt for a translucent powder.
  • Don’t over use makeup: – You might have all the cash to buy expensive makeup, but if you over use it, the results won’t be that good. Putting too much makeup on your skin can make you look artificial and old. The only way you can avoid this temptation is by reducing on the makeup you have in your toilet bag, leave only what you need and get rid of the rest.


  • Show that bone structure:- As a woman gets old, they lose most of the fat in their face and the bad news is you can’t replace that fat on instant so the only option you have is to embrace what you have. Let those bony structures show off in an amazing way. Rub them with blush and fade it in very well, the blush will highlight the bones and make them stand out well.


  • Shape your eyebrows: – This option does not require using makeup but it will make you look younger. Use tweezers to pluck hair between your eyebrows and then use a safety razor to shape your eyebrows. However, you have to style your eyebrows in an appropriate manner; they have to match with the shape of your eyes.


  • Use eye-shadow base: – Some ladies don’t use eye shadow when they’re still younger, but as you age, that place gets wrinkles and the only way of hiding them is by using eye shadow base. However, you have to choose the right color and apply moderate amounts of eye shadow. If you use more than enough, it will weigh down your eyes and make you look funny.


  • Try a different eyeliner color: – Many times women use black as a default eyeliner color. This neutral color is cool because it matches with almost anything. However, as you grow up, people who have been seeing you will be so used to the black eyeliner. That is why I argue you to try a new color like deep brown; this will give you a new and younger look.


  • Use a lengthening mascara: – As you age, those lashes get thinner, so don’t use heavy mascara on them. The best solution is to use light lengthening mascara which tries to make your lashes longer and thin at the same time.

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